Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Dream Yoga Intro

In 2014, I formally am grateful to have received rare readings of the Bardo scrolls and teachings in Tibetan Buddhist dream yoga.
Part of the natural state of human mind in modern humanity approaches meditative practices with harsh judgement. And, that needs to be left behind in entirety. For those religious or serious meditative practitioners for mind states. Judgement must be left behind.

To approach and achieve a healthy practice in dream yoga with ease is a gift for the mental states to accept void, hold a dream, projection of spiritual resilience with centered and peaceful objectivity and/or interaction.  For those who are curious in the practice, clearing one's mind of judgement is a daily ritual to uplifting spiritual frequency. To develop a more focused practice than a normal mindfulness maintenance meditation is a goal to engage in dream yoga.

For this ease, the modern beginning practitioner in Dream yoga can expect to devote 1.5 to 3 months in cultivating the mind to practice dream yoga with an active mind. For some, making an easy transition to the practice takes 12 hours or half a day. Sleeping, can be used later as a transition for some dream yoga practice. It has been reported that some monks are able to acheive good practice for  visual dream yoga within 36 hours or half a day.   

Some physical instruments to assist to develop dream yoga:
Regular pen and paper - to practice writing 
Red pen
White pen
1-2 pieces of a Colored Paper