Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bardo Dream Yoga preparation 2

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 2
by Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale

This is a continuation of the previous introductory matters to Tibetan Buddhist Bardo dream yoga transmissions. I am not teaching dream yoga. This is intended to aid the beginner on the path and make preparations for Bardo dream yoga practice.

To Achieve state of relaxation - Where must you be?
Define - Dream like quality
Terminology:  Dorche Chang, Samsara, Dharma, Tikle, Seed letters, Hang, Hum/Hung, Om

Achieving  a State of Peace

  • Preparation may take 1 year or more
  • Purify the Soul - Mantra, Receive Light / Johrei aka receiving Okiyome --, Connect to Source
  • Purify the mind of mental afflictions
  • Purify emotional state 
    • To be free of anger/hell and Purify the body of toxins  
It is necessary to achieve a peaceful state of bliss and freedom during Bardo dream yoga practice. The emotional state of anger is scientifically proven to create toxins in an angry person to make their human blood toxic enough to render 75 people dead. It is a very low frequency of the lower realms. To cultivate a blissful state for Bardo dream yoga meditation is to eliminate hell states of emotion. This must be cultivated from actual changes in behavior including; speech, diet, reaction, interaction, internalization of dream and material world states.

Additionally, Western science is now proving that a change in diet shows that microorganisms in the human body also change. Those who have a compassionate plant based or vegan diet can achieve a more positive and blissful mindstate. Modern research is proving that mental states are directly connected to the bacteria in the digestive system. And, some choose to cultivate spiritual resilience through dedication to this type of nourishment, as well as keeping the body systems balanced with alkaline plant based nutrition and healthful mineralized water.