Saturday, February 15, 2020


Nara's record holding Tōdai-ji Daibutsuden 
 holds the Daibutsu or Big Buddha - the ancient Daibutsu was commissioned by Emperor Shomu in 701-752 AD. 
 Many Buddha and Buddhist statues are also housed here in Nara.  
 Photo by Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale
100.7874 inches is the length of the palm. The pinky finger shown here is 42.519inches long.

The Sika Temple (deer) here are fairly friendly.  However, they also are usually looking for food which can be purchased at a nearby vendor. This one was trying to hustle me for food by resting her head on my purse and on my leg, while checking out my empty coffee cup. 

While most of the United States is celebrating New Year's with drinking and partying to count down;- Many Asian families spend the time together for the Holiday. There are shrines set up for New Year's blessings at temples, businesses, theaters where regular passerby's can pray, light incense, and leave positive blessings. It is may be interpreted to open community prayer for the New Year.
New Year's Eve in Osaka, Japan
One of several Shrine's and Temples I visited
Photo by: Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale