Monday, September 07, 2020

Having a Veteran parent who has Dementia when you're Asian-American

Drinking the thickest coffee on the planet at the moment, just to stay awake for an endless shift at my mom's...
Things I never dreamed on my worst day ever could happen are happening now.
My folks, just a couple generations older than me who survived Vietnam and the Abomb are regressing to their old memories occasionally.
My dad, a typical USA Caucasian veteran fades out of the here and now and starts shouting loudly "I'm gonna kill you mother focker!!!!" For what seems like an endless 12hours before he collapses into a 2day rest.
For that 12hours, I hear my mom scurrying around the house as he yells from room to room. I try to stay out of sight and keep track of their location that echos in the silence of the early morning.
My mom is from Japan though. Some days he picks a yelling match with her telling the "Korean woman he sees to go to hell." Until she is through trying compete with the mental abuse or anguish of already being a Japanese immigrant who lost my sister and brother to hate crimes by the local white supremacists.
Wait quietly and let them fight it out. If I intervene, one of them will call the police for the sake of the empowering elder abuse accusation to get rid of loosing control. It's already out of control though. 
It was out of control when I got word about my parents being batshit crazy after I attended APEC USA. But, global trade doesn't mean anything now with the pandemic adding more stress to everyone's life. I figure if global trade had mattered to everyone, I wouldn't be here at wits end. I would have been able to start my startup company to flip to the hungry wolf in the room we know fondly as FedEx.
They after all just wanted someone to eat the operating expenses of a startup to absorb the profits that come from hard work of immigrant family relations.
No, instead, I get slapped in the face again by the local state actor Police. They just view Asian women as street trash hookers that belong without homes and servicing the ridf raft while they keep their All American women respectable.
This is the reality of America. This is what it really is...a bunch of scumbags who visit other nations to pick women to breed and abuse their offspring. Yet they pat each other on the back for being able to create formidable international incidents with otherwise respectable global shipping family. How this USA behavior is not outright terrorism, I don't know. They have done this for decades. And, to me none of them are any better than some pirate from a starving nation. 
So now what do I do? How many games are the white supremacists going to play? The local DeepState criminals are still running loose and influencing people with gossip in this state Pennsylvania.
Now, While I pray for safety of my mom and for my life back and hoping these things are resolved quickly so I can get back to normal happier life than this...
I am simply left cringing at how ugly and hateful these people in my hometown still are in their hearts. They will never see themselves like I do;- broke tiny Americans who should never have ventured to prove themselves to Japan as an opponent.
Their statement just makes my life miserable. They already embezzled and raped and extorted what they could from us. I understand they want what's left here and they want to take my life.
I made the mistake of thinking things had changed, that people matured. But, these people are not internationally inclined and can barely speak Spanish let alone speak the Japanese language of their ally.
It's no wonder they wrecked the JP-USA Security Agreement. 
So, dementia and my dad lapsing into some Vietnam phase is a problem I didn't expect. It's just more insult to injury. Or it's an excuse for his buddies who committed crimes to enable him to murder us.
No matter how much work I did already to affect immigration perceptions of Asian women in my family;- the USA just isn't safe for us. And I'm onto a new chapter I didn't expect to be writing.