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Exhaustion of domestic remedies

 III. Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures

"Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victims to obtain redress within the State concerned for the alleged violation – detail which procedures have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:  ………………….."

The remedies I have sought include:

1982 age 7: telling US state actor Charles A. Kneale and Japanese national Yuko Kneale to divorce.  

  • appx 1999:  My late, younger brother allegedly hired an attorney, (who was already a conspirator against his life and mine & Yuko Kneale’s),  and attempted to divorce Yuko Kneale and Charles Kneale, who were married in Japan. The Attorney is known as David Knight, Eq. in Pennsylvania.

1986 age 12: I also expressed my nationality wish to my Yuko Kneale, that I did not want to be a United States citizen and/or to reside in the United States at age 12 after a summer trip to Japan.

1992-1999 age 17-24:  I began college in 08/1992 and was sexually assaulted by fall break time. I asked Charles A. Kneale let me leave the college permanently and he refused to assist me in any way and cut off all parental support after my fall break in Quakertown, PA as I became an adult in November 1992. Additionally, Ithaca College failed to treat me as a legal adult and required my parents involvement in my housing situation at the co-ed dormitory. This situation did not improve until my sophomore year. This included Planned Parenthood of Ithaca, NY and the IRC Ithaca Rape Crisis and the Advocacy Center which at PO Box 164, Ithaca, NY 14851. Though These organizations offered some emotional and medical support at the time; the legal aspect which may have provided some safety was not forthcoming. And, in most instances, I was deterred from securing Restraining Orders against the USA mainland State Actors. And, These organizations offered minimal emotional support and guidance through the 90's (and also 2002 into 2007). I was known on campus as a repeat sexual assault victim, and at my delayed college graduation after dropping an intense double bachelor's with master's degree program within 5 and 1/2 years and on Ithaca College Scholarship;- graduated in 1999 with a single bachelor's degree. I was invited to speak at Women's Speak "Loving and Surviving" event for sex assault survivors on campus March 29, 1999.  

1993-1996 I began my own animal rights group with co-founders who I recruited at Ithaca College. I was able to secure food that was culturally appropriate and effectively implement vegan dining at the dining halls with a number of students and families supporting our efforts. Through this unpaid work I was able to have communication with a Supreme Court Attorney, Gary Francione, ESQ of the Rutgers Animal Rights Law Clinic by Fall 1996. He informed me that I needed to have my case heard through the courts in Pennsylvania. However, I was stonewalled from making police reports in Pennsylvania. Police persecuted me and threatened arrest when they took partial reports of being abducted, stalked, and assaulted & raped. I fully understand that no consideration was given to the business role in Export Import with any of my  family in Japan for the duration of my life as well as that of my late brother who was aggressively undermined from age 18 to 27 and his death on 05/05/2005. My group unofficially ended during a protest on October 26, 1996 due to my being pinned under a vehicle. However, I remained an activist throughout my life since that day. And, despite the deterrence of all of my life’s goals & ambitions when I met Robert S. Woods on 10/30/1996. I had become a national activist for animal rights & environment by this time.

11/1996- 01/01/2007;- I had a relationship with Cornell University Landscape Architecture graduate Robert Scott Woods of Tully, NY  that restricted me yet offered me some safety due to my partner’s friendships with some wealthy business families in New York and associated with Bill Clinton. I met him on Halloween 1996 while I was still on crutches from being pinned under the front bumper of a vehicle during my group protest at McDonalds in Ithaca, NY.  My life was threatened at the inception and throughout the duration of the relationship. Though consideration was made for my safety after the July 1997 rape incident. The relationship was functional though it did not offer me options for a gainful career despite my return to piano faculty in 2000-2005.  

1997 age 23: One incident in where I lost employment due to a possible gang rape by coworkers and member sexually assaulted by the cooperative market where I worked part time as a produce assistant in Ithaca, NY. I had filed a police report and made a complaint to the EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Again I was deterred from not only pressing charges by the Ithaca Rape Crisis for my well being, but also denied filing a restraining order against all the attendees to the potluck where I was drugged, and left unconscious and nude. The workplace decided to ban one male member of the Cooperative, while I was still left to the bulk of the male attendees being at work. I received a small settlement in 2000. However, I feel I was blacklisted from any normal employee work due to this complaint I filed prior to graduation of  my Undergraduate degree program. It was at this time while filing for unemployment benefits, the government employee informed me of a “black plumber” designation being associated with my Social Security Number and they could not find my name in the government unemployment system.

1999 age 24; I have an unseen hearing disability that I tend not to disclose. I was diagnosed in Spring 1999 at the Sir Alexander Ewig-Ithaca College Speech and Hearing Clinic with the disability of a super-hearing classification under Hyperacusis. This disability is due to my perception of high-frequency decibels being up to 50% louder than normal. I usually remove myself from harmful auditory environments.  I attached the only accessible picture I have of the Disability Office final examinations letter I received in April 1999 from Ithaca College.  

2002 & 2007 During my adult counseling for Sex assault and Abuse through NOVA - Network of Victim's Assistance, in Bucks County, PA. I frequently contacted  The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network RAAIN hotline of  Washington, D.C., United States and at I had to return to the political sanctuary of Ithaca, NY for peaceable assistance after 2002 due to two abductions and sex assaults, one in December 2002 that I attempted to report by phone to Lower Merion Twp Police department at the home of a North Korean news anchor on WB17 by her partner and alleged undercover federal agent Todd E. Hawthorne both formerly of Portland, Oregon. And in 2007 a prolonged incident(s) over months by 2 men at the Buckingham Twp. Engineering office that involved abduction, assault, sex assault, battery,  unlawful detainment, stalking, intimidation, etc. that the local Doylestown police allowed me to leave, but refused to take a complete report. I was referred to NOVA where I met with Phyllis Heffner as a PTSD counselor who told me repeatedly “Its not my problem” throughout the counseling sessions. No legal remedy or assistance was offered to me due to my ethnicity, financial status, not owning property, or having any financial gain for the organization.

