Friday, July 31, 2020

lightning and Schumann resonance tonight

Early this morning while a thunder and lightning storm moved in:- I took my already lightning blessed moon water bottle outside for a cleanse. I collected appx 1.5cm high of thunder storm water in the vessel. There's a full moon on the third of August. And tonight I said tradition blessing words with both thunder and lightning.

The lightning moved closer and I was drenched in the downpour as I walked back to the house. So, I decided I'd say some prayers and sit outside to absorb the ions changing. As I did my first Einstillen, my hands started trembling after a few minutes. I felt the need to adjust my breathing and hold in despite my hands trembling while the thunder and some lightning was not far away. 
I finally decided to go inside after trying too hard to relax my body. 
I went inside and got my protection and bad energy frequency numbers going.
And, was so wet I decided to calm down, control my breathing and go back outside.
So, I returned to sitting on the step in the walkway. And started Einstillen and prayers again. This time the energies were more intense as the storm moved in.
And I was able to sit without my hands involuntarily trembling. There were two flashes of light in the trees in front of me.
The second flash was bright with a red color in the center. This made me happy after I said some of the Incantations just before the second flash.
Then, I concluded and returned indoors.
The recharge was awesome and I felt great sitting in the ionized air breathing and taking everything in.
It's supercharged Schuman Frequency too, something I've been missing since I left Hawaii to heal my body. 
This was a totally different feeling than the April full moon electrical storm that made my hair on my neck stand on end twice.