Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Two-Faced Deep State

The Silent Generation is still kicking. And, so are the Boomers. They didn't leave much space for
Generation X who got hit hard with the bubble burst.

  In the 1960's my Silent Generation father was a drug trafficker for the USAF.

Some hints to look for in traffickers: Usually, they prefer cash. It's part of the special operations mainstay abroad - Having Cash and a weapon they can go and do anything. Sadly, my biological father was in this crowd at some point. And, part of his glory days included dropping bails of dope aka Marajuana off C-130's. This was just one of the few trafficking stories I heard from my biological father a veteran USAF Intelligence officer. And, he brought me up understanding that he never wanted to marry my mother and have kids. Several days throughout my childhood, he sat drinking beer and told me he wanted to be a gun runner and a drug trafficker. He told me this repeatedly by the time I was in Kindergarten. It's rather difficult to forget. So, when I put 6 months of research into making a communication to the United Nations;- It was with immense reluctance and the harshness of reality blaring in my face.
When I was a child, I was also given a lesson about counterfeit plates. Apparently, his profession from the USAF graduated him into the DeepState role of assisting CIA operations with stacks of cash. And, with the confirmation from a NASA engineer that either USAF or Feds probably microwaved his brains out due to his status with the Federal Treasury as a former consultant. Since I was a toddler it's left me with a violent and unremorseful menace who now calls the police and elder abuse on me for moving or doing job search online. It's a heinous situation that leaves me without a decent career option. He has a trafficker mindset and doesn't care about any decency for me, and never has. He still just wants cash and to gaslight his way as the Special Operations good guy.
I think I recall a former Navy Seal commander once say;- If you want to be a criminal, join the special forces and go be a criminal in another country.

As I write this blog, he practices gaslighting all of the contents of my posts. And, harasses me at my desk. Yes, a desk that I purchased that he stole after telling police I was a terrorist (I was working on a Master's degree with a Shipping & Enterprise Database project). In any case He and the local government are entirely responsible for destroying my life, with out cause. My father was never the type of person to say he was sorry for anything he did to hurt me physically or otherwise. OVer the years, it included his destruction of my Master's degree I did online in conjunction with my piano studio. He simply wanted cash money from me. He literally has the traffickers mindset. And, knowing that he, his attorney, and those who stalk me will be reading this;- None of them have refrained from damaging my life further. They hunt and stalk me. And, when I don't have money on hand;- they crash into my vehicle to get the insurance check for damages. There is still no end in sight from his working class M.O.