Friday, February 28, 2020

Art & Music today

Art & music is this really strange thing to me today;- It's like everything I do is "wrong" due to the mainstream opinion of new Art & music teachers, kids, and capitalism that has overridden the educational and performance markets.

When I look back on my life, my first days in the world of color and sound;- I was totally free to sing my own songs from the limited words I knew as a toddler.  My color theory as far back as I can remember was structured from films/gels that my dad taught me from his certification by Eastman Kodak. My dad had an independent graphic arts print shop until my mom had cancer.  He went on to become one of the best in the printing industry by the 90's and I was effectively banned and forbidden to participate in Graphic Arts as a career. This was due to his ATS clearance and printing publications for NASA and other government houses. Though, by kindergarten in 1980 one of my favorite presents that I was super excited about, was my own Pantone color swatch stack from the print shop. I was totally excited to have every single color to view despite the limitations crayons held as I went through reams of poster weight glossy paper cutoff/end.  Effectively"trash" from his print shop that I reused as coloring scrap. I reused everything he brought home, boxes of reams of paper ends until they started making notepads out of the excess waste paper. He would come home and announce, "I brought you another box of paper!" And, it was my main activity with crayons in hand every day. I tried touching the piano once, but because I had mustard on my hands I stained the keys and was not permitted to touch it until I had "lessons". Though I would sneak to the keyboard and quietly play when I could. That was long ago in the late 70's and early '80s by the time I was in kindergarten.

The boxes of poster grade glossy printer paper ends were my "task" to complete. So where I had begun by filling in large areas of the paper with solid color was failing to keep up with the supply of paper;- I learned to put one or two strategic squiggles of my crayon mark. That became my new, and not entertained by dad, the measure of having "filled in the paper". "Not until you're done with the box of paper" was usually the marker for my being able to do something fun or have a toy. Some artists I met later in my life said that they would have killed to have paper. I found it to be a punishment as it became a wall to the accessing other activities I could only dream about. In hindsight, I think my parents were tight on money as we had a VW Beetle back then that they shared.
I grew up with less of everything than my little brother except, paper. And, he had his share of paper with watercolors minus the 3 years I had ahead of him.

Then I grew up and learned to function within the judgment of everyone else. It took me until I was in college to realize it was sheer discrimination of "Artistic and Musical" experts who attended school. I functioned better in the Art department than in a constrained, segmented, and racist Music college. As a classical pianist at the school, I was told not to "hang out with" my Jazzer friend who was the only non-white & mixed-race mulado in the Jazz department. We literally walked into the school, made it known we were alive, and then proceeded to walk out the door past the professors smoking cigarettes. It was how we survived the sometimes brutal mental drowning of European dominance of the sound spectrum. I too was mixed race Amer/Eur-Asian and didn't fit into the Classical crowd then. Somehow got pulled into the vortex of going to the gym, oil painting and doing computer animation just before the first G3 came onto the market.

As a paid figure model, I learned more about how different artists think. And, I began to see the world being beautiful and inclusive behind closed doors during the 90's. In Manhattan at a modern steel sculptor's basement workshop when the collective group occasionally painted together as a form of entertainment or bonding.

I was never hailed as a great musician or artist, and I think the offset was always that I didn't fit in anywhere on the East Coast. Others in organic form acknowledged me and told me when they were going to use my ideas, my work, and essentially leeched off of my creative energies. This isn't my students, this is my colleagues and how the American industries work. They called it "Making my life story" which is now manifested into several communications of violations of my human rights to the United Nations bodies. Something, I may never hear a reply about, yet my only and last option.
Both art and music is a free-flowing conversation that has not been profitable for me in a monetary sense. That is largely due to the number of self-preservation measures I need to implement for my positive well being.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

what happened to Grassroots?

This is a link to my tough life lessons, real reality. I was going to save it for my book everyone's encouraged me to write (on book 3) for the past 23years. However, it just is going into UN communication.
I went through a lot of betrayal from everyone as a grassroots vegan, animal rights and environmental (and now targeted individual) organizer for human rights. 
If the link doesn't work;- email me  or Twitter @sproutfuel
Sadly this involved our hometown local planning commission, Helen Caldicott (who I learned from in Missoula before the millennium turn) and perps who locked my late brother in the irradiation Plant chamber on Quakertown, PA and irradiated him alive. nisei in usa

DRAFT by Angela M. Kneale
Additionally, Here in Bucks County, PA they used my father later in life for his role on Richland Township Planning Commission that assisted and approved the building of the Quakertown Cobalt Irradiation Plant by 2004. Sadly, my father allowed others in the community, to call me and my brother terrorists who were going to create WMD by stealing the cobalt. When, infact, the opposite was true. My younger brother who lived with my parents, had secured a job in logistics through a Quakertown temporary agency. The work was at the Irradiation plant. And, one day he was in a great deal of pain. And he showed me his skin peeling off his arms covered by his hoodie. His story was that they were instructed to put everything in the Irradiation plant. However, due to the persecution we endured;- his coworkers locked him in the irradiation chamber. I do not know how many times this happened to him. But I do know that they put him in a great deal of pain. 

On my end, the Intelligence operation they ran with the Irradiation plant was focused on destroying my credibility as an Environmental organizer. The local environmentalists who were against its construction alienated me due to my Father's presence on the planning commission. They went so far as to bring in the Austrailian pediatrician, Dr. Helen Caldicott, with whom I had learned from in Winter 1996 at University of Montana, Missoula and Green Corps. I was not only targeted as a terrorist plotting to create WMD, but my environmental organizing credibility

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Nisei stretched between USA & Japan security

I'm writing this to help inform the public about what it means that I am writing to the United Nations. This is a reality for me, and I do need help to finish my work especially since my father;- has riled up people to attack me.
He was USAF Intelligence and Jet engine mechanic who was also and Certified by Eastman Kodak in Graphic arts and printing back in the '60s. This means he worked on Operations and printed Classified information before the internet. I can write bout some of it now because he was declassified in 2001. Though, USA perpetrators have been doctoring documents, even my own birth certificate in order to strip me of my identity and life.
Despite having a lot of fun meeting others who are more diverse in Hawaii over the past 10 years. I'm working independently on these international issues of being born in the USA yet being a niece to a top-secret Japanese national security family. So, if anyone is wondering why I am making torture communications to the UN. The USA intel community has caused harm. This isn't EVERYONE who is/was a US government employee;- however, it is MOSTLY those who worked at various levels of USA government including public schools and township planning and police, DHS, all the way to the federal level.
As a targeted Individual of Japanese-American Asian descent;- At&t, Icloud, Itunes, Verizon, and early on in 2000's Tmobile have allowed the USA state actors in security to track, harass, and harm my livelihood, abduct, assault and harass me with threats of harm. I have tried to communicate to UNESCO about this issue since my life also involves other 1st generation Americans with relatives who are foreign nationals non-USA citizenship and our personal safety.
I went through great lengths to keep a record clean to attend the APEC International Summit. However, this means I also live in destitute in the USA due to their laws because of my family relation in Japan infrastructure, a Top secret issue of Japanese National security. The USA flagrantly humiliates me here for being of blood relations and has committed multiple acts of Torture since I was born.
In my case;- this is very serious since many billionaires (who have Nazi-like values) exploited their access to international security and targeted those of us from NON-EUROPEAN nations.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Vegan shopping clearance

