Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bardo Dream Yoga preparation 1

Below are 2 preparatory measures that are expressed in the Bardo dream yoga teachings. Due to stories about some people having intensely disruptive spiritual experiences linked to Tibetan Buddhist meditation I decided to post this portion about Bardo dream yoga.

I am not teaching the dream yoga, and for those who question my incarnation this lifetime and judge the cultural appropriateness (since the USA has deliberately tried to disconnect me from my family overseas)  my posting this:
My ancient DNA is applicable from Sakha/Yakutia, part Buddha from Northern China,  Japanese, and part J. Ainu. The ancient  cultures from which modern "marketed Johrei" evolved. I decided to leave formality of  Johrei Okiyome organization due to practices of modern "marketed johrei" connected to JKK due to the my sensitivity to the presence of Chinese Dao wizardry that seems to be intertwined with JKK origins. There are in other words, too many politics for me to be involved with having few modern places to afford practice of giving divine light and be recognized or certificated. The USA Intel has especially, marginalized me and my family due to knowledge of our ancestry in Asia and Japan.

 I am naturally sensitive to light matters, some entities, and perceptions already. And, find that the modern USA attracts occultic rituals with spiritual impedance to my personal practice of Dharma.

     And am posting these pages to give those who strive to learn some basic direction. This is meant to aid preparation for Bardo dream yoga and appropriate arrangements to include these preparations should be made. I am not writing this for the experienced practitioner, who obviously are already adept with Buddhist meditation practices. Since the West and America has much intrigue in mind states, I have not seen these important preparations offered in the conversation about those who are interested in learning dream yoga.

Buddhists can prepare for passing from this life to the next from Bardo dream yoga teachings. It is in this mental state of being that one is able to peacefully exit the physical plane of existence and transition to the Bardo. The Bardo is a part of the death and reincarnation process. Initial Preparation includes Dorche Chang/Vajradhara:
                1. Receiving Light/ Johrei /  - from someone who does Okiyome (higher level than Reiki)
                2. Connecting to Source

My own experiences linked to Tibetan meditation and prayer humbled me to be grounded to this Earth realm. I prefer to do BOTH receiving divine light daily and connecting to source in order to practice Bardo dream yoga.

Receiving Light as preparation: 
Buddhist monasteries and temples usually have a light giver many days of the week. The Venerable monk, priest, priestess is able to bless objects and help clear negative energies and entities. This is at a level of light giving that is higher than reiki masters. Usually one can visit a temple during light giving hours. Receiving light blessing daily is easier for those who live in areas where there are many Buddhist temples and monasteries. And, is usually free, though to bring a donation is customary. Sometimes, someone is available at Krishna Temples to do this for someone exploring the Bardo dream yoga.  This may be difficult for practitioners in the United States and other areas where there are very few temples and monasteries. It is an important part before initiating the visualization practice techniques of the Bardo dream yoga.

On my own journey to do dream yoga, I received and gave this type of light for many hours each day for several months. Meaning, I was a practitioner initiated in giving Okiyome (in Japanese language). This is not the same as reiki. Giving Okiyome is a  sacred divine light giving practice is such that we can bless or give light to objects, rooms, places, water, plants, food at temples, and other practitioners and people with their permission or consent.

This type of spiritual energy work takes devoted practice. And is one step along the way to the Bardo Dream Yoga.

Connecting to Source as preparation: 

Being initiated in Okiyome, is an indirect way to connect to source. And, it is technically a non-denominational practice where I have met Buddhists, Christian pastors, Krishna meditators, and others who give divine light.. Thus, I chose to be initiated into giving and receiving Okiyome.  However, there are others who choose to connect to source directly, or indirectly with confidence before entering the spiritual planes of the Bardo dream yoga practice.
There are other ways to connect to source through meditation after receiving light.