Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Nisei stretched between USA & Japan security

I'm writing this to help inform the public about what it means that I am writing to the United Nations. This is a reality for me, and I do need help to finish my work especially since my father;- has riled up people to attack me.
He was USAF Intelligence and Jet engine mechanic who was also and Certified by Eastman Kodak in Graphic arts and printing back in the '60s. This means he worked on Operations and printed Classified information before the internet. I can write bout some of it now because he was declassified in 2001. Though, USA perpetrators have been doctoring documents, even my own birth certificate in order to strip me of my identity and life.
Despite having a lot of fun meeting others who are more diverse in Hawaii over the past 10 years. I'm working independently on these international issues of being born in the USA yet being a niece to a top-secret Japanese national security family. So, if anyone is wondering why I am making torture communications to the UN. The USA intel community has caused harm. This isn't EVERYONE who is/was a US government employee;- however, it is MOSTLY those who worked at various levels of USA government including public schools and township planning and police, DHS, all the way to the federal level.
As a targeted Individual of Japanese-American Asian descent;- At&t, Icloud, Itunes, Verizon, and early on in 2000's Tmobile have allowed the USA state actors in security to track, harass, and harm my livelihood, abduct, assault and harass me with threats of harm. I have tried to communicate to UNESCO about this issue since my life also involves other 1st generation Americans with relatives who are foreign nationals non-USA citizenship and our personal safety.
I went through great lengths to keep a record clean to attend the APEC International Summit. However, this means I also live in destitute in the USA due to their laws because of my family relation in Japan infrastructure, a Top secret issue of Japanese National security. The USA flagrantly humiliates me here for being of blood relations and has committed multiple acts of Torture since I was born.
In my case;- this is very serious since many billionaires (who have Nazi-like values) exploited their access to international security and targeted those of us from NON-EUROPEAN nations.