Since I left Oahu, it's been very difficult to keep my normal keto diet which keeps me healthy. Over my lifetime the initial "testing" by the USA on us put me on this water-soluble path. After 4 decades, I'm unable to stay healthy on numerous plant-based foods.
When I've been feeling best is on the correct supplements.
However, My TJ max clearance habit challenge is obscene for me and overrides my normal purchasing. I think It would be better just to have a Trader Joe's in town.

750ml/ 24.5Fl Oz.  Olive Oil - Fruity   Scored for $7
500ml  MCT Coconut oil                      Scored for $9.99
10 oz (283g)  Milled Flax & Chia         Scored for $3.99   ---
4oz (113.4g) Cinnamon Powder            Scored for $2.99   ---
8oz (226.9g) Moringa Powder               Scored for $6.99   ---
18 infusion tea bags- Tulsi tea               Scored for $2.99
10.6oz/ 300g Raw Coconut Butter        Scored for $4.99  (rare size)
Chick pea & Lentil Spirals                    Scored for $3.99 (high carb w/ 27g protein 4 servings)
                                                                               appx $39.00 before tax

1 lb 10.5oz (750g)  Iblea Sea Salt from Italy   Scored for 2.79

Vitamin Shoppe's Buffered C- Complex 80 servings   $9.99
Chelated Coppper

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Training Seal style as a woman

 Rare Hawaiian Monk Seal near my home. 
In my long life in the USA as a solo freelancer with international aspirations, I've taken 2 years of my life and trained with 2 different Acclaimed Navy Seal trainers.  One is infamous Coach Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Course. The other, a private Navy Seal trainer (who may have coached Mark Divine???) who teaches out of several MMA dojos in Hawaii, California, and Texas.

Cost Comparison;- Definitely for the average business person and to share;
I found Unbeatable Mind is a bargain near $1200 upfront by 1st Q of the program in $349.00 installments and is geared towards building up overall fitness and injury or
overuse maintenance. Place to walk and do cardio, Yoga mat, kettlebell, I picked up a cheap remote outdoor speaker to do yoga without earbuds in Hawaii's tropical heat, and I splurged on an Unbeatable Mind coffee cup. No extra stuff afterwards (unless I really wanted to add it;- ie., Creatine reccomended in the Nutritionist module that I stacked in my morning ritual),
No extra injuries, yet lonely and peaceable, while flexible and a break from the divas.  Just a really straightforward class to go with my internet phone plan or USB on a tablet.  Not only is it easy to take along to do by the beach park as fun training, but it is also scalable. There's even a nice nutrition guide for those too embarrassed to go to a nutritionist to do on their own. However, I'm vegan and the nutrition portion "lightened up" my routine too much, and I learned a couple things to adjust my Keto-Vegan supplement stacking to feel better. Even though I kept a gym membership while I did the course, The gym was mostly for machine cardio to use the helix, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and showering.

This was me in between regular training.
Downtime after the Private Trainer

Still fairly fit and going to the gym and after the Vegan-Keto switch I made with my own nutritionist due to Toxic Mold. However, I could only do cardio for 20-30 min max as a workout and I'd drop in an occasional hot yoga class.

The other personal trainer with a small class size;
Me in my mid 30's , on the far left.
I'm definitely not Navy Seal sized.
$365 upfront fee to T training and $200-$250/monthly membership fee with a physical dojo and trainer. (7 months till my 1st diploma was appx. $1765 with a lot of unexpected extra financial expenditure for the dojo). Training time was 3-5 times a week. And, I had to change my entire life (which I was willing to do for 2 months - sadly due to DeepState issues out of my control, I was stuck in Hawaii -- allegedly for my own personal safety). However, the urgency of sticking with training came into play. And, my classmates were REAL military with combat experience. It was not a nice environment to learn in. The rough talk was enough to push me to the edge by the end of the third month. However, others reminded me that it's the real reality of the REAL world. It's not as soothing as the Unbeatable mind presentation. And, as a civilian female, every single skill I learned was questioned since I had ZERO warfare combat experience.

 The other issue I wasn't ready to cope with, was kicking down non-vegan pizza (being offered a piece of crust to share), other food, and gas money for the guys, aside from other martial arts related items, etc. Basically, it became life in between sleeping and hitting the club to make much-needed cash. Nothing was left. It was life. I spent up to 50hrs a week at the dojo or training and supported everyone as the lowly petite civilian female peaceful piano instructor who really wasn't welcomed in there despite instructor interventions. It didn't prevent the guys from lashing out at me either.  And, real EXTRA fees of recovering from injury, chiropractic adjustments, trips to other dojos and ingredients for secret djao recipes from full-on hits and just sheer overuse came into play. So, luckily, this trainer was also skilled with several healing modalities as a professional sports trainer and international paramedic.  When I initially totaled the receipts - food expenses alone came to about $3000 for them in 2-3 months. All other supported acts of kindness were in $20-$80 out of the blue increments. So, it does become a lifestyle and an expensive one. Just keep in mind, I brought my own gi, my dingy white belt, and a duffel bag to Oahu.  I got regular training and some self-confidence building of showing up even if I was dragged out of bed or my tired body was dumped at the room I rented,  Total:  1 yellow belt, 1 orange belt after 7 months. My Krav 1 diploma came a year or later. Little kids in dojos across the world will laugh at me for my 2 belts forever. I get the difference. They say this stuff should help me somewhere along the way. Yet, I'm missing something a bit less uncertain in training.

In 1 day addition disrupted my documents more.

