Thursday, February 06, 2020

Format for UN Communication

Though  not a formality expected by the United Nations Treaty Bodies of external offices, it is a process that may ease the documentation process of critical communications. The treaty bodies do make short forms available at their Treaty web pages occasionally. The forms can be used in open office or other word processing programs.

The United Nations Correspondence Manual  at:  is for English language correspondence
Page 14  for Letters
Pages 23-25  for Electronic communications
Pages 29, 30, 38, 40, 41 of the Annex for more specific style guidelines 

Bond Paper size: 8.5x11
Envelope size:  No. 10
Font:  11pt Courier New,  or 10-14pt Courier New or Times New Roman -  leave space for possible garbled fax/ facsimile interpretation

Paragraph Line Spacing:  1.5

  • Allow more space between headings, address, and between paragraphs.
Numbering:  1st page not numbered.  Begin header on page 2 to end.   "  -2-  "  format at .05  top page margin and followed by 3 lines of spacing.

Date format:  1 January 2020
Reference Number:  Beneath the date indicate the year at end of office/author initials ie.,  AMK/1-20
Confidentiality: At Left Text Margin write  "Personal and confidential"  if necessary.

Use appropriate address at List of Staff of the United Nations Secretariat.
"Dear Sir (s)"  or  "Dear Madam (Mesdames)"

Opening paragraph line (optional as formal letter pg 23-25):  "I have the honour to...." , " I am grateful to..."

Closure Standing paragraph: Please accept, Excellency (Sir, Madam etc.,) the assurances of my highest consideration."