Thursday, February 06, 2020

Retrospect of GenX (pt.1)

I'm one of those Gen X'ers who adopted a more millenial attitude about life in the past decade.
Surviving the Bubble burst and my last friends in music industry who suicided by 2005 like alot of our more balanced and peaceful mentors before the Military industry moved in. I was clinging to my life, as a fresh college graduate at the turn of the Millenium. It only took 4.5 years before my life dream to have my own eco-organizational headquarters was overthrown by the banks profiting a mere 15 million a day per each out of the defense industry war against terror by 2002. Many of my fellow music instructors and rockers fled the USA after they and their ticket holding fans were blacklisted or committed suicide (literally) instead of changing their soul to match the new capitalist path. The banks and defense industry simply found it cost effective to eradicate any peaceful messages being deployed by independent artists. It was, a real struggle to stay alive. Fight or Flee or Suicide. Those were the options. I held my breath through it all. Just looking at my numbers and where I could cut potential losses to insulate myself for the long haul. I had seen the first round of lightworkers and Good workers loose millions in the revelation of the floating economy. And, I was simply happy with a solid $5 bill and no major debt load. Like chickenshit I embraced my humble vegan nature. One day, I was stranded without gas, after spending what was left of my investments to stay alive. I had, barely 62 cents I scraped out from under the car seat. 
I had a morally righteous decade before me of raising earth consciousness instead of joining the silcon valley and day trade crew who helped me float through the 90's. I made some sacrifices of what I found morally and soul wise acceptable to endure from 2009- 2019. And, some of it has me wanting to crawl out of my own skin.