My English isn't good enough for the United States tech world of Apps.
Given the sensitivity of being related to a family that has connections in acctual global security and  Export-Import, Google, Apple, Grammerly, and numerous other bots, apps, FISA surveillance, and applications are essentially destroying my ability to produce the documents I want to produce. Since I am unable to continue my life in this downtrodden and socially wrecked condition, I have to give everyone warning of the USA's continued attacks in light of the Japan-USA security agreement that was renegotiated after the USA eliminated my brother's life by derailing his potential in international business.
Essentially, I'm back to picking up posterboard and writing outlines I have to photograph and post online. This was what I had to do with the electronic warfare on Oahu.
I've gotten to the point where I understand everyone in the USA and at tech companies are snuffing out my life as the last living relation in the USA to my Steel mogul Uncle in Japan.
Aside from being financially decimated by the rough and tumble beer drinking and woman abuser norm of USA (who I try to avoid). It's an impossible feat on my own. The level of frustration is at War time high.

problem I need to solve

Unbeatable Mind Course--; planning a change.... Notes
It took me 2.5years just to be able to leave Oahu. And, in hindsight; I could have done it much sooner if I just had the guts to ditch everything and buy a plane ticket (since I gave away my vehicle anyway).

Instead, I looked for an easy transition and stayed working till 2018. I was however a favorite target of thieves, and had given up on the tired fight of keeping my cash pay from the bar safe until I could bank it. Even then, the tellers and cashier's for cash deposit would frequently miscount each deposit by $20-$120. It was always something. Some of them bending back the bottom bills at the teller and shoving them up sleeves. Others would walk away with the money to count it. This was after I survived the 5hrs till bank Opening time while I hit the beach nearby. 
It took me over 5years to find a bank branch that usually counted and deposited the amount I knew I counted.

One of my goals was to leave the bar scene and just teach piano while working on another degree. However, that is not looking too good since the economy and Japanese and Asian stigma is heightened with the current president. I literally spent the past 1.5yrs recovering from trauma and working mostly through a temporary agency. Nothing to be proud about. The USA isn't giving me any breaks since demolishing and derailing my life after 9/11 because of my international family.
Despite the positives of the Unbeatable Mind course, my life shift isn't working out remotely well.
 I also came to the conclusion summer 2019 that I need to make a United Nations communication or two. So an additional 7+ months of my unpaid time are invested in legal research to write those letters. I've become my "organization" again though this time it's purely self motivated to stay alive.
I don't have resources necessary to survive on my own. And, I'm running into complications affording the diet I need to be healthy. I was able to afford my supplements based diet in Hawaii which is critical to me waking up every day. And, Noone who is a doctor on the East coast even accepts what my world class nutritionist did to save my life. It's that serious to my well being. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Facial Scrub for Face Yoga

premixed masks (in packet or tube)
Moisturizing:  Body Shop British Rose
Daily Exfoliant: Freeman feelingbeautiful Cleansing Apple cider vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub
After makeup and workouts: Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal mud pack

I stopped to get toothpaste the other day and paroozed the discount bin near the register.
So, since my Clarisonic went m.i.a. with a phone I had in Upstate, NY, I've been out of my usual exfoliating treatment for a while. It's really tough to fight aging now that I'm in my 40's and everyone still looks at me strange because they wish I were a 20 year old. Sadly, the white genetics in my Hapa mix aren't working in my favor at my age. Even as a still photo extra in makeup on Hawaii 5-0 I got the lecture about the eyebagssetting in. (see photo in same color-pop outfit I used for stills)
My work done- due to the eyebags see above.
Surgery not recommended due to "a lot of mess-ups" the Industry has seen. 
No amount of Vitamin C flush or Saltwaterflushes are working. The Beautiful Hawaii Hapa girls at the Club bars tell me what makeup solutions their moms use. And, yet, I still don't look as old as my white counterparts.

There was this mask... now fully finished that I used gently for 3 scrubs.
It's a Freeman feelingbeautiful Cleansing apple cider vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub.
I applied 1/2 of it the first time and let it dry. It has a color like calamine lotion when it's dry. And, it's super viscous when I go to wash it off.  So the last 1/2 I split into two thin applications. And, it says that it's for daily use too. Remembering that most face yoga and stretches require about 50 strokes in each direction, I upped it to 75 with this scrub at each part of my face. Keeping in mind that it takes about a minute for the old face brush to go over my face and clean up makeup. I'm trading off for the traditional self-care face wash moves with actual pressure from my hands.
On the third wash, my skin feels extremely smooth.
So this is a surprising addition I'll definitely pick up again to pack in my bag.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Biological Warfare Scenario in plain english

In simple terms;

The concept I'm attempting to express here is;-
That a biological warfare weaponized virus is not hypervirulent without a secondary mode of transport. Wild Fungus and molds are those fungus and molds that normally travel through any office home or natural outdoors environment. These wild and common organisms all have ACE2 receptors.
Unless the Virus adapted its Ace2 receptor to attach to these molds and fungus for aerial transport and adhesion;- it seems a secondary weaponized biotoxin with a chimera ACE2 receptor may be a controlled phase of the biological warfare modality.

All of this is can be timed and controlled by means of total surveillance state. And, outbreaks are difficult to trace to a time when the weaponized strain is planted. Due to tracking and typical daily algorithms, the secondary biotoxin with Chimera ACE2 can be sprayed or planted in the ecosystem for increased outbreak and virulence. Additional factors due to differences in the viral form of bio-toxin and the fungal form of biotoxin mean that aside from fumigating a city with mustard gas;- either one or the other weaponized biotoxin will survive. Since most natural inclination is to stop the more threatening virus, the chlorine and disinfectant is used to eradicate it in most areas. However, the disinfectant to eradicate the virus, the 1st biotoxin;- establishes a prime breeding ground for the secondary biotoxin fungal mold.

Due to timing of the area's rainy season, of course this is the expected reaction. And, rain makes it an additionally rich environment to grow the secondary biotoxin that just got the go ahead to breed. Within sixteen days of the rain at regular intervals, the biotoxic fungal form is coating sidewalks, brick, concrete and other surfaces. And, some of the original CoV virus is making its way back out into the public domain from undisclosed sources. This will be a very fast and furious round three of biological warfare for the city. And,  only 2 months into the first outbreak, the death toll is relatively low BEFORE the rainy season that will drive people indoors with contaminated shoes.
The rainy season will last the next 6 months. And, those in quarantine risk reexposure.

