Wednesday, May 27, 2020

the window

Today made me realize really how different the world is. I was playing a coloring and decorating app game in vintage styles that got me focused on the modern world I returned to after a decade in the Hawaiian islands open air community. 
I started realizing, the depth and magnitude of having a lone farm house with an uncovered window, and a stand alone tub placed in front of it. Those days are seemingly long gone as the expanse and swaths of land have engulfed abandoned homes in many nations. All while capitalists seeking work delved into the cities and social world. 
Today's biotoxins have already infiltrated many ventilation systems within the large city structures. So it seems unhealthy, depending on ones inner will and some grace of nature for humanity to embrace in humility and with new wisdom. 
Tomorrow, is only an hour ish away. I've passed three months through COVID19 at my aging parents home quarantining myself seperate from them. Both have gone into town practically daily for most of the lockdown. And, never heeding much care for the stresses they caused (deliberately or not) for my life;- do not have any intentions of stopping.
My life will change drastically one more time. And I can only hope that there is safety and space enough for each family and person, to respect each person's individual values. Enough, so that we can all live together without violence and war.
The legal system as well, contorted normal family relations with superimposed capitalist attorneys who asset strip the young, old, and immigrants alike. They taught the men how to put women in destitute as a group passing money around like a newborn secret society out of diapers. 
So, back to basics and remembering how life was and what it can become for those who have the fortune and assets to stay safe. We each have our times to depart the material world, yet we still do not have our window with privacy. No matter where human being stand, that privacy is always impossible with omniscient beings. 
May evolution take place? 
The next question...