Saturday, September 19, 2020

Perspective about Targeted Individual Testimonies

by Angela M. Kneale Aka Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale (Miss Kneale)

Miss Angela M. "Kikuchi" Kneale is a civilian and private individual who was born to a Japanese foreign national Yuko Kikuchi in 1974 within the State of Pennsylvania in United States of America.Miss Kneale is not employed by the USA government or military, and her normal work is as a freelance piano instructor, business consultant, and "vegan" or rights activist for several decades. And, also note that her family in Japan is generally destroyed by USA FISA and other state actors. This is part of the Basis for the Torture communication. No remedy is expected by the United Nations due to the political complications of longstanding persecution of Japanese nisei since WW2. Security and intelligence collaboration of Japan is largely in foreign intelligence agents hands and so no sincerity to uphold the rights of Japanese nisei and foreigners has been documented and publicized globally. Even despite the USA laws governing the UN. Where blatant persecution is overlooked due to other crises around the planet. 

Sproutfuel was intended to be a grassroots blog and has taken a turn into her own personal battles with USA and human rights violations.


 Woke up tonight with this letter running through my head..It's not something I plan to send to the UN due to the level of embarassment and further degredation of my person at the international level. Honestly, After reading CEDAW, and also the Interpol sites, I realized the magnitute of impact the local police and officials in Bucks County, PA have had on my life. Not only am I unable to use the law within Pennsylvania in defense and protection of my well being;- I also have been unable since 1995 to take these extenuating issues to the Supreme Court Level.  My late brother had the ACLU involved and I have seen the failure of their persecution of Japanese as well and the degredation of his life and aspirations. Essentially, despite my interstate travel and reporting of crimes, particularly sex assault crimes and abduction, the local Pennsylvania police do investigation in such a way that they encourage retaliation by present and former state actors. In this case, state actors are primarily embedded in the township planning and engineering offices in Bucks County. And, many of them have Masonic, AMORC family, Cabal, or IRA ties expressed openly. Others may be MI5 & MI6 since they have family relations in international golf course design, or are also foreign nationals and/or immigrants from Ireland and the UK. (ie., my neighbors who gained a property by misuse of a medical POA of my mother that also put her into experimental surgery that left her permanently disabled.  Which is essentially embezzlement.over $75k+ However possible part of a trust left to me due to other odd events.)   However, It's clearly on my mind, so I'll try to write this draft out here. 

A Real Draft of a CEDAW LETTER, that I cannot send due to writing about some incidents under seperate treaties. 

I wrote to the SR- Torture in Aug-Sept. 2019 and had several computer issues from the library and on my travel. I was staying with a friend at MSM NPR at the time. That friendship is exhausted due to this time. I wrote again to SR- Torture as response to questionnaire in November 2019. In this letter I lightly touch on the murder of my sister, MKultra type abuse, up to the suiciding of my brother in 2005. Including his being irradiated at the Township engineer approved Irradiation plant with a Cobalt reactor.  They also shut down the irradiation plant within the decade. Quite an expense for our quaint Quakertown hometown, again my father on the Planning commission with our neighbors.

The operative mode they used I have revealed through abuse of the Temporary agencies accepting $5000-$6000 USD payment to "buy out" our contract. And the torture, abduction, sex assault, stalking has occured from State actors within 6 mos. of this buy out. Essentially leaving a bad reference and forcing me out of gainful employment.

I also wrote to UNESCO 104 for language freedom violations, cultural violation, and violation of my right to choose nationality;- due to changes in Japanese nationality law that I was made aware of as a Child by my relatives in Japan. The law, was not respected by USA actors and I voiiced my opinon as a child that I did not want to return to USA or remain a USA citizen by age 12. The damages by US state officials at my elementary through High School were deliberate acts of persecution, pedophilia, sex harassment & physical abuse by other children, and general discrimination.

So, essentially I have written different letters to the UN;- not in best form due to the emotional trauma. And I have done so in hopes to disseminate the different portions of my testimony as a form of social activism. It is much too late for any remedy and justice and settlement/financial or otherwise as my social and financial status has decayed since my attendance at APEC USA. 

This letter can't go to CEDAW since various parts of it are 1. outdated, 2. are in other communications and 3. have exhausted in terms of statute of limitations in the USA. So this doesn't include a matter after 2009 when I was in Oahu;- of my "ex-fiance" who sexually harassed and assaulted me in Honolulu as I have already had expensive hospital bills, violation of VAWA by the JUDGE in Honolulu County Court, and numerous other issues I do not care to relive. Basically, I did test the system as other women were aware of my situation (due to a small reputation I had gained and only heard of through other Military personnel- as in my name went up the Navy Chain of command and I had also "sent a "Navy Seal to the chiropractor after some mat time in the dojo") and the clearance level of my Ex-fiance as a Nuclear Engineer and Navy Officer. He was relieved from duty after the incident and I had previously picked him up from the Military Psych ward. So;- All of the court issues are literally issues with the Judge. And, that is one wrath of being homeless I do not care to continue. Essentially, I was able to find my way out of a big pile of debt we were facing by invalidating my lease with the landlord (due to their refusal to let me continue on as a tenant) where they got to collect the lump sum of a year or more of rent totalling 30-40k. Thus the VAWA qualification was ignored and I was left homeless. So, I managed to invalidate the lease when I applied and was granted by Hawaii State- The business name of the Landlord company on the NYSEX.. The Landlord offered a meager fee for me to sell the name back to them. And, my lease obligation was invalidated. I did this on my own and had scared away the attorney who represented me briefly. Hawaii State is notorious for uncollected settlements and missing persons over land disputes. 