The ACE2 receptors that the CoV uses to break into human cells and infect the host are compatible with ACE2 enzymes that are Genetically manipulated weaponized versions in the Fungal Biotoxin.
The two weaponized biotoxins are living in symbyosis and evolving rapidly in the uncontrolled environment. The Genetically weaponized fungal ACE2 enables the CoV to use the weaponized fungus to 1. travel by air 2. Increase surface lifespan 3. Travel into humans through increased adhesion by the fungus 4. live outside a human host in a Biotixic fungal environment.

Products for Teeth Whitening

Vegan Keto my Keto-Vbomber Coffee mixes are a staple fueling source, no longer a caffeine habit in any way. However, yesterday, I was just cringing at the coffee stains I could see on my teeth. I haven't been keeping Toothbrush (TB) and paste with me in every place, in the purse, gym bag, car console, extra in the book bag etc.
So, I got into my usual brush the teeth groove and went on a vegan toothpaste purchasing spree.
First, I lucked out with a BOGO sale on Hello brand Charcoal whitening toothpaste and picked up a travel size to keep with me. I still have new OralB regular toothbrushes so, I just add one to keep with me instead of buying the tiny travel TB.

I backed it up with a price score of a lone box of White Glo Diamond Series sitting on the top lucite display at a discount fashion store. It was surrounded by White Glo Charcoal Toothpaste with Orange and Black toothbrushes at a super price of $5.99 for paste with brush. Anyway, without hesitation I snagged the Silvery mirrorized box and kept shopping. After I got home, I brushed my teeth 2x. Once with Charcoal, once with the "Free" White Glo Diamond Series paste, before doing a trial 5min session with the whitening paste and tray. I read the instructions and it says the product is safe enough to do a repeat application for faster results. Happily, the first 5 minutes took the ding out of dingey from my coffee drinking. So, I decided to refill the tray and go a full 15 min. I was content enough for the moment. For me, it was a quick fix like a mall visit for $100 without the added positive talk.
Now comes the rest of the application for over 7 days. I'm on day 2.
The gel and paste;- doesn't sting my tongue or make my gums sensitive. This is super positive. And, I can still drink my coffee and tea without cold or heat sensitivity.
 I made sure the product is vegan. And, it is. So... aside from a future $100+ splurge on Snow teeth whitening. Right now I'm content checking out other products by White Glo.

I'll take pics, but i'm too embarrassed to go out right now. I'm in hiding. So, will see if I post them later. My tooth whitening issues are below -- and, that's aside from having the literally worst dental care in Hawaii for me over 9 years of my life, includes a broken tooth (the oral surgeon broke) and a $7,000 estimate to fix up damages to my teeth. So, I'm still embarassed to do normal things like sing;- especially as a piano instructor and collaborator. Not much I can do. Hawaii dentists are meant for tourists, not residents.
The charcoal, just gets me bummed out when I use my whitening meter of the white toothbrush handle parts. So, I was contemplating a Groupon whitening kit or something similar with a whitening gel. I gave up on pro whitening since my teeth will never get super white.

 At least that's what I've been told because somehow antibiotics affected my bones when I was a baby. I still find this tough to believe since I obviously got a new set of teeth since I was born. But, I also haven't had UV blacklight white teeth either.

Yes, the admiration oozes out when I see literally glowing smiles under the blacklights at clubs. Oooh and ahhhh...usually followed by some reprieve of how that high level whitening isn't healthy for the bones.  

Hypothetical CoV19 scenario

Hypothetical Scenario Underway;
Bio-Engineering lab doing vaccine research weaponized and exploited the ACE2   (ΔACE2 ) enzyme by creating a chimera ACE2 dna sequence drawing from several hypervirulent bio-toxins and viral sources. This ACE2 sequence was tested in a Corona Virus, Malaria, and Toxic Mold Fungus that are all classified as Biological warfare contaminants.  In a miscalculation;- the CoV and Toxic Mold Fungal variations are able to further weaponize by living in symbiotic relationship with their shapeshifting ACE2 and/or ΔACE2 enzymes.
 Hypervirulence and unanticipated evolution of the virus threatens the city and anyone in contact with the virus and the ACE2 chimeric fungal strains. This doesn't exclude natural ACE2 being exploited by either the Virus or the Fungal carrier. The CoV uses the ACE2 of the Fungus to enable aerial travel and prolonged surface life. In its evolutions the CoV becomes predatory, and can lay in wait with the weaponized Fungal biotoxin.  This strain of virus is aerial and has the assistance of

City contaminated with Biological warfare: CoV19 a Deadly virus that appears highly infectious and has camoflaging capabilities;- is capable to be treated with HIV medication.
Methods of Camoflage: Typical - Vaccina Virus used for Vaccine development ie., CoV229E
                                                    - Parasitic Biotoxin that affects body's ability to behave normally;- take the host down quietly, discovery of infection means host system is overwhelmed with virus or the biological warfare method.

Methods of Contamination: - Human to Human
- Mucus & flem

          Aerial and Adhesion to surfaces lending to hypervirulence
        - Secondary Biotoxin - Fungal
        - Natural Fungal/ Mold/ Yeast binding to Ace2 receptor of CoV19

Route of Biological Warfare delivery established from Surveillance algorithms and population behavior. Masking of Biological Warfare delivery method near 100%.
Corona Virus 219E was used in Bats.
Camoflage Vaccina Virus was also used as a delivery method.
Typically, Vaccina Virus is used as a vaccine delivery method.
However, this is not a vaccine.
This is Biological warfare predecessor to CoV19.
Delivery method to camoflage major population outbreak underway.
One way to camoflage the virus to contain suspected hosts.
Later ACE2 receptor connection to biotoxin may provide slow delivery through epidermal necrolysis (of skin) and affect( joints, muscles, lungs, and bones in long term biological warfare damage. Symptoms show from: 1 month to 11 months.

February 22 to August 30 is rainy season, optimal rain for the secondary vehicle after July 24. 28% chance of rain. Ideal conditions for Bleach acid primed rootbed for the secondary biological warfare delivery method  (Fungal Biotoxin) to take hold and proliferate. This method, needed for aerial distribution and adhesion for the CoV19. Potential to extend surface life expectancy of C0V19. Additional viral or biological warfare methods in que unknown. 

Disinfection methods may eliminate a significant amount of the currently circulating CoV19
However, the disinfection method enables the secondary biotoxin to proliferate the area.
This renders the entire area susceptible to long term effects of primary biological warfare.
Secondary (technically a 3rd) biological warfare attack may take hold after surviving CoV19 hosts have become inundated with the fungal biotoxin, the secondary biotoxin and aerial delivery. It is however, altered by the Chlorine spraying and is additionally weaponized with chlorine molecules;- longterm tumors will develop from continued consumption of acid and sugar converting foods.   

