Thursday, February 20, 2020

In 1 day addition disrupted my documents more.

My English isn't good enough for the United States tech world of Apps.
Given the sensitivity of being related to a family that has connections in acctual global security and  Export-Import, Google, Apple, Grammerly, and numerous other bots, apps, FISA surveillance, and applications are essentially destroying my ability to produce the documents I want to produce. Since I am unable to continue my life in this downtrodden and socially wrecked condition, I have to give everyone warning of the USA's continued attacks in light of the Japan-USA security agreement that was renegotiated after the USA eliminated my brother's life by derailing his potential in international business.
Essentially, I'm back to picking up posterboard and writing outlines I have to photograph and post online. This was what I had to do with the electronic warfare on Oahu.
I've gotten to the point where I understand everyone in the USA and at tech companies are snuffing out my life as the last living relation in the USA to my Steel mogul Uncle in Japan.
Aside from being financially decimated by the rough and tumble beer drinking and woman abuser norm of USA (who I try to avoid). It's an impossible feat on my own. The level of frustration is at War time high.