Sunday, December 29, 2019

this is a United Nations submitted site

An attempt to submit was  to the UN was made in the course of my UN communications. This site will be updated with a page of organized links to the pages containing information for the UN and or UNESCO communications began in Summer 2019. 

This makes a great deal of my personal life transparent until I am able to relocate the information and have safety in the USA to keep such sensitive matters private.

It is with great sadness that I must do this to communicate to the world, the ill intentions of the United States of America upon my life and the lives they took of the other victims, my siblings.
In addition, any other victims of Human rights violations of Torture, Persecution of Japanese citizen(s) and/or Japanese-American, and or cruel and unusual punishment by the USA that occured will be addressed as the United Nations treaties bodies see fit. 

It is not up to the interpretation of the common USA citizen or their biased State actors.  I hand this matter up to God at this time. So be it.