2004- 2005; I made an “anonymous”  phone call to the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms ATF from my T-mobile cell phone number (215)-917-8685 in an attempt  to remedy the hostile gun trafficking situation with our neighbor who was also  my brother’s employer Mr. Lee Clymer of Axehandle Rd. Quakertown, PA owner of Valley Precision Company in Quakertown, PA. The situation manifested into the “suiciding” of my brother and conspiracy by Mr. Lee Clymer and our father Charles A. Kneale to force my brother to suicide. The local township officials on the planning commission including Mr. Lee Clymer and Charles A. Kneale also used their network to prompt my father to murder me with their full support. This was something Charles A. Kneale told me in a brief conversion a day or two after late Richard Colin Kneale’s memorial service. This involved my 1974 original baptismal pastor Craig Landis, of the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Richlandtown, PA, who in 2005 worked at the Suicide Bereavement and attempted to strangle me in Lutheran confirmation class for being Japanese in 1986.

  • Survivors of Suicide (S.O.S.), ℅ Anne and Craig Landis, 26 Pumpkin Hill Rd, Levittown, PA 19056, 215-536-9070, 215-536-5143

2007 age 32: After an extensive search both online and by phone to find a shelter that would provide safety to me as an Japanese-American woman I was unable to find any suitable way to relocate from our family home in Quakertown, PA. I was however able to find temporary assistance from  His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Namgyal Monastery and the Tibetan Government in Exile on 412 N. Aurora Street in Ithaca, NY ( now currently at 201Tibet Dr, Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 272-2785 ) and Venerable Tenzin Thutop  assisted with some culturally relevant Asian focused emotional support and housing me for a brief time in Ithaca, NY. In 2003-2004 I taught piano to minorities on weekends and had an apartment room rented 2 blocks away, less than half a mile, at 609 N. Cayuga Street. I occasionally attended Namgyal’s evening open prayer and meditation. 

Yuko Kneale called me during this time and told me of my Aunt allegedly wanting to know what name should be on my Japanese Passport - a passport I have never received to date. However, due to war negotiations between Japan and China involving my Japanese relatives. And, as usual FISA surveillance abuse is suspected in interfering with my life from my end as State actors were also awarding the Tibetans and His Holiness the Dalai Lama a Gold Medal from POTUS Bush in 2007.  I was instructed to vacate the premises due to Asian perceptions of family and politics, and not due to the American disregard of such critical relations. I was left to car camp (sleep) in sub-zero temperatures at independent film composer & former Blue Oyster Cult drummer Ron Riddle’s field outside of Ithaca, NY as well as random roadsides in the rural areas. I showered at his home or the gym to which I belonged (more frequently) And, was shown a strip club nearby to work and make money to survive (due to my piano/cultural office and piano studio move-in for a newly signed lease at Clinton Hall on North Cayuga Street in Ithaca, NY 14850 being disrupted at the onset with a fire in the adjoining building).  Regardless, I paid the office rent and frequently napped in it during the day (when I wasn’t staying with friends) until 2009 when I left for a month to Oahu after working through a sexual assault by my friend  and this time committed for a few days before Christmas under observation. I was prescribed 5-6 Invega pills and a fast acting knockout drug. After this time, I experienced what I now know to be an (I2K) image to skull psychotronic attack;- and opted for the knockout drug to handle incidents. I know this was not normal for me because I rarely watched Television or videos at the time and also watched non-violent independent movies. The incident was outstanding because of the overwhelming volume of emotional war images that flowed quickly and non-stop in multiple layers. I still managed my daily routine normally, but at night became unstable and used the KO pills to shut down”.  I was 32years old at the time I started working in the sex industry as an exotic dancer and this period went to age 34 in Ithaca, NY .

2009 age 34; I was forced to relocate to Oahu during my 1 month trip/ vacation where there is a larger population of Japanese-Americans and Asian-Americans. It had not been my intention to remain there, and I was considering leaving for Japan permanently at the time. When I first arrived in Oahu, a federal agent and DOE employee or contractor who also met me when I arrived at Honolulu airport on February 1, 2009.  He explained the system in Oahu being attuned to the high rate of international people and including Federal Agents and a small number of Interpol on Oahu. I attempted to contact the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu, HI and in person at the Consulate had too many difficulties to obtain assistance to change my nationality. I was given a single page form which I mailed to Akita Prefecture. Due to the history of Language freedom violations by US State actors, I sought a translator to assist me with the returned form. However, Due to the non-cooperation of my parents (my father being an initial state actor) and denial of information I needed;- I was unable to finish the form and return it. This denial of critical information of my mother’s immigration to the USA has been ongoing, and has affected my ability to prove for minority grant funding, but also in my wish to change my nationality from the USA to Japan. 

There were incidents on Oahu that lead to my seeking assistance at the Sex Abuse Treatment Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Given the Statute of  Limitations of Sex assault being up to 12 years;- I was repeatedly assaulted and my life was upset multiple times in the mainland USA.  

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center (SATC Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children at Harbor Court, 55 Merchant Street, 22nd Floor, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813 USA )assisted me to file police reports in Hawaii for longstanding and serious issues in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This included my reporting the knowledge of the  murder of my sister from before I was born, and other incidents where I was obstructed by Bucks County police departments from reporting against the state actors. At the time, I believe the Honolulu Police Department was also an independent security firm. However, I think those laws changed around the Honolulu Police Department and now it is a division under the County of Honolulu. 

2013 age 38; My  "ex-fiance"  the clearance level of my Ex-fiance as a Nuclear Engineer and Navy Officer. I had picked him up from the Military Psych ward. He sexually harassed and assaulted me in Honolulu, and I had expensive hospital bills, blatant negligence  of VAWA so that I could retain my housing, by the judge in Honolulu County Court, and numerous other issues. 

Through DVAC Domestic Violence Action Center in Honolulu (at ; P.O. Box 3198 Honolulu, HI 96801-3198 ) I was able to secure an attorney’s help for a temporary restraining order (TRO) and prompted by the police who witnessed the attack after being called by his taxi driver for unpaid cab fare. The case was prosecuted by the State.  I was left with other components of housing and work to handle, and was surviving working as a part-time dancer at the time. I tested the legal system on the VAWA requirements my housing did meet, and  as others were aware of my situation. 

 I managed to invalidate my lease when I applied and was granted by Hawaii State- The business name of the Landlord company  “ Moanalua Hillside Apartments” under Douglas Emmet on the NYSEX. The Landlord offered a meager fee for me to sell the name back to them. And, my lease obligation was invalidated. I did this on my own and had scared away the attorney who represented me briefly. Hawaii State is notorious for uncollected settlements and missing persons over land disputes. Essentially, I was able to find my way out of a big pile of debt we were facing by invalidating my lease with the landlord (due to their refusal to let me continue on as a tenant) where they would have collected the lump sum of a year or more of rent totalling $26k-$40k. Thus, the VAWA qualification allowing me to maintain my lease at the residence and secure a new house mate  was ignored and I was left homeless anyway, yet without the enormous debt. I used the amount from the business name sale to rent what I thought was a tiny shack room and continued working part-time with the intention to leave Oahu after the 08/13/13 court date. Hawaii State also has a rule to arrest those leaving the island who are required to be present at court at a later date. I did not feel I had the freedom to leave the state without repercussions.  Subsequently, the address I moved to in June 2013 was contaminated with toxic black mold. And, I was sick within 2 weeks, and sought assistance before the 08/13 court date. I remained on Oahu following the incident due to having to move outside and detox and clear the mold from my bloodstream.


3/2018 age 43;  I called the FBI in Philadelphia regarding my brother’s death & suicide that went uninvestigated by local police after being attacked verbally and physically for months by my Charles A. Kneale and Yuko Kneale. They both threatened my life repeatedly and incited violence against me, as is their typical relationship with me as their daughter since my mother’s experimental surgeries. The issue was again the so called “suicide” of my brother and retaliation for reporting the 1970 murder/death of my sister from Hawaii. The US State actor Charles A, Kneale threatened to blame me for my brother’s suicide as he has full backing from the local officials to get rid of me as an ethnic indigent who never works. Additionally, He threatened Yuko Kikuchi Kneale’s life repeatedly and created more psychological torture by yelling at both of us that we will wind up dead. His friend I only know as Zach, a man who lives at the small farm estate across the street  with Mr. Lee Clymer across the street, also is involved in this continued harassment and brings guns to the property where Angela M. Kneale and Yuko Kikuchi Kneale live.  And, also Charles A. Kneale and his co-conspirator state actor officials and local police officials permit one sided police reporting against me to destroy my ability to work. This I found devastating as I returned to instruct piano. It was a repeat of Charles A. Kneale and police officials destroyed my piano studio, an independent business I’ve had since age 15 in Bucks County with other state actors by 2005.

04/2018 - 12/2019 age 43; I was able to secure an interview and part time work at a new Zocalo restaurant with the paper application until 6/2019 when I found work through a temporary agency for catering and at Cornell University. During this time I inquired with Human Rights advocates in the Ithaca area about my situation and attempting to relocate to a peaceable place. I largely slept out of my vehicle parked on the street, in the frigid winter weather. I was able to secure shower at my Alma Mater Ithaca College and was parked at the campus to sleep in my vehicle occasionally in between my work shifts. My catering work provided vegan food for me to take with me. Very occasionally, I was able to stay with old friends at a home and shower. This situation has caused a great amount of distress.

Online, I found the international affidavit which indicated writing to the United Nations as a remedy and a tick box to indicate if I had tried this remedy. In late 2017-2018, I was a Hawaii State resident living off a sailboat in international waters and staying with friends around the island when I wasn’t just sleeping in my 2000 VW New Beetle aka bugging out and essentially a  homeless bartender and dancer in the USA. I began researching laws at the Cornell University Law Library. I also was able to travel to the Congressional Law Library in Washington, D.C. to do more research until November 2019 and took part time work in Alexandria, VA at the Pentagon South Mark Center Hilton & Towne Park garage service after Ashenafi Wegyahu at Towne Park offered a position to me at a group interview in Georgetown, D.C.  I had been unaware during the interview that I would be at a government zoned military installation.

 Additionally, in September 2019, I joined Targeted Justice at  Targeted Justice, P.O. Box 15990. Houston, TX  77020 due to the Twitter conversation about satellite targeting which I understand to be a result of my father/ USAF State actor who was OSI and W6 technician and Lockheed C130 engine mechanic and more as well as my mother Yuko Kikuchi Kneale working for Ford-Philco assembling satellite components in Landsdale, PA prior to my birth in 1974 and her naturalization to the USA . In October 2019 I protested with Targeted Justice at the White House Mall area and also by the Office of the Director Of National Intelligence in Langley, VA. In November 2019, I responded to the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Cruel And Unusual Punishment’s Psychological Torture call with prompting from Tarigeted Justice and by other targeted individuals.  

  • 12/2019 I contacted Local Quakertown Police Officials about the situation with Charles A. Kneale. Their standing was that it is a civil matter that I must handle on my own. Since the 2020 Lockdown and my loss of anticipated seasonal work; My life has been threatened daily by Charles A. Kneale, as well as Yuko Kikuchi Kneale at their residence and involves the same old local officials and state actors who committed crimes since Yuko Kikuchi or Yuko Kneale’s arrival and residency in Bucks County, PA. My relationship with Yuko Kneale is contingent on the psychological abuse she receives from Charles A. Kneale. And, due to her disability, cultural isolation, and age, is unable to handle the situation independently, as I act as a primary target for his psychological abuse and continued death threats that verbally began in 2001.

02/2020 age 45: February I did a national contact form and email drop for Targeted Justice to notify the FBI of RICO Racketeering by FBI officials. Since the RICO drop, in late February 2020 Bucks County, PA  began to go on lockdown, and I have had practically no income for 2020, though I received a $1200 Stimulus Check and tax return money to pay bills and purchase nutrition.  

09/05/2020, I contacted the Quakertown Police Officials as recently as Sept. 05, 2020 about Charles A. Kneale who harassed me at my vehicle while I photographed a new leak from my  vehicle that was inspected that morning.  Charles A. Kneale was known to tamper with late Richard C. Kneale’s vehicles and ie., removed spark plugs. My vehicle had never leaked before and he was aggressive at me to get lost, drive and die. I felt he tampered with my vehicle.  Over the phone, the Quakertown police officer said, “There is no proof.” and refused to report.

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UDHR Articles related to My Testimony

{(UDHR) Universal Declaration of Human Rights }

The below 24 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) are cited pertaing to elements of the Testimony by Miss Angela M. Kneale vs. The United States of America. {UDHR Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.} 

{Article 1,  Innate Freedom and equality}

{Article 2, Ban on Discrimination}

{Article 3, Right to Life}

{Article 4, Ban on Slavery}

{Article 5, Ban on Torture}

{Article 6, Right to Recognition as a person before the Law}

{Article 7, Equality Before the Law}

{Article 8, Right to Effective Judiciary}

{Article 10, Right to Public Hearing}

{Article 12, Right to Privacy}

{Article 13, Right to Freedom of Movement}

{Article 14, Right to Asylum}

{Article 15, Right to a Nationality}

{Article 16, Right to Marriage and Family}

{Article 17, Right to own Property}

{Article 18, Right to Freedom of Thought and Religion}

{Article 20, Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association}

{Article 23, Right to Work}

{Article 25, Right to an Adequate Stajndard of Living}

{Article 26, Right to Education} 

{Article 27, Right to Participate in Cultural Life}

{Article 29, Duties and Limitations}

Aliens & Citizens Laws related to My Testimony


All research into my personal testimony was done independently by myself, Miss Angela M. Kneale at the Cornell University Law Library, Cornell University Architecture Annex Library Stacks, and The Congressional Law Library in Washington, D.C. in 2019 over the course of 5 months with travel. The legal training I had is informal, and done with the mentorship of the Late Constance E. Cook, former Vice President of Cornell University during my Ithacan undergraduate attendance.  

The laws listed here are intended for use in my United Nations Communications and pertain specifically to my life in the USA.


Japanese Nationality Law:  (Law No. 147 of 1950, as amended by Law No. 268 of 1952, Law No. 45 of 1984 and Law No. 89 of 1993)

Online:  USCA Code Title 50 and Title 42

{(FARA) Foreign Agents Act of 1979: 22 U.S.C. ch. 11, subch. II § 611}

Encyclopedia set American Jurisprudence 2D  volume: {Aliens & Citizens §1923-2085}            volume: {Aliens & Citizens §2086 to End}. 

    §2099 Actions TVPA Torture Victims Protection Act

-----TESTIMONY of Miss Angela M. Kneale (Draft) for UNHDR 1503, CAT, UNESCO 104, and reference material for general Human Rights violations by the United States of America against her person.

  • {Aliens and Citizens §2180 Food Stamps, pgs 109-110personal note: Pertaining to {Aliens and Citizens § 1017 persecution of a class of individuals} {[Civil Rights under U.S.C.A. 42; §1981/§1983 pgs 626-629; §1845/§1846; §1849 Provisions & Effect of Hate Crime Statistics Act pgs. 632-633]}  as Japanese nationals (subject of a foreign state §2104) and immigrants in Pennsylvania during 1980s. Used to force my Japanese mother into a foreign agent role to distribute funds received from Japanese government officials. Time frame 1980s
    • The Contingency of the {(FARA) Foreign Agents Act of 1979: 22 U.S.C. ch. 11, subch. II § 611} has always been an issue for me since my birth as a non-immigrant (§1867 non immigrant general meaning of pgs. 654-655);- because of the Japanese family relation in Japanese government and/or National Security. I have been perceived by the U.S. state actors and U.S. Public at large as a former and current enemy of the United States due to my birth to my mother as a legal Japanese foreign national inside the USA. I strongly feel the U.S. Intelligence agency, CIA and USAF state actor (my father) have contorted this law in order to dangle my life (Aliens & Citizens §2105 dual citizen) in extortion, embezzlement, and other clandestine operations against my mother as torture and her position in relation to my relatives abroad. 
    • It was so much so, that I was forced into Classical piano instruction as a career path as so called means to "avoid" the FARA foreign agent stipulation due to the change in Japanese nationality law by 1984{ Law No. 147 of 1950, as amended by Law No. 45 of 1984 Article 2. A child shall, in any of the following cases, be a Japanese national: (1) When, at the time of its birth, the father or the mother is a Japanese national; } 
    • However, by the time I reached age 15, Eleanor Sokoloff instructed my Piano & Organ teacher that I would be ineligible for the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia due to their political preferences. This is a high level of intelligence operations that has been ongoing. 
    • In the denial by the State to provide public assistance without discrimination, they additionally likely attempted to enforce removal of legal Aliens of Japan to the USA  {Aliens and Citizens §2142 Removal of Aliens who have fallen into distress}. I remember this clearly as a legal issue due to my mother showing me the checkbook and explaining the situation. I was in elementary school when this problem occured. However, like the other obstruction of reporting felonies against her and I as a minor child attachment {§2099 Actions TVPA; §2338-3a(1) Alien living in marital union, §2156 Foreign Assets; }
    • , that  my Japanese national mother experienced and told me about from before I was born;- The local police officials in 1970 were uncooperative, as were the attorneys. 
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2167 "Qualified Alien" pgs. 95-96}
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2182-§2189 Legal Services}
      • {Aliens and Citizens §2190 State's right to limit eligibility of qualified aliens, pgs. 124-125}
  • Equal Protection U.S. Constitution 14th Amendment
    • {Aliens and Citizens §1916 Equal Protection Clause} 
  • {Aliens and Citizens §2161 Foreign Agent Registration pg. 91}
  • {Aliens and Citizens §2109 Maritime Jurisdiction} - 1974- present USA not in war conflict with Japan
  • 208.12 Title 8 
    • "§ 208.16 Withholding of removal under section 241(b)(3)(B) of the Act and withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture (1) Past threat to life or freedom."
  • Aliens and Citizens § 1017 persecution of a class of individuals}


VII. Rights and Privledges and Duties of Aliens Living in the United States   (Torture Victim Pgs 26-27, 28, 36)   (Subject of Foreign State §2194,  pg 44)

Passive Personality Principle

DNA Research Act February 4, 1977 95th Congress 1977-1978 introduced HR3191, HR3055

U.N. Internally Displaced Person: Article 7; Article 92.



  • {Aliens and Citizens §423, §424 sham marriage} On account of cruelty & emminent threat
  • {Aliens and Citizens §454-§466 abused spouses self-petitions} Unavailable legal reporting
  • {Aliens and Citizens §468 parent-child} 
  • {Aliens and Citizens §467-478 abused children self petitions} Obstructed legal reporting
  • {Aliens and Citizens §472/§474 cruelty}

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US CONSTITUTIONAL Laws related to my testimony

by Miss Angela M. Kneale pertaining to her personal testimony 

I had several of the most pertinent Aliens and citizens and USCA 50 laws posted and my message were all erased from the post 


US Constitution 14th Amendment

US Constitution 1st Amendment


{National Labor;-703g Title VII. 

Cited as a comparison pertaining to language freedom violations, cultural violations, and FISA abuse at home and during gradeschool for speaking Japanese language. Also due to the sensitive information US state actor printed and brought to the house after work. }

{50 U.S.C.A. §§ 1801-11, 1821-29, 1841-46, 1861-62, 1871

50 U.S.C.A. §§1801-1805b(s), foreign intelligence 105(b); §§ 1881e (before revisions date) ,§§1881a (f)(2) Evidence Detained Surveillance }  

{50 U.S.C.A. Chapter 36 §§1806 K}

{50 U.S.C.A. Chapter 36 §§1810, pg 82 Civil Liability}

{50 U.S.C.A. Chapter 36 §§1827a Penalties, Prohibited Activities}

US Constitution 4th Amendment "Search & Seizure and Surveillance"

Protect America Act of 2007


{50 USCA Title 50 1886}


1st Amendment Explanation of Freedom of Expression

4th Amendment "Equal Protection of the Law  

Before FISA re: 4th Amendment


{42 US Code 2000e et seq Title VII

CivilRights code definitions  regarding equal employment and language translation of classified materials from English.}

{50 U.S.C.A. 1801 pgs 5-17, 19, 24-156.2 Constitutionality}

{50 U.S.C.A. 1805, pg. 49,

Definition of Foreign Agent }

{50 U.S.C.A. Foreign Intelligence 105B}

{50 U.S.C.A. Chapter 36 §1801(k) aggreived person}

{50 U.S.C.A. Chapter 36 §§1801(p)(4) weapons of mass destruction, pg.10; "capability to release radiation or radioactivity causing death, illness..."}

New personal prayer for daily use

By Angela M. Kneale (Draft of New Personal prayer 9/18/2020) 

Dear God & Dear Bruno, 

I am grateful for my life today. And, I am grateful for all of the blessings and miracles bestowed upon me. I ask for my health and well being. Divine Insight Divine protection

I ask for my blood to be clean of parasites, mold, viruses, and any disease and uric acid crystals and other nanos. For my blood cells to be optimal and strong and healthy. For my  body to be alkaline and in Ketosis. For my digestive system to work perfectly and efficiently without the digestive enzymes. I ask for strength and longevity in my joints and skin and cartilage and for renewed collagen without need for animal products. For the vitamin C to cleanse my body, for the saltwater to cleanse  my digestive tract, and for all of the minerals, silica, and Amino Acids I require to maintain my optimal and best health and rejuvenated healing. For my blood sugar to be balanced and my mind to be clear and functioning properly, optimally all the time. I ask for your blessing of my food, nutrition, and hydration to maintain my body in completeness and for my best mindstate as much as possible.

I ask for complete healing of past injuries, traumas, and emotional attachments. For myself to be the best tuned human, spiritual, and quantum form. And for God's work to be done through me so that my actions are of God.  I ask for all of my DNA. 

I ask for the places on earth especially Oahu and Hawaii dearst to my heart. To be free from the evils of humanity and for the protection of the Honu, the Pueo, The vana, the birds, fish, sharks, whales, and all of the reef community. I ask for the surfers and divers who helped me. I ask for Da Hui and the community who protects(ed) me. I ask for the healing of the waters of O'ahu and Hawaii, the sand, the crabs, the shells, and all other ocean life in the Pacific. 

I ask for protection of my relatives who love me unconditionally and my home and belongings. I ask for my customers, friends, bosses, co-workers, businesses that supported my life. I ask for healing of the Earth. for all of the animals and creatures who love me unconditionally. I ask for blessings of the air I breathe, the water I drink, the land I walk upon, and all molecules and particles that support life in this form. 

Thankyou God, for my life and this experience on Earth. 

I ask for these things that I cannot attain on my own easily;- 

I ask for these people who I cannot help without you;- 

I ask for the Master healers and Bruno Groening who love me unconditionally.

I ask for the spirits who love me unconditionally. 

Thankyou God.

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Perspective about Targeted Individual Testimonies

by Angela M. Kneale Aka Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale (Miss Kneale)

Miss Angela M. "Kikuchi" Kneale is a civilian and private individual who was born to a Japanese foreign national Yuko Kikuchi in 1974 within the State of Pennsylvania in United States of America.Miss Kneale is not employed by the USA government or military, and her normal work is as a freelance piano instructor, business consultant, and "vegan" or rights activist for several decades. And, also note that her family in Japan is generally destroyed by USA FISA and other state actors. This is part of the Basis for the Torture communication. No remedy is expected by the United Nations due to the political complications of longstanding persecution of Japanese nisei since WW2. Security and intelligence collaboration of Japan is largely in foreign intelligence agents hands and so no sincerity to uphold the rights of Japanese nisei and foreigners has been documented and publicized globally. Even despite the USA laws governing the UN. Where blatant persecution is overlooked due to other crises around the planet. 

Sproutfuel was intended to be a grassroots blog and has taken a turn into her own personal battles with USA and human rights violations.


 Woke up tonight with this letter running through my head..It's not something I plan to send to the UN due to the level of embarassment and further degredation of my person at the international level. Honestly, After reading CEDAW, and also the Interpol sites, I realized the magnitute of impact the local police and officials in Bucks County, PA have had on my life. Not only am I unable to use the law within Pennsylvania in defense and protection of my well being;- I also have been unable since 1995 to take these extenuating issues to the Supreme Court Level.  My late brother had the ACLU involved and I have seen the failure of their persecution of Japanese as well and the degredation of his life and aspirations. Essentially, despite my interstate travel and reporting of crimes, particularly sex assault crimes and abduction, the local Pennsylvania police do investigation in such a way that they encourage retaliation by present and former state actors. In this case, state actors are primarily embedded in the township planning and engineering offices in Bucks County. And, many of them have Masonic, AMORC family, Cabal, or IRA ties expressed openly. Others may be MI5 & MI6 since they have family relations in international golf course design, or are also foreign nationals and/or immigrants from Ireland and the UK. (ie., my neighbors who gained a property by misuse of a medical POA of my mother that also put her into experimental surgery that left her permanently disabled.  Which is essentially embezzlement.over $75k+ However possible part of a trust left to me due to other odd events.)   However, It's clearly on my mind, so I'll try to write this draft out here. 

A Real Draft of a CEDAW LETTER, that I cannot send due to writing about some incidents under seperate treaties. 

I wrote to the SR- Torture in Aug-Sept. 2019 and had several computer issues from the library and on my travel. I was staying with a friend at MSM NPR at the time. That friendship is exhausted due to this time. I wrote again to SR- Torture as response to questionnaire in November 2019. In this letter I lightly touch on the murder of my sister, MKultra type abuse, up to the suiciding of my brother in 2005. Including his being irradiated at the Township engineer approved Irradiation plant with a Cobalt reactor.  They also shut down the irradiation plant within the decade. Quite an expense for our quaint Quakertown hometown, again my father on the Planning commission with our neighbors.

