Friday, February 14, 2020

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 3

Practicing Bardo Dream Yoga techniques require complete independence. Note about occultic elements and angels:

Many Americans and Europeans practice elements of occult spirituality. Some of these devices and techniques are not necessarily a full religion of themselves. However, they are  Common examples of channelling. And, as a recipient who connects to source and receives light;- it is important for the initiate to give up these other methods of channelling and rituals that go by many names from many ancient cultures.

1. Tarot Cards and normal playing cards that are derived from the Tarot.
2. Runes
3. I- Ching

I have assisted others throughout my life to detach from these occult elements. And, I prefer the fire method.

Connection to source also includes giving up calling upon Angels and Arch Angels as well as other entities for assistance. Bardo dream yoga work is in its essence, is intended to be independent and unaided. Unaided is the key part of Bardo dream yoga work. There is no duality in this realm, no assistance for mindstates and emotions. And, anything that is brought into existence in the Bardo is set in motion like a lost object in space. The point of doing the dream yoga practice is to prepare one's soul for the 49 days of transition in the Bardo where any level of imaginable disaster or threat can be encountered.

This is part of the preparation to purify one's soul with receiving light and connection to source during the time one practices the Bardo dream yoga.