Science Fiction with Bio-Warfare

Biotoxin attacks a cell (not malaria)
Photo by Angela M, 'Kikuchi' Kneale
So much of modern warfare involves hacking. And, it's become the dialogue of the new millenia.
Biological warfare technicians are cloaked in the secrecy of vaccine development and pharmacological industry. Outwardly, it doesn't look fancy. If you can see it at all.
2013  inundated with pure Rainforest Bio-toxic mold

At the latter portion of 2019, the newly christened CoV19 coronavirus evolved and emerged from a decade of antibiotic resistant superbugs and publically downgraded biotoxins like the Toxic mold epidemic that now plagues the mortuary;- where cause of death is now influenza, ulcers, and other health complications that humans simply used to survive.

The Ace 2 receptor is not just a unique protein chain to Asian genetics. It spans lifeforms across the planet and is also a forgotten and relatively dormant protein in several microscopic fungus, molds, and yeast forms.

1. Adhesion to surfaces and ability to penetrate skin - rash & months out joint, bone, lung, muscle infections
2. A Secondary Fungal Biotoxin used as aerial contamination method for biological warfare- naturally weaponizes itself with chlorine molecules. Ig engineered bio-warfare, its possible it weaponizes itself with CoV19 through its dormant Ace2 receptor.
3. After Chlorine and disinfectant spraying, the City is now prepped and primed for a second round of Biological warfare. The Chlorine lends itself for fungal/aerial transport modality to proliferate.

Is this really possible?  That labs which previously classified toxic black mold stachybotrys as a biotoxin capable of overwhelming a human host never explained to the public how. Rather the dawn of Ketogenic and Paleo diets becoming mainstream are here without explanation. The Ace2 receptor of the bio-toxin stachybotrys may have been exploited, however there are dozens of mold, fungal, and yeast forms that can lend themselves to airborne behavior and adhesion for a virus such as CoV19 while possibly prolonging suface life cycle. This would pose 2 problems;- 1 that acids such as chlorine molecules will kill the CoV19 and community spraying as seen in China's Wuhan will create an acid bed for the attached biotoxic fungal-mold strain. This would in essence propogate a biotoxin mold strain not only to proliferate with the acid bed of chlorine, but to also AGAIN weaponize itself with the chlorine molecule to create more complex tumors and cancerous growths in hosts long after a bio-weapon viral outbreak. This would and will increase long term susceptibility of the population for everything from eating sugary and acidic noodles to other flu and virus. This fungal biotoxin aka black mold thrives in acidic environments within the human body. Once it propogates it signals the human brain with biotoxins to change behavior in order to continue proliferating and overwhelming the human body. 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Dharma practice

Always a beautiful day to hike Diamond Head, Waikiki 

Practicing the Dharma takes much work and dedication in the USA. Finding creative ways to practice and benefit sentient beings sometimes includes attending vegan potlucks and adopting an independent path of non-violence outside of  being a monk or the monastery for contained studies. This lifetime, my personal practice is not as a monk, and many Americans still have stigma against Buddhism and Asia and Japan. However, I am devoted to high consideration of sentient beings as much as possible. The following is a small list of places to visit in the USA. And, is where I had the most positive experiences and learning opportunities in the USA to practice and adhere too the Dharma.

--  It is generally accepted that natural form Vegan food is food made by God. And, in its natural state does not need to be blessed. It already has God's blessing.

-- Healing energy -- My personal journey took me to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends (available online) and is non-denominational, not a religion, and teaches how to connect to source.

-- Prasadam is vegan or vegetarian food offered to Lord Krishna - Dharma protector and later served to devotees.

*Temple Valley in Honolulu, HI is a world showcase for religious practices around the world. There are numerous Buddhist, Krishna, Israeli, and Christian places of worship. In daytime it is possible to practice and have blessed vegetarian (and a little vegan)food at the Govinda Cafe on the Krishna temple ground during open hours.  Some of the places listed have physical or online studies available globally.

Namgyal Monastery- Ithaca, NY - Chanting and meditation prayers (see below)

KTL - Honolulu, HI - Affordable classes, Chanting and meditation prayers (see below)

Sukyo Mahi Kari - Honolulu, HI -  Receive light (non- members bring clean socks & clean handkerchief), Members - Initiation into giving and receiving light

ISKON - Honolulu,HI  - Govinda Cafe\ is open for vegetarian/ vegan Pradasam/Prasadam, celebrate Lord Krisna's Birthday, and also meditation can be done on the grounds.

Shingon Shu - Honolulu, HI -  Bon Dance

Namgyal Monastery - Institute of Buddhist Studies

Tibetan Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, NY - This is the seat of the Tibetan Government in Exile and His Holiness the Dalai Lama's premiere USA monastery. There are several courses and major disciplines taught through Namgyal Monastery. Though they are a welcoming community, there is very strict discipline in study.

Kagyu Thegchen Ling (KTL)

In the midst of Temple Valley* off the Pali Highway in Honolulu, HI -  Shangpa lineage - After speaking with a Geshe here, this place is a little less formal and coordinates better with modern/ daily routines of work. This may be due to the number of Buddhists of many generations from their families. So, for me, I was able to participate a little in some activities that coordinated with my schedule. There are classes in writing Tibetan, Open meditation, and, Puja Ceremonies as well as more esoteric teachings offered occasionally.

Many Pages of gripes/////// see below

On My personal journey, and awakening, came at the death of my Brother. Particulary when it came to handling family matters that we kept private. You see, my parents in the 60's made our household multi-religion. Meaning, my dad was raised at a private catholic school in Philadelphia with the Sisters of Mercy. While my mother grew up Shinto Buddhist that was common in Japan. And, much of our family in Japan is Mahayana Buddhist. Despite my being forced to participate in Lutheran Sunday school and church to be accepted as a classical pianist who had organ playing experience, I eventually managed to have a Pastor client unbaptize me after my brother's death. 

Over many years I was "invited" or being inappropriately recruited to Buddhism that I feel the USA CIA brought to fruition. My personal practices and this lifetime is more involved with the Dharma work - not as a monk. So, while Buddhism is still considered "Hippie" to the USA;- My own Japanese and Asian family history is well ingrained in Buddhist practices for 1000's of years beyond the conception of the USA.  Here, I'll list a few of the popular Tibetan Buddhist sects that are in the USA and the other things I did that include the Dharma. I do stop in sometimes;- however I have found many Buddhist practitioners outside of Hawaii, in the USA too rude for me to be able to practice the Dharma. Which, includes their adaptation of dharma that is not even vegetarian. 

