Tuesday, March 10, 2020

My Toxic Mold Health Recovery (Updated)

Angela M. (“Kikuchi”) Kneale, 
2273 words
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
October 2016


Recovering from Toxic Mold

2020 March update: I, Angela M. Kneale, was last contaminated with toxic mold after Hurricane Darby. However, my symptoms persisted in early 2018. Faced with another Hurricane season, I decided to leave Oahu. Since I left I was able to live without symptoms until the holidays. I believe that I would benefit from one more  3-4 month mold detox on supplements and organic salad. However, East Coast vegan lifestyles and eating habits are not conducive to my complete recovery at this time. In 2019, I balanced the issue well in Ithaca, NY through the spring and summer months. 
Only time will tell at this point. 

The Burden; 2 years and 3 months.

In June 2013 I first was exposed to toxic mold strains that were prolific at my new rental home in Pauoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii. I first had increased allergies and chemical sensitivities within 3 weeks of moving into the house. I was already vegan for 30 years and bound to my ethical diet. So, I went for a couple colonics and a suggested diet change to omit wheat grain; known GMO foods. The allergies subsided slightly, but the chemical sensitivities were regular and unbearable on a daily basis. The mycotoxin poisoning progressed to a rash with hive-like welts covering my back by the late fall/ early winter. By January 2014, I was unable to walk up a single stair by the front door where the Toxic mold grew and covered the walkway outside, under the dripping eve of the roof in the Hawaiian rainforest. Just one step past the slimy stachyobotrys mold-covered walkway and I was overwhelmingly fatigued. Though, at the time I thought it was an extreme case of Homesickness for the East Coast and had forgotten the seriousness of the Toxic Mold presence.

I rarely go to a normal medical doctor because one of my adult piano students, years ago, a national toxicologist by profession, educated me about being mixed-race and how pharmaceuticals test. I happen to have a very high number of  HVR1 mutations which makes me prone to the worst of pharmaceutical side effects before the cure helps.

In November 2013, I was introduced to some Essential Oils company while nursing an overuse knee injury. The distributor had me meet the upline who is a homeopathic nutritionist. I did not contact her until I knew it was from the toxic mold. 

The nutritionist did microscope work and discovered the mold was present in my bloodstream without candida. And, that my foot pain was probably from uric acid buildup from the mycotoxins interfering with my digestive process. I concluded on my own that I had gout from eating fruit. 
Surprisingly, in the spring of 2014, the nutritionist made recommendations without forcing me to change from my long-standing vegan/ water-soluble diet. I was told that I had to cut out all sugar sources including fruit and grain, and any GMO possible foods & grains. I had to eliminate all possible water contamination sources since Hawaii has many mold-contaminated restaurant water systems and; soda hose systems. And the nutritionist gave me a regimen of digestive enzyme supplements, alkalizing minerals, avocados, omega oils, low carb Protein for a nutritional source while attempting to starve the toxic mold from my system. This was to be daily until the toxic mold was less pervasive in my blood sample.

It helped me by allowing me to continue to get through just enough work to make just enough money to continue starving the mold out of my system. I was very fatigued on a regular basis. 

Since my paid work involved physical fitness type labor, I saved all of my energy just to work my shifts. I would collapse frequently after work, sometimes falling asleep where I parked outside of work. Sometimes I made it to another dojo where I stayed, yet shut off the car and passed out in the driver seat. Other times, I was too fatigued to make the 20 min. Drive to the martial arts dojo where I slept on the floor.  The fatigue like this set in much before things became noticeably wrong with me and I went to the homeopathic nutritionist. Except, unlike the initial heightened allergy symptoms which scream that detox is needed, I had thought it was that I didn’t address being depressed with my life situation. 

Daily life changed, and I found it difficult to stay on my special diet to starve the mold while around normal people. I realized that most of the food choices that are offered in regular life are conducive to propagating the Toxic mold already in my bloodstream. I separated myself from most of daily life and socializing, except for my work and attending the spiritual practice dojo.  

II. How did I Come to the Teaching?

I was introduced to the Teachings of Bruno Groening through a vegan worker & Friend at the homeopathic nutritionist’s office in January 2015. That day, I had never before heard of Bruno Groening or the COF. Yet, I gave the vegan Friend a ride to her “meeting” at a church. The Friend invited me to the meeting saying it was difficult to explain. This meeting was the first Community Hour I attended, and I stayed for both the Introduction and Community Hour. We were also most of the people who attended CH that day. I had also been considering giving divine light and did Einstellen to help me decide and learn how to do the healing that month. Even though I didn’t attend another Community Hour for some months, I returned because I had done Einstellen on my own and found it helped me in a more noticeable way than giving Divine light with my Omitama pendant. I practiced divine light giving for several hours a day sometimes. I did not have a regular home at this point, and so I occupied my time with more sedentary activities, like kneeling for hours and raising my hand to give light, while I was still detoxing from the Toxic Mold poisoning.

