Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Destructive Cycle Feng Shui

Sometimes, I sit laughing to myself about the major feng shui lines I cross. However, I'm also a reflective scorpio who has had a tendency to walk on and into the other side frequently. My feng shui choices aren't always the most obviously great to some practitioners. However, using the destructive cycle feng shui helps me get into my meditative state to reflect and keep my focus. Sometimes, I find it helps me connect to walking the timeline and to remote view. This is a trait not everyone chooses to embrace. And, after some near-death encounters I had, part of me wonders if this is just another quirk about my frequency preferences. And, where I like to focus and meditate.

Star of Destructive Feng Shui : Metal vs. Wood, Wood vs. Earth,  Earth vs. Water, Fire vs Metal, Water vs. Fire
Pipeline of Positive Feng Shui:  Metal generates Water, Water generates Wood, Wood Generates Fire, Fire Generates Earth, Earth Generates Metal.

The electromagnetic field around me is constantly being manipulated by herds of cell phones and towers, drones and pusated power lines on the grid ;- magnetic directions change. Sometime several times a day.  It's not just a worry of having cancer and headaches from the Electromagnetic spectrum.  Sleeping directly on the ground or a sand beach for 6-8 hrs is a luxury item for the body. Instead, for several years I made up for irregular sleep patterns by taking PEMF mat naps on a massage table. The PEMF mat resonates at Earth Frequency, and in 8 minutes, the body just falls into the deepest and most refreshing slumber. The work-a-holic, or in my case the live-a-holic lifestyle, can now take on even more with even less sleep than 3 entire hours a night. However, in my mind I still debate if this specific frequency now computer generated is FIRE energy or EARTH energy?  For reality sake, I'm putting it in the Fire element.