Monday, March 02, 2020

USA East Coast SUX

It's pretty crazy that I find myself siding with the UK and Canada in cultural appropriation lately;- but there's a reason for it. It's something that the USA totally uses to push minority women like me back into the financial corner to fall prey to high and low criminals. While I've had to endure the same racist remarks from non-Japanese Asian-Americans because of how it bonds them to Americans for not being part of the Abomb or internment eras.

Here's a number to think about
$250k was spent on my private education
$80k was made back in 3 years on full time hours

A white person with less "private education" on the same thing
$42k on private education
$180k made back in 3 years

Is this called "acceptance"? I don't think so. This is how America works. It seriously is about "forcing" those of us with immigrant parents into a box of false "social acceptance" and takes away our resources that can be significantly difficult to earn back given the racism. I do understand this from being Japanese-American and having to tolerate the sheer amount of BullSHIT of how "i'm the one whose racist" because white people should have the right to run all the Japanese restaurants in the USA;- though Korea is Japan in their minds. Did anyone notice;- most Japanese restaurants in the USA are Korean owned? Do you know how much bullshit we Japanese get blamed for because of this? Yet everyone likes japanese food? This is about numbers and using anyone and everyone to do damge on minorities like me.
In 2004, after 9-11, you know they announced how many Japanse were outside Japan'- it was near 180000 GLOBALLY. and most people were going to Thailand, I know, because I was in thailand then and there were ALOT of Japanese people there then.

This morning I'm looking at other Kickstarter campaigns since it's a new thing for me since my cellular IP was blocked by AT&T on Oahu from the outside world. Google also rerouted my location to somewhere in California starting 2013 and I was trapped from normal functioning.

While I TOTALLY ignored the reality on Oahu to survive, I made the best of it having a great time with super excellent people.
Having flashbacks to trauma here on the East Coast, my peeps on Oahu have no idea what I endured. Especially as a vegan, nisei, hafu far away from the safety of Hawaii and California Japanese-American communities.

The general attitude I've found from people since I'm so isolated is that they deserve to rip off Asian culture and prosper that's in general. That's aside from the sheer lack of financial support the community offers. That is reality.
Their words are the cheapest psyop out there, flagrantly damaging my life, rarely hearing a compliment amidst the sea of racist and juvenile remarks. Even on interviews, some of their staff find my presence threatening and don't add to a positive environment when I walk in the door. I soon realize the $25 in gas I had to spend was not worth it. Then others attempting to shame me publically with misplaced and inappropriate criticisms. The money spent on my education, private instructors, and anyone else hasn't even been reciprocated by their communities at large. It was effectually a big huge waste. This is aside from the fact that these attitudes didn't improve in the past 20 years. It's only gotten worse.