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Text of UN 104 communication

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale  




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Director of the Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs of UNESCO

7 place de Fontenoy

75352 Paris 07 SP, France

Phone: +33(0) 1 4568 1000

September 21, 2019

Dear UNESCO Secretariat,          


I am writing to you as a hafu with 10HVR 1 DNA mutations, nisei and 1st generation Japanese-American born to a Japanese national mother as a Gaikoku umare no nihonjin, or Foreign born Japanese to express violations of my human rights under

the following articles of the Universal Declaration to Human

Rights by the United States of America and/or its United

States Air Force. This also includes the Community

Conservatory of Music and Art in Doylestown, PA whose

Director and other staff participated in persecuting me as a

person of Japanese descent and particularly their derogatory

perception of my being mixed race and the daughter of a

Japanese immigrant. I believe they participated to violate

my constitutional rights and further FISA surveillance abuses

of other international families and students who I taught.

Additionally, this includes persecution by formidable Eurocentric

piano teachers of the Music Teacher’s National Association and

its subsidiary Pennsylvania Music Teacher’s Association over

my lifetime.


•           Article 27 as I understand to be my Right to participate in cultural life and to share scientific advancement;


Phone calls and speaking under supervision of my Japanese National Mother to my Japanese National Grandparents, and my Obasan/ Grandmother Kikuchi, Natsu who is a Japanese National Living Treasure, and other relatives who reside in Japan and could verify me in Japanese court for my choice of Japanese nationality.



•           Article 26 as I understand to be my Right to education;


My brother and I were Not permitted homeschooling in Japanese;- to read, speak, or study age appropriate Japanese in the family household or in Quakertown School District since kindergarten. My mother was a Japanese School teacher and had Japanese workbooks that were normal for Japanese children to do outside of school for personal development and language practice. 


•           Article 20 as I understand to be my Freedom of Association;


Phone calls and speaking under supervision of

My Japanese National Mother to my Japanese National

Grandparents and relatives who reside in Japan.

 Put in isolation in Richland Elementary School,

Quakertown, PA during recess for speaking my

Japanese-American English.


•           As piano faculty teacher; 02/2002 – 01/2009 (FISA abuses and Patriot Act 2001) Destruction of my Reputation, Targeted Destruction of my Piano Faculty career, dismantled income Sources for financial sabotage, Destruction of my self-employment happened in Doylestown, PA. This was related to the Community Conservatory of Music and Art.  I learned that T-Mobile and Doylestown Police and other area police had me on a surveillance list that accused me of being a terrorist and/or in a drug ring to maintain surveillance, abduct me with their FBI informant and rape me in isolation repeatedly that resulted in one abortion. Additionally, other international families whose children I taught were on a surveillance list. One student had an American-Muslim family who informed me of being fearful for their children’s lives and also under intense surveillance threats in Doylestown, PA. Due to 9-11 I was considered a terrorist since I have family relations in Japan. At the time, I taught piano other USA first generation citizens, also mixed-race and or nationality like myself with international families from China, India, Columbia, Tunisia, and France. These families and students I had left to teach while the conservatory ruined the majority of my faculty reputation and business of over 52 students and families. The totality of the actions and surveillance attacks forced me to drive 300 miles to Ithaca, NY a well-known political sanctuary where I was able to rent a safe room, and secured a few piano students. I was intensely unwelcome in the Pennsylvania community I grew up in after 9-11. I was abducted and held in isolation, and also harassed and stalked with threats to my mother’s life if I did not comply with Knight Engineering, Inc. the Buckingham Township Engineer’s office employees, in 2006 over several weeks and months. They also forced me to write fake emails after locking me in a room to rape me for over five days so as to cover up their actions. I filed a partial police report indicating dishes and objects being thrown at me after I was freed from the Buckingham Township, PA residence by their local police, however I was prevented from filing abduction and multiple sexual assault and other assault and battery charges. Due to my absence from PA since 2009, many of my records and physical evidence were removed from an Office Room I kept at my parent’s home before my return in 2018.





Since 1978, I was not permitted to speak to any of my family relatives in Japan over our home phone service that was through Bell Atlantic from 1978-1992. Japanese mail only arrived 2-3 times for me over the course of my grade school attendance 09/1979-06/1992 age 3- age17. Additionally, the Richland Elementary School in Quakertown, PA 18951 USA, in Bucks County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America enforced physical & sexual torture and persecution with its School Principal, Administration, and teachers in order to severely affect and impair my family and social relations. The ongoing Violation of my language freedom in the Japanese language. Tortured me with physical and sexual punishment during and after “speech therapy” Richland Elementary School, Quakertown, I was forced to stop speaking Japanese which resulted in my deprivation of my own Japanese heritage and culture. This cruel and unusual punishment and torture continued at Quakertown High School with their use of a beginning Japanese Language Satellite Educational Resource Course (SERC) the Quakertown Principal James Beerer oversaw this and his faculty deliberately humiliated me and made a mockery of me to the Caucasian-American students in class. I was the only Japanese-American in the High School at the time. They made a mockery out of me in the way that I could not learn my own language better than they could. This was extreme emotional torture and humiliation for me. This was coupled with Mr. Pfeiffer’s 10th grade, US Cultures course where I was compared to a three-tier latrine as what the instructor and my classmates should think of me as a “stupid, dirty, Jap”. I was also used as a reference point when he needed to make an example of “those Japs” and I was harassed in the classroom. 1992-1995 Through the early years at Ithaca College this “C.I.A. program” did not stop. Random faculty told me that if I want to speak Japanese I would have to go to Cornell University and pay some $50,000 a year to study it if I was accepted to Cornell University. I was prevented from speaking with my Japanese national mother in Japanese despite her being a Japan school teacher and diplomatic guide in Japan. In hindsight, due to my lack of access to the Embassy of Japan and/or Consulate I was unaware that I could have chosen my nationality to be Japanese independently of my parents, if I was permitted to speak with my mother and continue studying Japanese without daily physical torture and punishment I endured in the Quakertown’s schools, and at home, and at the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church my brother and I attended for lack of an appropriate and accessible, Buddhist religious education. After I left my parents’ home for Ithaca College, my mother called me under great distress screaming as if being tortured in some way. After my first semester, I lost most contact with my mother and family due to Charles A. Kneale enforcing non-communication. This is still an issue to this day in 2019. My mother expressed she wanted me to stay with her at home since the death of my brother. However, Charles A. Kneale is still abusive and has asserted that he will murder me and or leave my body bloody if she leaves to visit her dying mother. He has even gotten her to comply with his own plan to murder both of us, and for this reason I have had to leave my belongings there and left the home in Quakertown, PA due to stalking and their murder plot that does involve other individuals and law enforcement in the Quakertown and Bucks County community.


I assert that these USA state actors justified these crimes against humanity under USCA 50 and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, also known as FISA. Their crimes against humanity not only involved physical torture at the local government funded school, it also includes my being isolated from other children in a separate room where they forced me to stop speaking Japanese with my mother with speech therapy torture. In this room and I was instructed to say 'lollipop' for hours while an instructor at the Richland Elementary School up to age 10. Mrs. Nagle my early grade school instructor specifically was a pedophile who demanded that I show her my genitalia upon my return from the speech therapy. I do not remember the names of the speech therapy attendants who also assigned me to a Special Chorus. I was physically beaten with a big wooden paddle when I did not comply at Richland Elementary and the teachers isolated me from my classmates during recess and lunch hours. They punished me because I am Japanese descent, not because I had any American-English speech impediment as a bi-lingual minor. I was also ridiculed in High School U.S. Cultures and tortured in class by Mr. Pfeiffer who had my classmates comply with his persecution of me as a Japanese enemy of the United States of America. As a child, I was blamed with detention and/or beaten for everything I had to participate in the Quakertown school system including the school bus being tardy, up to 1992 when I graduated at age 17. Later, I learned that was an extension of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK Ultra brainwashing and behavioral research projects that have been ongoing in my life occurred throughout my attendance K-12 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and into college from 1992-1999 in Ithaca, NY. To the best of my memory, it began with Charles A. Kneale, veteran USAF Warrant officer E6 Above top-secret clearance, Declassified 2001 who was the enforcer at our home, at our family home and beat me with a leather belt until I was red or blacked out in conjunction with saying the word konnichiwa to my obasan


08/1992-07/1999 Ithaca College, 953 Danby Rd., Ithaca, NY It was a well-known fact to many, that I was sexually assaulted over 28 times during my college career, beginning with my first weeks in the new experimental co-ed dormitory in the Terraces. I was a minor and not permitted to transfer myself out of Ithaca College after Charles A. Kneale said he didn’t care I was raped. The private Ithaca College campus security did not take reports. I was not permitted to report these incidents against the white majority. In 1994, I formally co-founded AREAL, a rights group at Ithaca College that I established and ran until 1999.  Additionally, I was not included in the Office of Minority Affairs for support during my time and received an apologetic and random phone call nearly 5 years after my graduation. I was able to make some money nude modeling from a Professor Carl. A Johnson so I could pay for books and clothes. Dr. Radice was a professor who made it known that he wanted to “fuck” me. I spoke at Ithaca College Women’s Speak in 1999 for those of us who survived campus sex assaults.


For these reasons and the attempts on my life by state actors in the US.  Navy and/ or Department of Education in Hawaii I make this communication. Many more atrocities ended the lives of my Japanese-American siblings in June 1970 and May 2005. In 2006, I exhausted all possible domestic remedies as well as my finances, and sought refuge in the political sanctuary of Ithaca, NY with assistance for housing through the Tibetan Government in Exile and Namgyal Monastery. Due to my family relations in Japan and political tensions with China and Japan in 2007, I was asked to leave my housing with the other Asian-Americans from Tibet. I only had permission to car camp in a friend’s field during the sub-zero temperatures.

Since I was adept with making contacts at different levels within the US legal education and Supreme Court system from 1994-1999, I understand that Pennsylvania, USA state actors prevented my use of the legal system in normal use by others who are not of Japanese descent. I frequently fled Pennsylvania to make reports and/or receive emotional, shelter, and minor financial assistance to help me stay alive with minimal resources for USA. And, that USA state actors instigated several attacks on my person throughout my life in the USA. 


I understand that domestic and/or International USA attorneys will not take my case due to statute of limitations and/or due to their own discrimination against me. And, I am attempting communications through Procedure 1503 with regards to more serious matters of continued torture, and cruel and unusual punishment from the State actors.






Angela Meredith Kneale

Dear UNESCO Secretariat;

I am writing to indicate a temporary change of address to 

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale

I do not foresee returning to Trumansburg, NY to live in any capacity. And, email seems to be the best communication method with my need to find work.

Additionally, I submitted my hasty response to the CAT Questionnaire as an Individual and member of the civil rights group Targeted Justice.

Angela Kneale

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