Monday, February 17, 2020

Biological Warfare Scenario in plain english

In simple terms;

The concept I'm attempting to express here is;-
That a biological warfare weaponized virus is not hypervirulent without a secondary mode of transport. Wild Fungus and molds are those fungus and molds that normally travel through any office home or natural outdoors environment. These wild and common organisms all have ACE2 receptors.
Unless the Virus adapted its Ace2 receptor to attach to these molds and fungus for aerial transport and adhesion;- it seems a secondary weaponized biotoxin with a chimera ACE2 receptor may be a controlled phase of the biological warfare modality.

All of this is can be timed and controlled by means of total surveillance state. And, outbreaks are difficult to trace to a time when the weaponized strain is planted. Due to tracking and typical daily algorithms, the secondary biotoxin with Chimera ACE2 can be sprayed or planted in the ecosystem for increased outbreak and virulence. Additional factors due to differences in the viral form of bio-toxin and the fungal form of biotoxin mean that aside from fumigating a city with mustard gas;- either one or the other weaponized biotoxin will survive. Since most natural inclination is to stop the more threatening virus, the chlorine and disinfectant is used to eradicate it in most areas. However, the disinfectant to eradicate the virus, the 1st biotoxin;- establishes a prime breeding ground for the secondary biotoxin fungal mold.

Due to timing of the area's rainy season, of course this is the expected reaction. And, rain makes it an additionally rich environment to grow the secondary biotoxin that just got the go ahead to breed. Within sixteen days of the rain at regular intervals, the biotoxic fungal form is coating sidewalks, brick, concrete and other surfaces. And, some of the original CoV virus is making its way back out into the public domain from undisclosed sources. This will be a very fast and furious round three of biological warfare for the city. And,  only 2 months into the first outbreak, the death toll is relatively low BEFORE the rainy season that will drive people indoors with contaminated shoes.
The rainy season will last the next 6 months. And, those in quarantine risk reexposure.

The ACE2 receptors that the CoV uses to break into human cells and infect the host are compatible with ACE2 enzymes that are Genetically manipulated weaponized versions in the Fungal Biotoxin.
The two weaponized biotoxins are living in symbyosis and evolving rapidly in the uncontrolled environment. The Genetically weaponized fungal ACE2 enables the CoV to use the weaponized fungus to 1. travel by air 2. Increase surface lifespan 3. Travel into humans through increased adhesion by the fungus 4. live outside a human host in a Biotixic fungal environment.