The operative mode they used I have revealed through abuse of the Temporary agencies accepting $5000-$6000 USD payment to "buy out" our contract. And the torture, abduction, sex assault, stalking has occured from State actors within 6 mos. of this buy out. Essentially leaving a bad reference and forcing me out of gainful employment.

I also wrote to UNESCO 104 for language freedom violations, cultural violation, and violation of my right to choose nationality;- due to changes in Japanese nationality law that I was made aware of as a Child by my relatives in Japan. The law, was not respected by USA actors and I voiiced my opinon as a child that I did not want to return to USA or remain a USA citizen by age 12. The damages by US state officials at my elementary through High School were deliberate acts of persecution, pedophilia, sex harassment & physical abuse by other children, and general discrimination.

So, essentially I have written different letters to the UN;- not in best form due to the emotional trauma. And I have done so in hopes to disseminate the different portions of my testimony as a form of social activism. It is much too late for any remedy and justice and settlement/financial or otherwise as my social and financial status has decayed since my attendance at APEC USA. 

This letter can't go to CEDAW since various parts of it are 1. outdated, 2. are in other communications and 3. have exhausted in terms of statute of limitations in the USA. So this doesn't include a matter after 2009 when I was in Oahu;- of my "ex-fiance" who sexually harassed and assaulted me in Honolulu as I have already had expensive hospital bills, violation of VAWA by the JUDGE in Honolulu County Court, and numerous other issues I do not care to relive. Basically, I did test the system as other women were aware of my situation (due to a small reputation I had gained and only heard of through other Military personnel- as in my name went up the Navy Chain of command and I had also "sent a "Navy Seal to the chiropractor after some mat time in the dojo") and the clearance level of my Ex-fiance as a Nuclear Engineer and Navy Officer. He was relieved from duty after the incident and I had previously picked him up from the Military Psych ward. So;- All of the court issues are literally issues with the Judge. And, that is one wrath of being homeless I do not care to continue. Essentially, I was able to find my way out of a big pile of debt we were facing by invalidating my lease with the landlord (due to their refusal to let me continue on as a tenant) where they got to collect the lump sum of a year or more of rent totalling 30-40k. Thus the VAWA qualification was ignored and I was left homeless. So, I managed to invalidate the lease when I applied and was granted by Hawaii State- The business name of the Landlord company on the NYSEX.. The Landlord offered a meager fee for me to sell the name back to them. And, my lease obligation was invalidated. I did this on my own and had scared away the attorney who represented me briefly. Hawaii State is notorious for uncollected settlements and missing persons over land disputes. 

LETTER DRAFT - could be revised:

Dear _"CEDAW?"____________

I am grateful to be writing. This communication is to express the continued sexual assaults that I endured from early 

childhood, through grade school, through my college years and into my adult career. The nature and reason for my writing is not

to attain justice for the crimes of humanity against my life. Rather, to express these crimes have been ongoing and prevent me

from securing court orders for protection, and/or to document the incidents due to police obstruction and denial of rule of law, 

especially in my hometown, and county and state in Pennsylvania, USA. 

The remedies I have sought include counseling for Sex assault and Abuse through NOVA - Network of Victim's Assistance, in Bucks County, PA.

Additionally, I frequently used the RAAIN hotline and had to return to the political sanctuary of Ithaca, NY for 

peaceable assistance. This included Planned Parenthood of Ithaca, NY and the IRC Ithaca Rape Crisis and the Advocacy Center

which at PO Box 164, Ithaca, NY 14851. Though These organizations offered some emotional and medical support at the time; the legal

aspect which may have provided some safety was not forthcoming. And, in most instances, I was deterred from securing Restraining

Orders against the State Actors. 

And, These organizations, offered minimal emotional support and guidance through the 90's and into the 2007. 

iN 2009 I was forced to relocate to Oahu where there is a larger population of Japanese-Americans and Asian-Americans.

There were some incidents that lead to my seeking assistance at the Sex Abuse Treatment Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Given the Statute of 

Limitations of Sex assault being up to 12 years;- I was repeatedly assaulted and my life was upset multiple times in the mainland USA.  

This advocacy center assisted me to file police reports in Hawaii for longstanding and serious issues, including my reporting 

the murder of my sister from before I was born and including other incidents where I was obstructed from reporting 

against the State actors. At the time, I believe the Honolulu Police Department was also an independent security firm at the time. However, 

I think those laws changed around the Honolulu Police Department and now it is a division under the County of Honolulu. And, 

When I first arrived in Oahu, a federal agent who met me and was my intimate partner for several years explained the 

system in O'ahu being attuned to the high rate of international people and including Federal Agents and a small number of 

Interpol on O'ahu.

Since my return to the Mainland USA, at my parents home;- I have experienced intense death threats from both my father, the Initial USAF

state actor and mother a Japanese Foreign National until the mid 1980's when she immigrated. In 2014, on a visit to my mother, Charles A. 

Kneale retaliated for my reporting the incident where my sister lost her life and my mother was discriminated against for being Japanese 

in 1970. This retaliation involved a 9mm and my calling the police who merely put him in handcuffs and released him after he discharged 

his weapon at the Family residence. In 2018, I returned to Pennsylvania and changed my residency from Hawaii State, something I regret doing.

However, the onslaught and demeanor of my Father and his co-conspirators, from the Local Township Commission and neighbors, had not 

diminished and I was repeatedly threatened by him. Mr. Charles A. Kneale has some 

type of immunity among the State Actors in Bucks County who instructed him to "make sure my brother was dead. And, in 2005 after the memorial

 sercive of my late brother Mr. Charles A. Kneale told me that Craig Landis who ran the suicide bereavement association at the time wanted me dead and

would back him up is he were to kill me. Though in 1986 Craig Landis was the Baptismal pastor I had at the Richlandtown Evangelical Lutheran Church. And, He had attempted to strangle

me during a confirmation class for saying the word Japan. 

In anycase, the death threats against my life have been intermittent in 2019. And, it also involves cyber attacks, magnetron box(es), and other illegal 

surveillance equipment. 

My full name in the United States of America is Angela Meredith Kneale. I was born to a Japanese foreign national mother, Yuko Kikuchi/Yuko Kneale 

with passport number issued in 1968 Tokyo. And,to a US father, a USAF W6 who was a Lockheed C-130 mechanic.  

in November 1974 in Pennsylvania. 

I have been subjected to various forms of rape and sex assault since my earliest years in gradeschool.