The healing occurred after I returned to Bruno Groening’s teachings and had discussed with the Community leader that I was deciding to leave my other Diving light giving dojo due to numerous “spiritual” aka interpersonal political issues with other members. The Community Leader encouraged me to do what I felt was best in my heart. In August 2015, I resigned and returned my Omitama to the dojo.  I made more time to do Einstellen and made a daily commitment to do it 15 minutes twice a day. This was much more appealing to me, and I also had less time commitment so I felt I could get my life back to normal with decent housing. Though, I still have not secured normal housing and have been living part-time from Hotel rooms that are expensive in Waikiki, from my vehicle, and with friends.  
I received a mostly clear blood sample review in August 2015. And, comment that my blood cells were near picture-perfect and that I should work on it more since it is rare to have perfect red blood cells. Except for some minor fungal/mold elements finally smaller than a red blood cell, I was better. Though with a warning that the toxic mold would be in my bloodstream for a while if not permanently, and eating carbohydrates and sugars could make it flourish again.
This past year after February 2016.  I had stayed at Sunset Beach to watch Big wave and other surf contests with my surfer friend(s). Even though the surfer community is more understanding of my specific vegan diet, as many people with allergy issues have lived there;-  I ate and drank lightly 1 beer or ½ a beer, ate some grains, beer, noodles dish, or spaghettis and found I was feeling worse with joint pains after 6 weeks of making my special vegan diet part-time, not daily. I returned to a revised diet of salad, fresh coconut, and avocado with my mineral supplement.promptly and happily after the season was over. I was asked to stay and live with my friend, however, there seems to be mold present in the bathroom. And, the dietary needs I must maintain are compromised besides the distance to work is too much for now. 

Regelungen again in June 2016. I was experiencing financial & taste bud fatigue from eating organic raw salad daily, my same supplements & protein powder for 2 years, feeling sick to my stomach eating some coconut oil (I had grown tired of the Omega oils I took in capsule form a while ago and omitted them), and steamed veggies with occasional tofu. I tried the maple syrup cleanse and it had too many sugars in it. I also went through housing regelungen and drinking carrot juice sugars with another Friend unaffected by mold presence. I panicked with the presence of mold and became quite defensive of myself. I went back to living out of my car and renting hotel rooms. Despite my low income, I also signed up for an online mind-work & fitness course $1000 year commitment that incorporates nutrition and obtained a lecture by a nutritional MD on Conference USB in the mail. It gave my diet more definition and I was able to add a couple things and change the order of my existing supplements for better daily performance. I’m happy I did so at the time because the price of the course literally doubled within a week. 

Regelungen again July 2016, suffering joint pain and minor chest pain from not having my alkaline supplements and regular supplements. I was eating vegan grain-based Chia seed puddings in the morning with coconut creme and occasional vegan cakes & scones and it did not work well for my body despite my happy taste buds. But, due to the coursework, I went out and purchased MCT oil to replace the oils I had gotten sick of. A bit disappointed, yet a lot more relieved and solid with why I should remain on my raw vegetable only & supplement diet most of each week. Also, I received a used, nice couch from someone at my storage unit. Bruno mentioned to me that I should take it because I will need some comfort. I don’t have furniture as I have been unable to afford a 3rd replacement for all apartment furniture & piano since I arrived in Hawaii in 2009. It’s as difficult to give away the larger items, as it is to ship it or to make such purchases on an average budget. 
Extreme fatigue regelungen began again on August 16, 2016. Another Friend has mold contamination and has to permanently leave their housing in the hills above the rainforest I lived in. I didn’t go inside at all, yet brought some food from the store for the Friend. Outside, it was windy and rainy and I felt some black crud land in my hair that probably landed off the roof awning. I felt something crawling under my skin from my eyes that felt microscopic and had a small skin lesion by my left eye by the next morning. I was concerned since I woke up congested and was sneezing. And another small lesion developed slightly over my left eyebrow. It appeared to be a red raised mark that is now a brown spot. I used oregano EO for a couple days to kill any parasites besides possible mold.  I went back to an alkaline, hard-core vegan, ketogenic diet immediately.  August 23, 2016, After the re-exposure, I thought I would lap swim and became very tired after only 1/4 lap of 20 yards. I could barely swim 1/4 a lap. I felt all of my muscles tire quickly, at once like a machine freezing solid. I also was too fatigued to work after this re-exposure. I struggled to complete 5 laps. I was forced to go back on my ketogenic diet while contending with my taste bud boredom. Though expensive, I ordered and purchased 3 different flavors of a suitable replacement protein powder as well as backups in case of disaster emergency affecting shipments to the island. It took several weeks for my order to arrive after purchasing what was on the store shelves.  I’m still working to replace the minerals backup stock I need to live.  

