Monday, February 10, 2020

My Bloodcells #MKstArgate with Toxic Mold...2+years of agony end? 12/2016?

Angela Kneale at Comicon Honolulu 2016
Toxic Mold Stachyobotrys Biotoxin under microscope
Photo and blood of Angela M. Kneale 2014 copyright
25 August 2017 from Oahu, Hawaii original post just uploaded 10 February 2020 from Pennsylvania       
                                       Biotoxin - last exposure was possibly 3/1/2017 I had reexposure in August 2016 definately. Another reexposure from a different location in Waikiki 11/2016
1st exposure In June 2013? These photos from Spring 2014 1st time at homeopath.

Photo by Angela M. Kneale
Cluster of dead Red blood cells due to biotoxin with 2 trapped white bloodcells
This causes brain fog, and other issues such as stroke or joint pain.

web of dead red blood cells with trapped white blood cells
damaged by Toxic Mold aka Stachyobotrys under microscope see photo below.
Photo by Angela M. Kneale

Toxic Mold Stachyobactrus in Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale's Bloodstream under microscope 2014