Personally, I don't like many of the Sokka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhists because they retain American racist language while 'being Buddhist'. This was a unique experience I had with over 50% of those who I met through SGI. For me, it is the same reason I disliked Lutheran racist sermons. And, it is not acceptable for my personal spiritual practice time. 

 And, the recruitment is a bit pushy as is American style. So, they are generally disrespectful of personal beliefs and try to force conversion. I found the SGI community friendly, condescending, and a bit too pushy all at once since they are very popular in the USA and don't care about the affect of these new Buddhist politics emanating from USA. 
The United States has a list of celebrities who have embraced Buddhism. And, many people are swayed to practice the particular type of Buddhism that those celebrities "promote". 
However, this isn't the correct practice for everyone. And, there also aren't a lot of temples to worship at in the United States East Coast and midwest.  Basically, the further away from Asia we go, the less options there are. And, Hawaii had the highest number of Bon Dance season dances advertised all over Honolulu County. It is a fun way to meet people and wear Kimono too. 


Nara's record holding Tōdai-ji Daibutsuden 
 holds the Daibutsu or Big Buddha - the ancient Daibutsu was commissioned by Emperor Shomu in 701-752 AD. 
 Many Buddha and Buddhist statues are also housed here in Nara.  
 Photo by Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale
100.7874 inches is the length of the palm. The pinky finger shown here is 42.519inches long.

The Sika Temple (deer) here are fairly friendly.  However, they also are usually looking for food which can be purchased at a nearby vendor. This one was trying to hustle me for food by resting her head on my purse and on my leg, while checking out my empty coffee cup. 

While most of the United States is celebrating New Year's with drinking and partying to count down;- Many Asian families spend the time together for the Holiday. There are shrines set up for New Year's blessings at temples, businesses, theaters where regular passerby's can pray, light incense, and leave positive blessings. It is may be interpreted to open community prayer for the New Year.
New Year's Eve in Osaka, Japan
One of several Shrine's and Temples I visited
Photo by: Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale

Friday, February 14, 2020

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 3

Practicing Bardo Dream Yoga techniques require complete independence. Note about occultic elements and angels:

Many Americans and Europeans practice elements of occult spirituality. Some of these devices and techniques are not necessarily a full religion of themselves. However, they are  Common examples of channelling. And, as a recipient who connects to source and receives light;- it is important for the initiate to give up these other methods of channelling and rituals that go by many names from many ancient cultures.

1. Tarot Cards and normal playing cards that are derived from the Tarot.
2. Runes
3. I- Ching

I have assisted others throughout my life to detach from these occult elements. And, I prefer the fire method.

Connection to source also includes giving up calling upon Angels and Arch Angels as well as other entities for assistance. Bardo dream yoga work is in its essence, is intended to be independent and unaided. Unaided is the key part of Bardo dream yoga work. There is no duality in this realm, no assistance for mindstates and emotions. And, anything that is brought into existence in the Bardo is set in motion like a lost object in space. The point of doing the dream yoga practice is to prepare one's soul for the 49 days of transition in the Bardo where any level of imaginable disaster or threat can be encountered.

This is part of the preparation to purify one's soul with receiving light and connection to source during the time one practices the Bardo dream yoga.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bardo Dream Yoga preparation 2

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 2
by Angela M. 'Kikuchi' Kneale

This is a continuation of the previous introductory matters to Tibetan Buddhist Bardo dream yoga transmissions. I am not teaching dream yoga. This is intended to aid the beginner on the path and make preparations for Bardo dream yoga practice.

To Achieve state of relaxation - Where must you be?
Define - Dream like quality
Terminology:  Dorche Chang, Samsara, Dharma, Tikle, Seed letters, Hang, Hum/Hung, Om

Achieving  a State of Peace

  • Preparation may take 1 year or more
  • Purify the Soul - Mantra, Receive Light / Johrei aka receiving Okiyome --, Connect to Source
  • Purify the mind of mental afflictions
  • Purify emotional state 
    • To be free of anger/hell and Purify the body of toxins  
It is necessary to achieve a peaceful state of bliss and freedom during Bardo dream yoga practice. The emotional state of anger is scientifically proven to create toxins in an angry person to make their human blood toxic enough to render 75 people dead. It is a very low frequency of the lower realms. To cultivate a blissful state for Bardo dream yoga meditation is to eliminate hell states of emotion. This must be cultivated from actual changes in behavior including; speech, diet, reaction, interaction, internalization of dream and material world states.

Additionally, Western science is now proving that a change in diet shows that microorganisms in the human body also change. Those who have a compassionate plant based or vegan diet can achieve a more positive and blissful mindstate. Modern research is proving that mental states are directly connected to the bacteria in the digestive system. And, some choose to cultivate spiritual resilience through dedication to this type of nourishment, as well as keeping the body systems balanced with alkaline plant based nutrition and healthful mineralized water.

Bardo Dream Yoga preparation 1

Below are 2 preparatory measures that are expressed in the Bardo dream yoga teachings. Due to stories about some people having intensely disruptive spiritual experiences linked to Tibetan Buddhist meditation I decided to post this portion about Bardo dream yoga.

I am not teaching the dream yoga, and for those who question my incarnation this lifetime and judge the cultural appropriateness (since the USA has deliberately tried to disconnect me from my family overseas)  my posting this:
My ancient DNA is applicable from Sakha/Yakutia, part Buddha from Northern China,  Japanese, and part J. Ainu. The ancient  cultures from which modern "marketed Johrei" evolved. I decided to leave formality of  Johrei Okiyome organization due to practices of modern "marketed johrei" connected to JKK due to the my sensitivity to the presence of Chinese Dao wizardry that seems to be intertwined with JKK origins. There are in other words, too many politics for me to be involved with having few modern places to afford practice of giving divine light and be recognized or certificated. The USA Intel has especially, marginalized me and my family due to knowledge of our ancestry in Asia and Japan.

 I am naturally sensitive to light matters, some entities, and perceptions already. And, find that the modern USA attracts occultic rituals with spiritual impedance to my personal practice of Dharma.

     And am posting these pages to give those who strive to learn some basic direction. This is meant to aid preparation for Bardo dream yoga and appropriate arrangements to include these preparations should be made. I am not writing this for the experienced practitioner, who obviously are already adept with Buddhist meditation practices. Since the West and America has much intrigue in mind states, I have not seen these important preparations offered in the conversation about those who are interested in learning dream yoga.

