Sunday, September 20, 2020

New personal prayer for daily use

By Angela M. Kneale (Draft of New Personal prayer 9/18/2020) 

Dear God & Dear Bruno, 

I am grateful for my life today. And, I am grateful for all of the blessings and miracles bestowed upon me. I ask for my health and well being. Divine Insight Divine protection

I ask for my blood to be clean of parasites, mold, viruses, and any disease and uric acid crystals and other nanos. For my blood cells to be optimal and strong and healthy. For my  body to be alkaline and in Ketosis. For my digestive system to work perfectly and efficiently without the digestive enzymes. I ask for strength and longevity in my joints and skin and cartilage and for renewed collagen without need for animal products. For the vitamin C to cleanse my body, for the saltwater to cleanse  my digestive tract, and for all of the minerals, silica, and Amino Acids I require to maintain my optimal and best health and rejuvenated healing. For my blood sugar to be balanced and my mind to be clear and functioning properly, optimally all the time. I ask for your blessing of my food, nutrition, and hydration to maintain my body in completeness and for my best mindstate as much as possible.

I ask for complete healing of past injuries, traumas, and emotional attachments. For myself to be the best tuned human, spiritual, and quantum form. And for God's work to be done through me so that my actions are of God.  I ask for all of my DNA. 

I ask for the places on earth especially Oahu and Hawaii dearst to my heart. To be free from the evils of humanity and for the protection of the Honu, the Pueo, The vana, the birds, fish, sharks, whales, and all of the reef community. I ask for the surfers and divers who helped me. I ask for Da Hui and the community who protects(ed) me. I ask for the healing of the waters of O'ahu and Hawaii, the sand, the crabs, the shells, and all other ocean life in the Pacific. 

I ask for protection of my relatives who love me unconditionally and my home and belongings. I ask for my customers, friends, bosses, co-workers, businesses that supported my life. I ask for healing of the Earth. for all of the animals and creatures who love me unconditionally. I ask for blessings of the air I breathe, the water I drink, the land I walk upon, and all molecules and particles that support life in this form. 

Thankyou God, for my life and this experience on Earth. 

I ask for these things that I cannot attain on my own easily;- 

I ask for these people who I cannot help without you;- 

I ask for the Master healers and Bruno Groening who love me unconditionally.

I ask for the spirits who love me unconditionally. 

Thankyou God.