Thursday, January 09, 2020

classical piano;- slave trade or art?

In hindsight, after 40yrs of classical piano in my life, and the negative financial roster of my life;- I can't say it's not trafficking. In my youth during the 80's-90's, money was poured into my lessons despite already being gifted a piano by a great grandmother. Due to my Japanese-American parentage, nothing was good enough for the instructor who demanded more money and instructing my mother to physically beat me if I were to play like Beethoven. This is all despite us being the only Japanese students in this new Suzuki Method studio that reaped the benefits of my free performances as model students. What other industry on The planet is there that gets away with abusing and not paying child performers for public performances, even under the guise of Music education? I understand when performance is kept in confines of a conservatory or school stage or recital hall. However the publicity and the money made for teachers is akin to a type of trafficking. 
By the time I switched studios two more times, I was ready to go to college auditions. And at age 12, I was already informed I wasn't allowed to audition for Curtis due to severe racism and also international political issues it might cause. So there was nothing positive for me from my so called lessons, where I simply was self taught and performed for a pianist. More money my parents paid to try and appease the vehemently white supremacist instructors until I was invited to a studio of a former double agent. Someone who was a mentor to me and understood the Nazi's due to his time in Nazi prison camp. Despite being berated by my mother who learned this racist behavior to appease the piano instructors'white supremacy;- I finally had a real mentor. I endured this in addition to the same persecution in the Quakertown, PA public school system. Persecution, that I attempt to communicate to UNESCO for the sake of understanding why my life is in professional shambles here on the mainland USA. Due to heavy persecution, regular abuse, as well as torture were what the USA educational systems bestowed in my life. And Noone has held any of these institutions responsible or given me any financial justice.
Especially since the performing bar is set much lower for other instructors who aren't Japanese-American or mixed race like I am. In other words, I wasn't held to the same standard to achieve success financially and socially. It makes the paper awards nihl for life. It is a bogus system meant to support the most toxic instructors and institutions in my life. 
This means the entire persecutory system vampires money from my life with full intent to harm me. 
Looking back it cost over $250k for my private lesson upbringing and college degree which were always persecuting me and forced me into complete destitute for life. The means I had to instruct with always disrupted by Intelligence and white supremacists. 
So the totality of the value of this education was the equivalent to long term over 26years of my life, torture. Despite my talent, It was sheer financial abuse.
Aside from the old female lecher attending my late brother's funeral in 05/2005 and smiling as if laughing while not saying a single word to me.
I have heard enough from the MTNA who had president's who don't want the likes of me because they have new naieve Japanese to play with. Yes, these people are that toxic and said expressly racist remarks it to my face throughout my life.