Regelungen -
1.  I helped the friend with the Beginnings of how to contend with Toxic Mold on belongings as she is not vegan and has many other health concerns that the toxic mold mycotoxins can exacerbate to fatality. 
2. In July 2016 a national health organization made an announcement that 1.5 million people died with this antibiotic-resistant fungus structure in them exacerbating normal health issues that should not be fatal. The rate of survival is 1 in 3 people and it is more dangerous than any past disease that has affected the human population.
3. I also put much of what I did to survive this on my Journal/blog since I spent many hours answering questions and thinking about my battle against the Toxic Mold, which is not a disease. I am still contending with taste bud boredom or aka flavor fatigue. 
4. I can work again finally, somewhat regularly, and also go to the gym to workout. I also feel more mental clarity and confidence is returning. 

Thanks for this Healing
I give thanks to Source, Bruno, the master healers who have unconditional love for me, and my financial supporters for this healing. 

Biotoxin epidemic

1 in 3 people survives this damaging biotoxin
In July 2016 a national health organization made an announcement that 1.5 million people died with this antibiotic-resistant fungus structure in them affecting normal health issues that should not be fatal.

The rate of survival is 1 in 3 people. Toxic Mold is more dangerous than any past disease that has affected the human population.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Prayer for drinking tea and coffee

Dear God, thank you for the holy tea (today is Organic Tulsi tea with almond milk)
I ask for the water, for the brew that becomes part of my being and my cells.
for the plants that make the herbs and spices, for the air and the sun, moon, and starlight, I ask for the almonds, the trees, for the insects, microorganisms, and minerals in the soil. I ask for the animals as well as the workers who made this drink possible, for the containers, for the sachets, for the packages that made their way to me in this vast garden in which we live.  I am grateful.

Monday, March 02, 2020

USA East Coast SUX

It's pretty crazy that I find myself siding with the UK and Canada in cultural appropriation lately;- but there's a reason for it. It's something that the USA totally uses to push minority women like me back into the financial corner to fall prey to high and low criminals. While I've had to endure the same racist remarks from non-Japanese Asian-Americans because of how it bonds them to Americans for not being part of the Abomb or internment eras.

Here's a number to think about
$250k was spent on my private education
$80k was made back in 3 years on full time hours

A white person with less "private education" on the same thing
$42k on private education
$180k made back in 3 years

Is this called "acceptance"? I don't think so. This is how America works. It seriously is about "forcing" those of us with immigrant parents into a box of false "social acceptance" and takes away our resources that can be significantly difficult to earn back given the racism. I do understand this from being Japanese-American and having to tolerate the sheer amount of BullSHIT of how "i'm the one whose racist" because white people should have the right to run all the Japanese restaurants in the USA;- though Korea is Japan in their minds. Did anyone notice;- most Japanese restaurants in the USA are Korean owned? Do you know how much bullshit we Japanese get blamed for because of this? Yet everyone likes japanese food? This is about numbers and using anyone and everyone to do damge on minorities like me.
In 2004, after 9-11, you know they announced how many Japanse were outside Japan'- it was near 180000 GLOBALLY. and most people were going to Thailand, I know, because I was in thailand then and there were ALOT of Japanese people there then.

This morning I'm looking at other Kickstarter campaigns since it's a new thing for me since my cellular IP was blocked by AT&T on Oahu from the outside world. Google also rerouted my location to somewhere in California starting 2013 and I was trapped from normal functioning.

While I TOTALLY ignored the reality on Oahu to survive, I made the best of it having a great time with super excellent people.
Having flashbacks to trauma here on the East Coast, my peeps on Oahu have no idea what I endured. Especially as a vegan, nisei, hafu far away from the safety of Hawaii and California Japanese-American communities.

The general attitude I've found from people since I'm so isolated is that they deserve to rip off Asian culture and prosper that's in general. That's aside from the sheer lack of financial support the community offers. That is reality.
Their words are the cheapest psyop out there, flagrantly damaging my life, rarely hearing a compliment amidst the sea of racist and juvenile remarks. Even on interviews, some of their staff find my presence threatening and don't add to a positive environment when I walk in the door. I soon realize the $25 in gas I had to spend was not worth it. Then others attempting to shame me publically with misplaced and inappropriate criticisms. The money spent on my education, private instructors, and anyone else hasn't even been reciprocated by their communities at large. It was effectually a big huge waste. This is aside from the fact that these attitudes didn't improve in the past 20 years. It's only gotten worse.