Friday, April 03, 2020

water infused with energy

Today, I began to prepare the sacred vessel for the upcoming full moon to make agua diamantina. Blessed, I decided to use my large empty Kombucha bottles since kombucha is infused with healthful energies. The glassware left has already focused and positive energies for the anti-corona virus numbers I received today.

The number for selenium was given since it was reported that Wuhan COVID19 deaths have evidence of selenium deficiencies. I'll write this number on the bottle.
Since it is still near one week's time going into the full moon, I will be making several bottles of this ordinary spring water infused with the numbers in the bottle as part of the process. It still is agua diamantina or moon water, if left under the moonlight. However the full moon will have the bottle prepared with many days of intention before I add the sacred water.

This feels better.