Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Part of USA Psychological Torture

This may not be the 1st time I've posted this. However, it's blaring in my mind's eye as another psychological trauma from the United States of America. The USA does not intend to respect me in any terms where Asian business families include their relatives. In fact, the USA understands this relationship and chooses to put my life, my relatives lives abroad, and the rest of Japan in danger of war with China and/or North Korea since 2002. The USA has targeted me, as the remaining survivor of my siblings to cause further distress. I have few if any options in the USA. I do not have viable options for my best life due to USA CIA and Intelligence Community interference.

Realizing that I have now posted some about dream yoga. I want to say that the USA's cultural stigma of my particular Japanese culture and family heritage was geared to destabilize Japan and China war negotiations at a time that was critical for those in my family in Japan. Due to a lack of support from any human rights organizations or other places for me to go for shelter as I was chased and attacked in Pennsylvania;- I had no other choice but to go to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Namgyal Monastery. Because Ithaca, NY was my College town and also a political sanctuary, I returned. The Tibetan government in exile and a Venerable monk assisted me with shelter and a Japanese-American contact for cultural support. Unfortunately for me, it was a short time of comfort after the atrocity of my brother's "suicide" that went uninvestigated by the menacing local police in Quakertown, PA. I should also mention that between his death in 2005 and my time in Ithaca by 2007, I had been abducted, confined, brutally sexually and physically assaulted, stalked, and otherwise terrorized in Buckingham Township, PA. It was the second time I had been abducted and assaulted in Pennsylvania since 2002.

So, Americans understand that for them to force me to the doorstep of Tibet's exiled government in the United States was a political statement. They intended to create upheaval with Japan and China's war negotiations that my Japanese relatives were engaged in at the time. I received a message from a phone call that I had to stay away from the hospitable Tibetans because POTUS Bush was honoring Tibet with Fighting the Chinese. Obviously, this created a nightmare for me and I was soon sleeping in sub zero weather in a field outside of Ithaca, NY.