Thursday, February 27, 2020

what happened to Grassroots?

This is a link to my tough life lessons, real reality. I was going to save it for my book everyone's encouraged me to write (on book 3) for the past 23years. However, it just is going into UN communication.
I went through a lot of betrayal from everyone as a grassroots vegan, animal rights and environmental (and now targeted individual) organizer for human rights. 
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Sadly this involved our hometown local planning commission, Helen Caldicott (who I learned from in Missoula before the millennium turn) and perps who locked my late brother in the irradiation Plant chamber on Quakertown, PA and irradiated him alive. nisei in usa

DRAFT by Angela M. Kneale
Additionally, Here in Bucks County, PA they used my father later in life for his role on Richland Township Planning Commission that assisted and approved the building of the Quakertown Cobalt Irradiation Plant by 2004. Sadly, my father allowed others in the community, to call me and my brother terrorists who were going to create WMD by stealing the cobalt. When, infact, the opposite was true. My younger brother who lived with my parents, had secured a job in logistics through a Quakertown temporary agency. The work was at the Irradiation plant. And, one day he was in a great deal of pain. And he showed me his skin peeling off his arms covered by his hoodie. His story was that they were instructed to put everything in the Irradiation plant. However, due to the persecution we endured;- his coworkers locked him in the irradiation chamber. I do not know how many times this happened to him. But I do know that they put him in a great deal of pain. 

On my end, the Intelligence operation they ran with the Irradiation plant was focused on destroying my credibility as an Environmental organizer. The local environmentalists who were against its construction alienated me due to my Father's presence on the planning commission. They went so far as to bring in the Austrailian pediatrician, Dr. Helen Caldicott, with whom I had learned from in Winter 1996 at University of Montana, Missoula and Green Corps. I was not only targeted as a terrorist plotting to create WMD, but my environmental organizing credibility