Buddhists can prepare for passing from this life to the next from Bardo dream yoga teachings. It is in this mental state of being that one is able to peacefully exit the physical plane of existence and transition to the Bardo. The Bardo is a part of the death and reincarnation process. Initial Preparation includes Dorche Chang/Vajradhara:
                1. Receiving Light/ Johrei /  - from someone who does Okiyome (higher level than Reiki)
                2. Connecting to Source

My own experiences linked to Tibetan meditation and prayer humbled me to be grounded to this Earth realm. I prefer to do BOTH receiving divine light daily and connecting to source in order to practice Bardo dream yoga.

Receiving Light as preparation: 
Buddhist monasteries and temples usually have a light giver many days of the week. The Venerable monk, priest, priestess is able to bless objects and help clear negative energies and entities. This is at a level of light giving that is higher than reiki masters. Usually one can visit a temple during light giving hours. Receiving light blessing daily is easier for those who live in areas where there are many Buddhist temples and monasteries. And, is usually free, though to bring a donation is customary. Sometimes, someone is available at Krishna Temples to do this for someone exploring the Bardo dream yoga.  This may be difficult for practitioners in the United States and other areas where there are very few temples and monasteries. It is an important part before initiating the visualization practice techniques of the Bardo dream yoga.

On my own journey to do dream yoga, I received and gave this type of light for many hours each day for several months. Meaning, I was a practitioner initiated in giving Okiyome (in Japanese language). This is not the same as reiki. Giving Okiyome is a  sacred divine light giving practice is such that we can bless or give light to objects, rooms, places, water, plants, food at temples, and other practitioners and people with their permission or consent.

This type of spiritual energy work takes devoted practice. And is one step along the way to the Bardo Dream Yoga.

Connecting to Source as preparation: 

Being initiated in Okiyome, is an indirect way to connect to source. And, it is technically a non-denominational practice where I have met Buddhists, Christian pastors, Krishna meditators, and others who give divine light.. Thus, I chose to be initiated into giving and receiving Okiyome.  However, there are others who choose to connect to source directly, or indirectly with confidence before entering the spiritual planes of the Bardo dream yoga practice.
There are other ways to connect to source through meditation after receiving light.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Dream Yoga Visualization Aid

This page is not authoritative. I created this in order to put away my personal notes on incomplete reading and teaching of the Bardo scrolls.
These are representations of seed letters for Bardo Dream Yoga.
Hang / Ha practiced subjoined in a portion of the dream yoga. 
and Hum / Hung  and Om are in the tikle used
with 4 different chakras. We practiced writing them during 
the Kagyu lineage-  Bardo dream yoga scroll reading. 
These humble animations helped me refine the tikle.  

Red Hung/ Hum
for visualization

Red Hang

White Inverted Hang

White Hang

OM with Red 4 Petal Lotus 

Part of USA Psychological Torture

This may not be the 1st time I've posted this. However, it's blaring in my mind's eye as another psychological trauma from the United States of America. The USA does not intend to respect me in any terms where Asian business families include their relatives. In fact, the USA understands this relationship and chooses to put my life, my relatives lives abroad, and the rest of Japan in danger of war with China and/or North Korea since 2002. The USA has targeted me, as the remaining survivor of my siblings to cause further distress. I have few if any options in the USA. I do not have viable options for my best life due to USA CIA and Intelligence Community interference.

Realizing that I have now posted some about dream yoga. I want to say that the USA's cultural stigma of my particular Japanese culture and family heritage was geared to destabilize Japan and China war negotiations at a time that was critical for those in my family in Japan. Due to a lack of support from any human rights organizations or other places for me to go for shelter as I was chased and attacked in Pennsylvania;- I had no other choice but to go to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Namgyal Monastery. Because Ithaca, NY was my College town and also a political sanctuary, I returned. The Tibetan government in exile and a Venerable monk assisted me with shelter and a Japanese-American contact for cultural support. Unfortunately for me, it was a short time of comfort after the atrocity of my brother's "suicide" that went uninvestigated by the menacing local police in Quakertown, PA. I should also mention that between his death in 2005 and my time in Ithaca by 2007, I had been abducted, confined, brutally sexually and physically assaulted, stalked, and otherwise terrorized in Buckingham Township, PA. It was the second time I had been abducted and assaulted in Pennsylvania since 2002.

So, Americans understand that for them to force me to the doorstep of Tibet's exiled government in the United States was a political statement. They intended to create upheaval with Japan and China's war negotiations that my Japanese relatives were engaged in at the time. I received a message from a phone call that I had to stay away from the hospitable Tibetans because POTUS Bush was honoring Tibet with Fighting the Chinese. Obviously, this created a nightmare for me and I was soon sleeping in sub zero weather in a field outside of Ithaca, NY.     

Important Dream Yoga Terminology

OM with 4 Petal Red Lotus

  1. Dorje Chang also known as (aka) Vajradhara
  2. Bardo
  3. Void
  4. Samsaric existence
  5. Tikle / Tigkle - pronunciation Teak-ley or Thigle- is the technique and literally means drop. For dream yoga nature of mind and used with seed (letter). 
  6. OM - General meaning  The specific meaning in Dream Yoga is the approximation of the frequency of the existence of all Buddhas for mediation
  7. Pure Lands
  8. Chakrasaṃvara
  9. Clear Light

Main Chakras used: Heart, Sacral, Crown, Root

Dream Yoga Intro

In 2014, I formally am grateful to have received rare readings of the Bardo scrolls and teachings in Tibetan Buddhist dream yoga.
Part of the natural state of human mind in modern humanity approaches meditative practices with harsh judgement. And, that needs to be left behind in entirety. For those religious or serious meditative practitioners for mind states. Judgement must be left behind.

To approach and achieve a healthy practice in dream yoga with ease is a gift for the mental states to accept void, hold a dream, projection of spiritual resilience with centered and peaceful objectivity and/or interaction.  For those who are curious in the practice, clearing one's mind of judgement is a daily ritual to uplifting spiritual frequency. To develop a more focused practice than a normal mindfulness maintenance meditation is a goal to engage in dream yoga.

For this ease, the modern beginning practitioner in Dream yoga can expect to devote 1.5 to 3 months in cultivating the mind to practice dream yoga with an active mind. For some, making an easy transition to the practice takes 12 hours or half a day. Sleeping, can be used later as a transition for some dream yoga practice. It has been reported that some monks are able to acheive good practice for  visual dream yoga within 36 hours or half a day.   

