Thursday, January 23, 2020

Feng Shui, Mirrors, and EM Shielding

Over the course of my life, I've dabbled in occult practises such as Feng Shui. Had to. Not only do I have an Asian mom, but I also worked with my ex-partner for 9 years building small and large commercial and residential gardens as part of his dream to be the next Burle Marx.

2 major elements affect the #5G, Radar, and Microwave Electromagnetic Spectrum - Water and Metal. Nearly everyone swears by the use of metal. Faraday cages are becoming common place for some to live in. Old Claw-foot bathtubs are excellent. Old Pianos have a hefty Steel harp, even a small or large safe can be a cure this 2020 for an afllicted area in the South, East, North East, Mprtj pr West/ Catch my drift;- this year 2020 almost EVERY direction will need an EM cure of Metal or Water. Just try to find something with curves to it and avoid the sharp objects. Even cast iron or pewter statues can help deter the EM.  Only a few real rocket scientists advocate for using water. Water-pillows, Aquariums, Water coolers, and Fountains.Obvious reasons of maintenence and leaks being the issue. So, guess what I have. Yes, the more practical and functional water cooler.

Nearly everyone avoids large-scale use of Earth though Tourmaline, Shungite, Amythest, and my personal favorite gemstones I used in an intense EM spectrum developing warfare climate work as jewelry and wi-fi tech radiation reduction.
As far as the Fire element goes;- we are somewhat at a loss besides ILLEGAL jamming technologies. So, using the fire element is really legally difficult in modern feng shui, unless you're in the military Electronic Warfare unit. 

My personal aside;- My mom is Japanese and, well she had her own feng shui theories.  the legends of Akita, Japan is true. We also came from mainland Asia. I found out that I have a smidge of Chinese genetics that were the first ship to land in Akita. Akita, wasn't part of the nation of Japan for over 600 years. So, the Fu Dogs on the maps that ancient Samurai and everyone housed in the wall-less political sanctuary of Akita spoke rumors about are true. Akita founded by a rouge Chinese prince with hundreds of beautiful women and his guards, who created a political sanctuary of people of beauty and navigational mastery, not of race or nationality. Being ancient Imperial Chinese It was a hand me down tale, one of many for thousands of years.

So Anyway, yes Feng Shui. The ancient art of naturally occurring Electromagnetic Fields has reached the North American continent. Coincidentally, with the advent of the Electromagnetic revolution as humankind's final stand against the natural world. 

Modern Day Mirrors are Essentially at least 2 coats of Aluminum paint and Copper. Possibly 3 coats. How many millimeters this actually is in total remains questionable. And, a metal frame may assist in impeding the 5G currents a little bit. It's possible to also put an aluminum bubble layer of a brand like Reflectix on the back of the mirror before mounting it. I've been playing with this idea. Since, having shielding in the house is a positive addition to an aquarium full of low maintenance water plants ( I like the Brazilian sword) which usually have snail eggs which grow in to mini creatures.
Otherwise, there is the Water Cooler that provides some relief.

Where to place the mirror, is a great question. Some can be in unconventional places, above doorways, or under and above windows. These seem to be places that generally are free from bills and other frustrations of life that will only be magnified by a mirror. Just a thought to keep in mind, that we don't need to add more frustration by putting a mirror where the bills are.