Monday, February 17, 2020

Hypothetical CoV19 scenario

Hypothetical Scenario Underway;
Bio-Engineering lab doing vaccine research weaponized and exploited the ACE2   (ΔACE2 ) enzyme by creating a chimera ACE2 dna sequence drawing from several hypervirulent bio-toxins and viral sources. This ACE2 sequence was tested in a Corona Virus, Malaria, and Toxic Mold Fungus that are all classified as Biological warfare contaminants.  In a miscalculation;- the CoV and Toxic Mold Fungal variations are able to further weaponize by living in symbiotic relationship with their shapeshifting ACE2 and/or ΔACE2 enzymes.
 Hypervirulence and unanticipated evolution of the virus threatens the city and anyone in contact with the virus and the ACE2 chimeric fungal strains. This doesn't exclude natural ACE2 being exploited by either the Virus or the Fungal carrier. The CoV uses the ACE2 of the Fungus to enable aerial travel and prolonged surface life. In its evolutions the CoV becomes predatory, and can lay in wait with the weaponized Fungal biotoxin.  This strain of virus is aerial and has the assistance of

City contaminated with Biological warfare: CoV19 a Deadly virus that appears highly infectious and has camoflaging capabilities;- is capable to be treated with HIV medication.
Methods of Camoflage: Typical - Vaccina Virus used for Vaccine development ie., CoV229E
                                                    - Parasitic Biotoxin that affects body's ability to behave normally;- take the host down quietly, discovery of infection means host system is overwhelmed with virus or the biological warfare method.

Methods of Contamination: - Human to Human
- Mucus & flem

          Aerial and Adhesion to surfaces lending to hypervirulence
        - Secondary Biotoxin - Fungal
        - Natural Fungal/ Mold/ Yeast binding to Ace2 receptor of CoV19

Route of Biological Warfare delivery established from Surveillance algorithms and population behavior. Masking of Biological Warfare delivery method near 100%.
Corona Virus 219E was used in Bats.
Camoflage Vaccina Virus was also used as a delivery method.
Typically, Vaccina Virus is used as a vaccine delivery method.
However, this is not a vaccine.
This is Biological warfare predecessor to CoV19.
Delivery method to camoflage major population outbreak underway.
One way to camoflage the virus to contain suspected hosts.
Later ACE2 receptor connection to biotoxin may provide slow delivery through epidermal necrolysis (of skin) and affect( joints, muscles, lungs, and bones in long term biological warfare damage. Symptoms show from: 1 month to 11 months.

February 22 to August 30 is rainy season, optimal rain for the secondary vehicle after July 24. 28% chance of rain. Ideal conditions for Bleach acid primed rootbed for the secondary biological warfare delivery method  (Fungal Biotoxin) to take hold and proliferate. This method, needed for aerial distribution and adhesion for the CoV19. Potential to extend surface life expectancy of C0V19. Additional viral or biological warfare methods in que unknown. 

Disinfection methods may eliminate a significant amount of the currently circulating CoV19
However, the disinfection method enables the secondary biotoxin to proliferate the area.
This renders the entire area susceptible to long term effects of primary biological warfare.
Secondary (technically a 3rd) biological warfare attack may take hold after surviving CoV19 hosts have become inundated with the fungal biotoxin, the secondary biotoxin and aerial delivery. It is however, altered by the Chlorine spraying and is additionally weaponized with chlorine molecules;- longterm tumors will develop from continued consumption of acid and sugar converting foods.