Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunplate Logo

I created Sproutfuel over 15years ago.  I never expected to be around this long. After many years, and quite busy,  I settled on a 'workable blue lightbulb earth' logo.  And, never expected to be around this long again. I created the sun plate logo because my activism takes many different forms. One of the most intimate those forms is my daily fueling.  Every morning I could,  I meditated by the Hawaiian ocean. Sunrise was the quietest time, while the Honu became familiar with my presence on the beach and greeted me as I walked along the shoreline.  I had a keto Vegan breakfast for the past 3 years of my 25+ year veganism. Everything about sunlight, photonic light, giving and receiving higher form than reiki, and eating a small salad & nuts each day with my hydration and supplements. My high vibration was often combatted with my club job in the night scene. Yet everyone stayed positive, with a love of life and smiles.
On my return to the mainland this past year;- alot went wrong. The hatred and violent frequencies were noticable and increased. Maybe it's because I've grown so far apart from commonplace USA life.
So, broken hearted, I humbled myself and faced reality of the USA menace that bulldozed me out of the mainland.
I sat down, revisited who I was and the things that make me me. The higher frequency is all that I am. Fighting the good fight.
I designed the sun-plate so I have a daily reminder of what makes me smile, what makes my heart Happy, and that which keeps me going each day on earth. Even if it is a solitary sunset in nature. 

Aloha and Arigato for visiting.
Please support me as I continue to work on my campaigns. Some are personal yet vital to future generations and other 1st generation Americans fallen victim to surveillance and Intelligence Community abuses. Some are simply a continuation of my passion to save animals from cruelty. My most recent endeavor is to campaign against large-scale mining and undersea #strategicmineralsalliance.