Thursday, February 20, 2020

Training Seal style as a woman

 Rare Hawaiian Monk Seal near my home. 
In my long life in the USA as a solo freelancer with international aspirations, I've taken 2 years of my life and trained with 2 different Acclaimed Navy Seal trainers.  One is infamous Coach Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Course. The other, a private Navy Seal trainer (who may have coached Mark Divine???) who teaches out of several MMA dojos in Hawaii, California, and Texas.

Cost Comparison;- Definitely for the average business person and to share;
I found Unbeatable Mind is a bargain near $1200 upfront by 1st Q of the program in $349.00 installments and is geared towards building up overall fitness and injury or
overuse maintenance. Place to walk and do cardio, Yoga mat, kettlebell, I picked up a cheap remote outdoor speaker to do yoga without earbuds in Hawaii's tropical heat, and I splurged on an Unbeatable Mind coffee cup. No extra stuff afterwards (unless I really wanted to add it;- ie., Creatine reccomended in the Nutritionist module that I stacked in my morning ritual),
No extra injuries, yet lonely and peaceable, while flexible and a break from the divas.  Just a really straightforward class to go with my internet phone plan or USB on a tablet.  Not only is it easy to take along to do by the beach park as fun training, but it is also scalable. There's even a nice nutrition guide for those too embarrassed to go to a nutritionist to do on their own. However, I'm vegan and the nutrition portion "lightened up" my routine too much, and I learned a couple things to adjust my Keto-Vegan supplement stacking to feel better. Even though I kept a gym membership while I did the course, The gym was mostly for machine cardio to use the helix, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and showering.

This was me in between regular training.
Downtime after the Private Trainer

Still fairly fit and going to the gym and after the Vegan-Keto switch I made with my own nutritionist due to Toxic Mold. However, I could only do cardio for 20-30 min max as a workout and I'd drop in an occasional hot yoga class.

The other personal trainer with a small class size;
Me in my mid 30's , on the far left.
I'm definitely not Navy Seal sized.
$365 upfront fee to T training and $200-$250/monthly membership fee with a physical dojo and trainer. (7 months till my 1st diploma was appx. $1765 with a lot of unexpected extra financial expenditure for the dojo). Training time was 3-5 times a week. And, I had to change my entire life (which I was willing to do for 2 months - sadly due to DeepState issues out of my control, I was stuck in Hawaii -- allegedly for my own personal safety). However, the urgency of sticking with training came into play. And, my classmates were REAL military with combat experience. It was not a nice environment to learn in. The rough talk was enough to push me to the edge by the end of the third month. However, others reminded me that it's the real reality of the REAL world. It's not as soothing as the Unbeatable mind presentation. And, as a civilian female, every single skill I learned was questioned since I had ZERO warfare combat experience.

 The other issue I wasn't ready to cope with, was kicking down non-vegan pizza (being offered a piece of crust to share), other food, and gas money for the guys, aside from other martial arts related items, etc. Basically, it became life in between sleeping and hitting the club to make much-needed cash. Nothing was left. It was life. I spent up to 50hrs a week at the dojo or training and supported everyone as the lowly petite civilian female peaceful piano instructor who really wasn't welcomed in there despite instructor interventions. It didn't prevent the guys from lashing out at me either.  And, real EXTRA fees of recovering from injury, chiropractic adjustments, trips to other dojos and ingredients for secret djao recipes from full-on hits and just sheer overuse came into play. So, luckily, this trainer was also skilled with several healing modalities as a professional sports trainer and international paramedic.  When I initially totaled the receipts - food expenses alone came to about $3000 for them in 2-3 months. All other supported acts of kindness were in $20-$80 out of the blue increments. So, it does become a lifestyle and an expensive one. Just keep in mind, I brought my own gi, my dingy white belt, and a duffel bag to Oahu.  I got regular training and some self-confidence building of showing up even if I was dragged out of bed or my tired body was dumped at the room I rented,  Total:  1 yellow belt, 1 orange belt after 7 months. My Krav 1 diploma came a year or later. Little kids in dojos across the world will laugh at me for my 2 belts forever. I get the difference. They say this stuff should help me somewhere along the way. Yet, I'm missing something a bit less uncertain in training.