Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Aliens & Citizens Laws related to My Testimony


All research into my personal testimony was done independently by myself, Miss Angela M. Kneale at the Cornell University Law Library, Cornell University Architecture Annex Library Stacks, and The Congressional Law Library in Washington, D.C. in 2019 over the course of 5 months with travel. The legal training I had is informal, and done with the mentorship of the Late Constance E. Cook, former Vice President of Cornell University during my Ithacan undergraduate attendance.  

The laws listed here are intended for use in my United Nations Communications and pertain specifically to my life in the USA.


Japanese Nationality Law:  (Law No. 147 of 1950, as amended by Law No. 268 of 1952, Law No. 45 of 1984 and Law No. 89 of 1993)  https://www.refworld.org/pdfid/3ae6b4ed2c.pdf

Online:  USCA Code Title 50 and Title 42

{(FARA) Foreign Agents Act of 1979: 22 U.S.C. ch. 11, subch. II § 611 https://www.justice.gov/nsd-fara/legal-authority}

Encyclopedia set American Jurisprudence 2D  volume: {Aliens & Citizens §1923-2085}            volume: {Aliens & Citizens §2086 to End}. 

    §2099 Actions TVPA Torture Victims Protection Act

-----TESTIMONY of Miss Angela M. Kneale (Draft) for UNHDR 1503, CAT, UNESCO 104, and reference material for general Human Rights violations by the United States of America against her person.

  • {Aliens and Citizens §2180 Food Stamps, pgs 109-110personal note: Pertaining to {Aliens and Citizens § 1017 persecution of a class of individuals} {[Civil Rights under U.S.C.A. 42; §1981/§1983 pgs 626-629; §1845/§1846; §1849 Provisions & Effect of Hate Crime Statistics Act pgs. 632-633]}  as Japanese nationals (subject of a foreign state §2104) and immigrants in Pennsylvania during 1980s. Used to force my Japanese mother into a foreign agent role to distribute funds received from Japanese government officials. Time frame 1980s
    • The Contingency of the {(FARA) Foreign Agents Act of 1979: 22 U.S.C. ch. 11, subch. II § 611 https://www.justice.gov/nsd-fara/legal-authority} has always been an issue for me since my birth as a non-immigrant (§1867 non immigrant general meaning of pgs. 654-655);- because of the Japanese family relation in Japanese government and/or National Security. I have been perceived by the U.S. state actors and U.S. Public at large as a former and current enemy of the United States due to my birth to my mother as a legal Japanese foreign national inside the USA. I strongly feel the U.S. Intelligence agency, CIA and USAF state actor (my father) have contorted this law in order to dangle my life (Aliens & Citizens §2105 dual citizen) in extortion, embezzlement, and other clandestine operations against my mother as torture and her position in relation to my relatives abroad. 
    • It was so much so, that I was forced into Classical piano instruction as a career path as so called means to "avoid" the FARA foreign agent stipulation due to the change in Japanese nationality law by 1984{ Law No. 147 of 1950, as amended by Law No. 45 of 1984 Article 2. A child shall, in any of the following cases, be a Japanese national: (1) When, at the time of its birth, the father or the mother is a Japanese national; } 
    • However, by the time I reached age 15, Eleanor Sokoloff instructed my Piano & Organ teacher that I would be ineligible for the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia due to their political preferences. This is a high level of intelligence operations that has been ongoing. 
    • In the denial by the State to provide public assistance without discrimination, they additionally likely attempted to enforce removal of legal Aliens of Japan to the USA  {Aliens and Citizens §2142 Removal of Aliens who have fallen into distress}. I remember this clearly as a legal issue due to my mother showing me the checkbook and explaining the situation. I was in elementary school when this problem occured. However, like the other obstruction of reporting felonies against her and I as a minor child attachment {§2099 Actions TVPA; §2338-3a(1) Alien living in marital union, §2156 Foreign Assets; }
    • , that  my Japanese national mother experienced and told me about from before I was born;- The local police officials in 1970 were uncooperative, as were the attorneys. 
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2167 "Qualified Alien" pgs. 95-96}
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2182-§2189 Legal Services}
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2190 State's right to limit eligibility of qualified aliens, pgs. 124-125}
  • Equal Protection U.S. Constitution 14th Amendment
    • {Aliens and Citizens §1916 Equal Protection Clause} 
  • {Aliens and Citizens §2161 Foreign Agent Registration pg. 91}
  • {Aliens and Citizens §2109 Maritime Jurisdiction} - 1974- present USA not in war conflict with Japan
  • 208.12 Title 8 
    • "§ 208.16 Withholding of removal under section 241(b)(3)(B) of the Act and withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture (1) Past threat to life or freedom."
  • Aliens and Citizens § 1017 persecution of a class of individuals}


VII. Rights and Privledges and Duties of Aliens Living in the United States   (Torture Victim Pgs 26-27, 28, 36)   (Subject of Foreign State §2194,  pg 44)

Passive Personality Principle

DNA Research Act February 4, 1977 95th Congress 1977-1978 introduced HR3191, HR3055

U.N. Internally Displaced Person: Article 7; Article 92.



  • {Aliens and Citizens §423, §424 sham marriage} On account of cruelty & emminent threat
  • {Aliens and Citizens §454-§466 abused spouses self-petitions} Unavailable legal reporting
  • {Aliens and Citizens §468 parent-child} 
  • {Aliens and Citizens §467-478 abused children self petitions} Obstructed legal reporting
  • {Aliens and Citizens §472/§474 cruelty}