Due to FISA1978 I was subjected to intense abuse for speaking with my Japanese relatives on the phone, and again

reprimanded for my behavior of being bilingual at the Richlandtown Elementary School in Quakertown, PA. 

Though I have already written to the UN with other individual complaints, this is perhaps a different perspective of a series 

of interconnected human rights violations by the US state actors, consistently, throughout my life. And, I believe that these actions

were done with full intention to disrupt and harm my normal course of life, employment, stability, and also being 

able to interact with my family abroad for any plausible business roles. 

In 2006/07 I was abducted and held against my will at an empty apartment above the home of a township engineer and raped repeatedly.

This incident went on for weeks. And after the first days I was left in the bedroom unable to walk or even move myself from the bed. 

I was monitored to use the restroom and locked in the bedroom as well. And, I was held in the apartment until I was able to momentarily secure my phone and call  9-1-1.  

Police arrived and I was freed. However the police in Mechanicsville, PA and local Doylestown, PA did not take a full report 

about the abduction and repeated sex assault. Rather they only gave me an incident report about the Engineer throwing 

dishes and utensils at me and allowing me to exit the residence safely.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

September 1, 2020

 And there is always Evil

And there is always God.

The Branch we extend to others to be on the path to God;- was already theirs.

Though the evil offers the bridge and path to shake those &

to make fallen and broken hearts.

Spiritual notes

By Angela M. "Kikuchi" Kneale

I want my sound to resonate with everyone, every living being on this plant. To bring everyone together in totality.

My soul wants to rest from this battle. To find a place where, I am full of Joy about my existence and in awe of the Universe, captivated and in love. 

Millions of Humans are shut off from the wonders of our existence. I used to blame myself for not bieng able to affect them positively. Their spirits entagled with the quagmire of toxic effects. My heart needs repair after such interactions. And yet, I realize this path that I have discovered for my sould to walk exists for me to experience.

One day, I was at a beach. I saw a baby whale near the shore. Not moving;- I thought to myself how I would save it. Yet the whale was still far off. All I could do was ask God to help. Later that day on the news, the baby whale received help from divers nearby. He was tangled in a net. Today, I realized, I could not have freed the shale;- I carry no knife to cut the netting, I carry no weapons.

07/21/2020 PM - Music

Music is that place (arena) of the soul, where one beats their angel wings of pride orver another. The beauty of it meant to inspire and uplift the soul as it captures the childre, the sick, the sad. The tones of a perfect ideal life are recognized. Yet is that really so? And who are you to pass such judgement when life, other lives full of suffering strive for relief and acceptance among angels? Even taking on more suffering for those moments in minutes and seconds of angelic splendor. Are you, that angelic voice so full of perfection the rest of your life? Or are you giving way to demonic and evil societal practice/ To revert to the adoption of Nazi judgement over "Derelict music and art + it is to bring about more suffering of the most vile kind.

07/21/2020 - water

My water, this blessed water ~ I vegan by meditating and praying for several days. It is blessed without extra wordds and with the electrical lightning storm and thunder for sever minutes. The glass containers were exposed on the ground. The lightning filled the air so my hair stood on end. Some may ask me why. It is lightning and thundering as I write.


Containers blessed by an electrical storm. On the Pink Full Moon at the property by the Witching Hour. I prayed for the blessing and did not utter many words. I asked the Master Healers for Assistance.

08/2020 - Emotion

Fear, Fear can be genuine or invoked. The latter is to create a frequency wall or bubble to protect one from others invasive nature. 

Others typically invoke fear in the usual threatning manners. And, as usual, only the chemically imbalanced or the criminally supported generally carry out their threats. 

08/14/2020- Thoughts about developing my life coaching into a profitable business. What I would ask people in general 1st time, like a questionnaire for ethical living.

It's difficult to be subordinate to someone else because I don't respect them- due to the fact that they don't respect me.

I'm tired of gettng slammed (emotionally) by others when I turn on the positive. It's like they feel the positivity makes them look bad and they end it. 

I want to make my business happen, but the environment is nor safe and I can get by easily without my dream.

Staying focused on what works zaps my good energy. I want to focus on steering my life in the direction or lifestyle I want.

I worry about what others think of me. I've never done something without someone noticing.

I'm in a different mindset than those around me. We have a few things in common that we get through successfully together. But we don't want to break what works. So this is as far as it goes.

Somedays I wonder where I'd be if I did those little things each day. Wondering has become its own obstacle.

I fovus on what's easy. I wait till someting comes my way. I've been successful this way.

I wake up everyday wondering what I'll have at the end of it. I don't get to save. There are just too many things that come up. I have to be in the now.

Life Course - A few things and a way to be.

      Little everyday things I want to do make me feel ssilly!

     My friends aren't mature enough to handle spirituality.

     My friends aren't mature enough to handle spirituality.

                   Concrete spirituality - Bible Cross Amulet Buddha and symbols;- I don't feel I have a ton of time to learn about gemstones and all that stuff.

     I need to re network my life. Nor sure who or what to trust.

     Christians attack my exploration.

It is your responsibility to select your future. 

Asking for Divine light and receiving helps to unveil one's heart shrouded in a cloack from early life.

8/15 - Today

I realize my life work is not so I could help others. Yet is is to heal from wrongs done unto my soul. Loving myself is where I am.

Not to dwell on past is to take focus from the Future and present course. 

Repeat of the old = suffering -- Let go of everything to be reborn.

He didn't care about me enough to let go.

08/16/2020 - looks

I'm a bit too rough looking, Imperfect to others. It hurts my Feelings.

Not to ruin my life for someone else's agenda.

Thanks for the inspiration. Hear my heart my soul cry, Asking God to save me. Cradle this hurt. Repair it like a broken bridge. Soul Cords, Life School building a bridge back to God. 

Like notes with broken wings, crashing and decay.

I'm not trying to make money. I'm putting something together my soul feels comfortable in.

08/17/2020 - Hapa

Asked God to judge me, due to the Bible written by man. Declaring humans like me an abomination of sin.

I saw white light with a sun/eye in center at my forehead. And a gemstone when I looked down ~ a dark opal with gold petals or wings around it. It represents our hearts. Bright and filled with darkness. I thought like the stars are angels and the dark energies the night sky. The light passes through the darkness. Soul fragments intertwined in the demons hand. I asked God and thanked for my life. And I asked for a death that is peaceful nonviolent and joyous. 

