Thursday, July 30, 2020

science versus God and multi hbr DNA of Hapa mixed-race person

I still don't understand why why people who have benefits from discriminating against others were permitted to have better health insurance and surgical options to survive. And why they are permitted to exploit these health care and scientific services to prolong their lives. It seems that having an agenda 2030 and depopulation plan in place should bring everybody back to a god based society and not a medical or scientific one. Especially since people are being killed and chords by natural disaster and the corruption of political systems and Social services systems. I just doesn't make sense to me since I have mixed race DNA so to speak with 18 hypervariable region mutations. This means that not only did the perpetrators eliminate my sister and brother but they also took away my only possible organ donors on the planet. This means that I cannot donate to either of my parents due to my extreme hbr mutations nor can they donate anything to me. And that includes all other biological family members that I have. so now that I'm looking at this agenda 2030 and the depopulation plan which takes away human rights like any genocide. I am contemplating the benefits that searching human beings have gained due to the human rights violation of discrimination and cultural Violet violations within the United States of America. And that is coupled with the fact that their policies and their services will not apply to me in the future due to the impossible nature of I finding a match. So it also includes the problematic notion of allowing them to clone my DNA + 2 and to also patent my genetic material when I was a child which is a violation of human genome act as far as I am concerned. To the best of my knowledge they tried to circumvent the organism status that I would have under the 1970s genetic x that were proposed in the Congress of the United States of America they attempted to make me an organism and not human being. In 2004 there were photos of me dressed in what I call what we're standing in the waterfall area with clothes on so wet where conversation I was aware of and I won't get into that any further however if I am not permitted to have any biological options that do not violate my human rights I do not see how it is a human right to have access to surgeries and extreme life-saving techniques that require any incisions through what would normally be