Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Facial Scrub for Face Yoga

premixed masks (in packet or tube)
Moisturizing:  Body Shop British Rose
Daily Exfoliant: Freeman feelingbeautiful Cleansing Apple cider vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub
After makeup and workouts: Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal mud pack

I stopped to get toothpaste the other day and paroozed the discount bin near the register.
So, since my Clarisonic went m.i.a. with a phone I had in Upstate, NY, I've been out of my usual exfoliating treatment for a while. It's really tough to fight aging now that I'm in my 40's and everyone still looks at me strange because they wish I were a 20 year old. Sadly, the white genetics in my Hapa mix aren't working in my favor at my age. Even as a still photo extra in makeup on Hawaii 5-0 I got the lecture about the eyebagssetting in. (see photo in same color-pop outfit I used for stills)
My work done- due to the eyebags see above.
Surgery not recommended due to "a lot of mess-ups" the Industry has seen. 
No amount of Vitamin C flush or Saltwaterflushes are working. The Beautiful Hawaii Hapa girls at the Club bars tell me what makeup solutions their moms use. And, yet, I still don't look as old as my white counterparts.

There was this mask... now fully finished that I used gently for 3 scrubs.
It's a Freeman feelingbeautiful Cleansing apple cider vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub.
I applied 1/2 of it the first time and let it dry. It has a color like calamine lotion when it's dry. And, it's super viscous when I go to wash it off.  So the last 1/2 I split into two thin applications. And, it says that it's for daily use too. Remembering that most face yoga and stretches require about 50 strokes in each direction, I upped it to 75 with this scrub at each part of my face. Keeping in mind that it takes about a minute for the old face brush to go over my face and clean up makeup. I'm trading off for the traditional self-care face wash moves with actual pressure from my hands.
On the third wash, my skin feels extremely smooth.
So this is a surprising addition I'll definitely pick up again to pack in my bag.