Thursday, February 20, 2020

problem I need to solve

Unbeatable Mind Course--; planning a change.... Notes
It took me 2.5years just to be able to leave Oahu. And, in hindsight; I could have done it much sooner if I just had the guts to ditch everything and buy a plane ticket (since I gave away my vehicle anyway).

Instead, I looked for an easy transition and stayed working till 2018. I was however a favorite target of thieves, and had given up on the tired fight of keeping my cash pay from the bar safe until I could bank it. Even then, the tellers and cashier's for cash deposit would frequently miscount each deposit by $20-$120. It was always something. Some of them bending back the bottom bills at the teller and shoving them up sleeves. Others would walk away with the money to count it. This was after I survived the 5hrs till bank Opening time while I hit the beach nearby. 
It took me over 5years to find a bank branch that usually counted and deposited the amount I knew I counted.

One of my goals was to leave the bar scene and just teach piano while working on another degree. However, that is not looking too good since the economy and Japanese and Asian stigma is heightened with the current president. I literally spent the past 1.5yrs recovering from trauma and working mostly through a temporary agency. Nothing to be proud about. The USA isn't giving me any breaks since demolishing and derailing my life after 9/11 because of my international family.
Despite the positives of the Unbeatable Mind course, my life shift isn't working out remotely well.
 I also came to the conclusion summer 2019 that I need to make a United Nations communication or two. So an additional 7+ months of my unpaid time are invested in legal research to write those letters. I've become my "organization" again though this time it's purely self motivated to stay alive.
I don't have resources necessary to survive on my own. And, I'm running into complications affording the diet I need to be healthy. I was able to afford my supplements based diet in Hawaii which is critical to me waking up every day. And, Noone who is a doctor on the East coast even accepts what my world class nutritionist did to save my life. It's that serious to my well being.