LETTER DRAFT - could be revised:

Dear _"CEDAW?"____________

I am grateful to be writing. This communication is to express the continued sexual assaults that I endured from early 

childhood, through grade school, through my college years and into my adult career. The nature and reason for my writing is not

to attain justice for the crimes of humanity against my life. Rather, to express these crimes have been ongoing and prevent me

from securing court orders for protection, and/or to document the incidents due to police obstruction and denial of rule of law, 

especially in my hometown, and county and state in Pennsylvania, USA. 

The remedies I have sought include counseling for Sex assault and Abuse through NOVA - Network of Victim's Assistance, in Bucks County, PA.

Additionally, I frequently used the RAAIN hotline and had to return to the political sanctuary of Ithaca, NY for 

peaceable assistance. This included Planned Parenthood of Ithaca, NY and the IRC Ithaca Rape Crisis and the Advocacy Center

which at PO Box 164, Ithaca, NY 14851. Though These organizations offered some emotional and medical support at the time; the legal

aspect which may have provided some safety was not forthcoming. And, in most instances, I was deterred from securing Restraining

Orders against the State Actors. 

And, These organizations, offered minimal emotional support and guidance through the 90's and into the 2007. 

iN 2009 I was forced to relocate to Oahu where there is a larger population of Japanese-Americans and Asian-Americans.

There were some incidents that lead to my seeking assistance at the Sex Abuse Treatment Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Given the Statute of 

Limitations of Sex assault being up to 12 years;- I was repeatedly assaulted and my life was upset multiple times in the mainland USA.  

This advocacy center assisted me to file police reports in Hawaii for longstanding and serious issues, including my reporting 

the murder of my sister from before I was born and including other incidents where I was obstructed from reporting 

against the State actors. At the time, I believe the Honolulu Police Department was also an independent security firm at the time. However, 

I think those laws changed around the Honolulu Police Department and now it is a division under the County of Honolulu. And, 

When I first arrived in Oahu, a federal agent who met me and was my intimate partner for several years explained the 

system in O'ahu being attuned to the high rate of international people and including Federal Agents and a small number of 

Interpol on O'ahu.

Since my return to the Mainland USA, at my parents home;- I have experienced intense death threats from both my father, the Initial USAF

state actor and mother a Japanese Foreign National until the mid 1980's when she immigrated. In 2014, on a visit to my mother, Charles A. 

Kneale retaliated for my reporting the incident where my sister lost her life and my mother was discriminated against for being Japanese 

in 1970. This retaliation involved a 9mm and my calling the police who merely put him in handcuffs and released him after he discharged 

his weapon at the Family residence. In 2018, I returned to Pennsylvania and changed my residency from Hawaii State, something I regret doing.

However, the onslaught and demeanor of my Father and his co-conspirators, from the Local Township Commission and neighbors, had not 

diminished and I was repeatedly threatened by him. Mr. Charles A. Kneale has some 

type of immunity among the State Actors in Bucks County who instructed him to "make sure my brother was dead. And, in 2005 after the memorial

 sercive of my late brother Mr. Charles A. Kneale told me that Craig Landis who ran the suicide bereavement association at the time wanted me dead and

would back him up is he were to kill me. Though in 1986 Craig Landis was the Baptismal pastor I had at the Richlandtown Evangelical Lutheran Church. And, He had attempted to strangle

me during a confirmation class for saying the word Japan. 

In anycase, the death threats against my life have been intermittent in 2019. And, it also involves cyber attacks, magnetron box(es), and other illegal 

surveillance equipment. 

My full name in the United States of America is Angela Meredith Kneale. I was born to a Japanese foreign national mother, Yuko Kikuchi/Yuko Kneale 

with passport number issued in 1968 Tokyo. And,to a US father, a USAF W6 who was a Lockheed C-130 mechanic.  

in November 1974 in Pennsylvania. 

I have been subjected to various forms of rape and sex assault since my earliest years in gradeschool.

Due to FISA1978 I was subjected to intense abuse for speaking with my Japanese relatives on the phone, and again

reprimanded for my behavior of being bilingual at the Richlandtown Elementary School in Quakertown, PA. 

Though I have already written to the UN with other individual complaints, this is perhaps a different perspective of a series 

of interconnected human rights violations by the US state actors, consistently, throughout my life. And, I believe that these actions

were done with full intention to disrupt and harm my normal course of life, employment, stability, and also being 

able to interact with my family abroad for any plausible business roles. 

In 2006/07 I was abducted and held against my will at an empty apartment above the home of a township engineer and raped repeatedly.

This incident went on for weeks. And after the first days I was left in the bedroom unable to walk or even move myself from the bed. 

I was monitored to use the restroom and locked in the bedroom as well. And, I was held in the apartment until I was able to momentarily secure my phone and call  9-1-1.  

Police arrived and I was freed. However the police in Mechanicsville, PA and local Doylestown, PA did not take a full report 

about the abduction and repeated sex assault. Rather they only gave me an incident report about the Engineer throwing 

dishes and utensils at me and allowing me to exit the residence safely.