Saturday, August 01, 2020

preparing sacred moon water vessels

Angela M Kikuchi Kneale
If you make moon water the way I do. You will be preparing the vessels with lightning and thunder.
The storm water is not necessary to capture.
However the electrical charge off the ground is magnified during lightning.
So many people claim it is dangerous.
However think about all of the creatures and organisms that live through these storms outdoors. 
The lightning magnifies the Schuman Frequency as well as running an electrical current over objects and the ground.
Placing sacred vessels outside in these storms helps to charge them. However, water does not "charge" off the lightning.
The thunder is a frequency that affects the water. 
So this is very powerful energy.
And one must prepare themselves to receive it's energies as well.

Preparing moon water vessels or any sacred vessel and daily vessel this way is just one step on this path.