I want to be a powerful Supernatural, Supranational, Beautiful Respected Being. Without the Obstacles of Humanity.


The empty spaces, where noone has asked me a question or held my hand. They fill in the empty spaces with lies and hate. It looks like a simple relationship. However, I am bewildered in my reserved demeanor. And to challenge every instance of this persecution is to waste the energy I need to live. So I sit and I wait. I wish pray and hope. And when light shines through my heart is filled with joy. 

If you  saw torture, true torture everyday...for decades;- What would you do to pritect your own?

Killing things ~ You don't and can't kill "Things." Only Life can be killed or taken. To use the word "things" is to disassociate life.


Something changes this in a soldiers heart, the warrior heart. The challenge of the spirit shuts the heart off from the turvulence. Yet for the Warrior to keep the heart alive and live through with an open heart is rare. Each day, opening the heart more and more. 

Killing is not amusement, entertainment. It is War upon the Human Condition.

08/25/2020 - Suicide:

It seems easy to exit this world as a solution to our human construct problems. We long to be free of borders. So why not pray more and hand our Burdens to God or the Master healers more oftern?Is there shame in this practice? After all, isn't this the goal of suicide? To be free of our burdens? To exit from the world due to social disgrace, povery and misfortune? Health issues as well. The evils of society become lodged in the hearts of the cruel and wicked. And you my friend; your heart has also become worn on the cruel and wicked path. You may not realize it. Being that you work so hard each day. Making claims to your entitlement and prowess to navigate this early realm. Yet that human game you are playin, the one where a cruel and wicked heart lies devoid of all compassion was not the intention for humankind's existence an contract with GOD. Compassion was not meant to be an instance to access those whose hearts are shielded by evil societal pactice and movked for connecting to GOd. No, You shoult "Look, I'm being compassionate for that small instance ~ say 15 min of your year. And you use everyone to publicise it! While the construct and context of that action still remains imbeded in the wickedness of this Military Industry ~ the industry of killing.   When you resonate compassion in that context, others despise the example. They despise it because their souls are weary. It is not despised because they hate compassion. It is despised because of the wicked and cruel path you place it on. 

{Like the Bible story of the good samaritan Yet you made the path the good samaritan is walking too unfriendly too cruel & devoid of GOD and compassion. For those to faithfully expect God to rescue them miraculously to heavenly bliss and an escape from the path and game you made out of the lives in this society. You put on our souls the game you want to play. The game of cruelty and faith salvation.

Yet the baseline of all life is this:  There is air, water, nourishment, sunlight, earth for physical comfort. We are all entitled to this. And we need to realize the value and quality of this place. Earth and now now that humankind has 5g and microwaves, Radio frequency that affects the mind;- Everyone who is able realizes the great impact of our basic interactions. Our thoughts because they are frequency. 

[BCI CHIP RF to the Mind} Do you want to be connected to God? This way? Some Scientist who is made in God's image like you or me to take a look around. This is the Salvation Theory if you think you will be free. It is a simple formula. To 1st pose something so horrific and impossible to overcome. Then to offer a solution.  It is the security guard who lets the criminal in only to perform their job by creating the play the incident. 

08/29.2020 2;44PMEST

"Trust and Believe in God" - Bruno Groening. I understand this is one thing, a starting point on which to Focus. Anything else is like making a mistake. THe Composition is of God's creation. THat is the Focus. My life's focus. This is practice that I must master.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Having a Veteran parent who has Dementia when you're Asian-American

Drinking the thickest coffee on the planet at the moment, just to stay awake for an endless shift at my mom's...
Things I never dreamed on my worst day ever could happen are happening now.
My folks, just a couple generations older than me who survived Vietnam and the Abomb are regressing to their old memories occasionally.
My dad, a typical USA Caucasian veteran fades out of the here and now and starts shouting loudly "I'm gonna kill you mother focker!!!!" For what seems like an endless 12hours before he collapses into a 2day rest.
For that 12hours, I hear my mom scurrying around the house as he yells from room to room. I try to stay out of sight and keep track of their location that echos in the silence of the early morning.
My mom is from Japan though. Some days he picks a yelling match with her telling the "Korean woman he sees to go to hell." Until she is through trying compete with the mental abuse or anguish of already being a Japanese immigrant who lost my sister and brother to hate crimes by the local white supremacists.
Wait quietly and let them fight it out. If I intervene, one of them will call the police for the sake of the empowering elder abuse accusation to get rid of loosing control. It's already out of control though. 
It was out of control when I got word about my parents being batshit crazy after I attended APEC USA. But, global trade doesn't mean anything now with the pandemic adding more stress to everyone's life. I figure if global trade had mattered to everyone, I wouldn't be here at wits end. I would have been able to start my startup company to flip to the hungry wolf in the room we know fondly as FedEx.
They after all just wanted someone to eat the operating expenses of a startup to absorb the profits that come from hard work of immigrant family relations.
No, instead, I get slapped in the face again by the local state actor Police. They just view Asian women as street trash hookers that belong without homes and servicing the ridf raft while they keep their All American women respectable.
This is the reality of America. This is what it really is...a bunch of scumbags who visit other nations to pick women to breed and abuse their offspring. Yet they pat each other on the back for being able to create formidable international incidents with otherwise respectable global shipping family. How this USA behavior is not outright terrorism, I don't know. They have done this for decades. And, to me none of them are any better than some pirate from a starving nation. 
So now what do I do? How many games are the white supremacists going to play? The local DeepState criminals are still running loose and influencing people with gossip in this state Pennsylvania.
Now, While I pray for safety of my mom and for my life back and hoping these things are resolved quickly so I can get back to normal happier life than this...
I am simply left cringing at how ugly and hateful these people in my hometown still are in their hearts. They will never see themselves like I do;- broke tiny Americans who should never have ventured to prove themselves to Japan as an opponent.
Their statement just makes my life miserable. They already embezzled and raped and extorted what they could from us. I understand they want what's left here and they want to take my life.
I made the mistake of thinking things had changed, that people matured. But, these people are not internationally inclined and can barely speak Spanish let alone speak the Japanese language of their ally.
It's no wonder they wrecked the JP-USA Security Agreement. 
So, dementia and my dad lapsing into some Vietnam phase is a problem I didn't expect. It's just more insult to injury. Or it's an excuse for his buddies who committed crimes to enable him to murder us.
No matter how much work I did already to affect immigration perceptions of Asian women in my family;- the USA just isn't safe for us. And I'm onto a new chapter I didn't expect to be writing.