Some physical instruments to assist to develop dream yoga:
Regular pen and paper - to practice writing 
Red pen
White pen
1-2 pieces of a Colored Paper 

Monday, February 10, 2020

My Bloodcells #MKstArgate with Toxic Mold...2+years of agony end? 12/2016?

Angela Kneale at Comicon Honolulu 2016
Toxic Mold Stachyobotrys Biotoxin under microscope
Photo and blood of Angela M. Kneale 2014 copyright
25 August 2017 from Oahu, Hawaii original post just uploaded 10 February 2020 from Pennsylvania       
                                       Biotoxin - last exposure was possibly 3/1/2017 I had reexposure in August 2016 definately. Another reexposure from a different location in Waikiki 11/2016
1st exposure In June 2013? These photos from Spring 2014 1st time at homeopath.

Photo by Angela M. Kneale
Cluster of dead Red blood cells due to biotoxin with 2 trapped white bloodcells
This causes brain fog, and other issues such as stroke or joint pain.

web of dead red blood cells with trapped white blood cells
damaged by Toxic Mold aka Stachyobotrys under microscope see photo below.
Photo by Angela M. Kneale

Toxic Mold Stachyobactrus in Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale's Bloodstream under microscope 2014

Toxic mold post Angela

I was reexposed hurricane Darby in August 2017 to September 2018. This post went unpublished due to upload issues on the specific post. I took screenshots in order to post it.
Angela Kneale Toxic Mold under microscope; - Exposure 2014
Toxic Mold under microscope; Stachyobactrys killed red blood cells and left white blood cells stranded. Clots cause brain fog, brain issues, and possible heart attack with blood clots.
Add caption
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Toxic Mold re-exposure & Detox today

31 August 2017 post failed to upload to blog from Mobile.

Where are the Breatharians? I'm getting nervous with my most recent re-exposure to a Toxic-mold laden environment. As a Keto-Alkaline-Vegan who has already recovered from Toxic mold contamination, this 2nd exposure is very concerning.
It felt internally like I was being blackmailed by the Toxic Mold to feed it sugar or it would cause me to feel intense pain.
On a windy day, After going to the beautiful Pacific Heights home a few times where the person I know rented a large apartment, i know I was re-exposed to the mold, outside the home. It took me last week to get out of the Chronic Fatigue mode enough to do normal things. I definitely was out of control eating grains. But, I reestablished control over the mold growth.
It's important for me to remind myself, that the mold is an organism that wants me to feed it.
It has the ability with the toxins it emits to change my brain chemistry so that I feed it.
This time though, even with minor exposure to it, I noticed that I am much more sensitive.
And, I feel like the toxic mold is smarter this time as a prisoner in my body.
This time My exposure was by wind and rain that fell at the Pacific Heights location;- which overlooks the rainforest valley where I first came in contact with the mold.
Last week;- I was having difficulty staying in Ketosis. I don't mean a little difficulty, I mean alot. It was like I lost my brain to a happy elated out of control carb consuming state. And, in between was severely painful joint pain that disappeared from my knee, to my hip, and probably rose to my brain. It felt internally like I was being blackmailed by the Toxic Mold to feed it sugar or it would cause me to feel intense pain.

This re-exposure is quite different than the 1st exposure Toxic mold contamination. My daily diet before my first contamination contained a low amount of grain. You know, the typical vegan on the fly diet. Oatmeal breakfast, coffee, salad during the day, with french fries nearly every other day of the week. Late night I used to grab inarazushi with some potato chips to make up for the squishy rice, or a Petafied vegan T.B. burrito and coffee. The first time, I did not feel any joint pain. I didn't even notice many severely out of the ordinary "symptoms" until it was really bad.

This second time in the past 3 weeks;- (still needs to be edited)
1st week after Toxic Mold exposure
I was drawn to the vegan oat & almond flour donuts I treat myself with infrequently ( I purchased 4 donuts last week, gave the birds most of 2 the first time in an effort to maintain self control, and I failed miserably eating 2 other donuts.) Normally;- I might have ONE donut once every 2-3 weeks. So, this was definitely noticeable. I don't ever load up my salad container on veganaise style potato salad either and did so this past week.

1.5-2 weeks after Toxic Mold exposure
Tuesday;- I went to a wellness Center and got 1/2 hr of RIFE beam (bugs) during a free event
Fasted until after Wednesday Colonic appointment
Wednesday;- Colonic
Thursday-Sunday- Sauna & steamroom + Eating a larger amount of alkaline based raw foods.
Monday- Feeling much better can swim a handful of laps in the pool
Tuesday- Green 2o & Go! in morning;- Gave blood - in Ketosis; lunch Raw Salad & dinner vegetable Curry soup, then felt too tired and had to sleep.
Wednesday- Slept alot, was wiped out from giving blood. Regular supplements morning.

Yesterday, I made a blood donation. The past 2 weeks, I have 

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Format for UN Communication

Though  not a formality expected by the United Nations Treaty Bodies of external offices, it is a process that may ease the documentation process of critical communications. The treaty bodies do make short forms available at their Treaty web pages occasionally. The forms can be used in open office or other word processing programs.

The United Nations Correspondence Manual  at:  is for English language correspondence
Page 14  for Letters
Pages 23-25  for Electronic communications
Pages 29, 30, 38, 40, 41 of the Annex for more specific style guidelines 

Bond Paper size: 8.5x11
Envelope size:  No. 10
Font:  11pt Courier New,  or 10-14pt Courier New or Times New Roman -  leave space for possible garbled fax/ facsimile interpretation

Paragraph Line Spacing:  1.5

  • Allow more space between headings, address, and between paragraphs.
Numbering:  1st page not numbered.  Begin header on page 2 to end.   "  -2-  "  format at .05  top page margin and followed by 3 lines of spacing.

Date format:  1 January 2020
Reference Number:  Beneath the date indicate the year at end of office/author initials ie.,  AMK/1-20
Confidentiality: At Left Text Margin write  "Personal and confidential"  if necessary.

Use appropriate address at List of Staff of the United Nations Secretariat.
"Dear Sir (s)"  or  "Dear Madam (Mesdames)"

Opening paragraph line (optional as formal letter pg 23-25):  "I have the honour to...." , " I am grateful to..."

Closure Standing paragraph: Please accept, Excellency (Sir, Madam etc.,) the assurances of my highest consideration."