Saturday, January 18, 2020

Animal Rights Reading List

During my college years, I fought with my professors about my degree program. Not only was the Music college entirely judgemental with an overriding approval for white supremacist mindset, but I found refuge in organizing AREAL. It turned into course design for Animal Rights and fights over my involvement with AREAL while "still studying" the rights philosophy. That is, despite my learning and reading about Environmental bio-regionalism and Animal Rights since I was 12.
One of my favorite books that got me started in my tweens was;

I read alot. And, here is what I kept on hand for multiple reasons and issues. I did BTW: "get rid of" donated everything else I felt didn't inspire me as much. Ones marked AREAL were those I regularly stocked from my own funds/ purchased and handed out to interested students.

Animals and WomenFeminist Theoretical Explorations

Animal Experimentation -The Moral Issues Edited by Robert M. Baird & Stuart E. Rosenbaum
Prometheus Books 1991

So Human an Animal - By Rene Dubos - Schribners Publishing, 1968

First Born - Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter -  Del Rey books, 2008

Ecotopia -  by Ernest Callenbach 1975

Revolution X - A Survival Guide for Our Generation - by Rob Nelson and Jon Cowan - 1994
Diet For a New America - by John Robbins, Still Point Publishing, 1987

The Communist Manifesto - by Karl Marx & Frederick Engels -  International Publishers, 1993
An Unnatural order - Why We are destroying the planet and Each other (A Maifesto For change) by Jim Mason, Continuum. 1993