Monday, February 17, 2020

Products for Teeth Whitening

Vegan Keto my Keto-Vbomber Coffee mixes are a staple fueling source, no longer a caffeine habit in any way. However, yesterday, I was just cringing at the coffee stains I could see on my teeth. I haven't been keeping Toothbrush (TB) and paste with me in every place, in the purse, gym bag, car console, extra in the book bag etc.
So, I got into my usual brush the teeth groove and went on a vegan toothpaste purchasing spree.
First, I lucked out with a BOGO sale on Hello brand Charcoal whitening toothpaste and picked up a travel size to keep with me. I still have new OralB regular toothbrushes so, I just add one to keep with me instead of buying the tiny travel TB.

I backed it up with a price score of a lone box of White Glo Diamond Series sitting on the top lucite display at a discount fashion store. It was surrounded by White Glo Charcoal Toothpaste with Orange and Black toothbrushes at a super price of $5.99 for paste with brush. Anyway, without hesitation I snagged the Silvery mirrorized box and kept shopping. After I got home, I brushed my teeth 2x. Once with Charcoal, once with the "Free" White Glo Diamond Series paste, before doing a trial 5min session with the whitening paste and tray. I read the instructions and it says the product is safe enough to do a repeat application for faster results. Happily, the first 5 minutes took the ding out of dingey from my coffee drinking. So, I decided to refill the tray and go a full 15 min. I was content enough for the moment. For me, it was a quick fix like a mall visit for $100 without the added positive talk.
Now comes the rest of the application for over 7 days. I'm on day 2.
The gel and paste;- doesn't sting my tongue or make my gums sensitive. This is super positive. And, I can still drink my coffee and tea without cold or heat sensitivity.
 I made sure the product is vegan. And, it is. So... aside from a future $100+ splurge on Snow teeth whitening. Right now I'm content checking out other products by White Glo.

I'll take pics, but i'm too embarrassed to go out right now. I'm in hiding. So, will see if I post them later. My tooth whitening issues are below -- and, that's aside from having the literally worst dental care in Hawaii for me over 9 years of my life, includes a broken tooth (the oral surgeon broke) and a $7,000 estimate to fix up damages to my teeth. So, I'm still embarassed to do normal things like sing;- especially as a piano instructor and collaborator. Not much I can do. Hawaii dentists are meant for tourists, not residents.
The charcoal, just gets me bummed out when I use my whitening meter of the white toothbrush handle parts. So, I was contemplating a Groupon whitening kit or something similar with a whitening gel. I gave up on pro whitening since my teeth will never get super white.

 At least that's what I've been told because somehow antibiotics affected my bones when I was a baby. I still find this tough to believe since I obviously got a new set of teeth since I was born. But, I also haven't had UV blacklight white teeth either.

Yes, the admiration oozes out when I see literally glowing smiles under the blacklights at clubs. Oooh and ahhhh...usually followed by some reprieve of how that high level whitening isn't healthy for the bones.