Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Teneger Moon water April 7-8, 2020

Last night into this morning, I stayed awake until after I drank excitedly from the first few ounces of my moon water- agua diamantina. Teneger, thunder moved in with a spectacular Heat lightning show for just over 20-25min. 
My skin tingled with electricity as the electrical storm moved in from the East over our property and I walked outside to get a better view of it.
In only a matter of minutes, the storm enveloped the house and the space around me. Again, my skin tingled in response to the electricity while I watched the storm encroach on the house.
I recorded appx 12min of this time on my phone after I went to my vehicle for some protection to watch the dry electrical storm move in and into the rainy beginning. The energy involved in this 10min-15 frame of the storm that enveloped me  is more than a weeks worth of energy use by NY. 
The 2 lighting bolts I recorded directly over my moon roof alone in 30 seconds  are approximately 20billion watts.
I was more excited and in awe than afraid.
This I consider a blessing, a soul cleansing, and a gift upon the natural rain water I collected with my super moon water.
This was an incredible morning after setting the bottles on the ground before fullmoon time at 10:35pm EDT.

The cat took a quick drink of the collected full moon fallen rain water as well. No need for his paws to be muddied. These Healing waters are a gift for flora and fauna.