Monday, February 24, 2020

Vegan shopping clearance

Since I left Oahu, it's been very difficult to keep my normal keto diet which keeps me healthy. Over my lifetime the initial "testing" by the USA on us put me on this water-soluble path. After 4 decades, I'm unable to stay healthy on numerous plant-based foods.
When I've been feeling best is on the correct supplements.
However, My TJ max clearance habit challenge is obscene for me and overrides my normal purchasing. I think It would be better just to have a Trader Joe's in town.

750ml/ 24.5Fl Oz.  Olive Oil - Fruity   Scored for $7
500ml  MCT Coconut oil                      Scored for $9.99
10 oz (283g)  Milled Flax & Chia         Scored for $3.99   ---
4oz (113.4g) Cinnamon Powder            Scored for $2.99   ---
8oz (226.9g) Moringa Powder               Scored for $6.99   ---
18 infusion tea bags- Tulsi tea               Scored for $2.99
10.6oz/ 300g Raw Coconut Butter        Scored for $4.99  (rare size)
Chick pea & Lentil Spirals                    Scored for $3.99 (high carb w/ 27g protein 4 servings)
                                                                               appx $39.00 before tax

1 lb 10.5oz (750g)  Iblea Sea Salt from Italy   Scored for 2.79

Vitamin Shoppe's Buffered C- Complex 80 servings   $9.99
Chelated Coppper