Sunday, December 22, 2019

split pea salad

Making my lunch for tomorrow (see pic to be topped with organic greens); Scraping after the long awaited Targeted Individuals protest in DC for me. I was able to get some ketoish groceries from Target for $5.29 with $1coupon on the Organic 50/50 greens mix ringing in at $1.49 Made mustard vinaigrette with 2 packets mustard, a 1/2 capful white vinegar and a few tbsp of avo oil I have left on hand and greens to spare. A 1/3 of the avo and 1 segment of the lemon fruit.
Non organic ;- 1 avo @ $1.29, 1 lemon 59¢
1 bag split peas $1.59, and 1 creamy pb $1.39 ( yeah I stooped to cheap grungy vegan protein.)

So I am cooking 1/2 the bag of split peas with water, 1tbsp avo oil, zest from the entire lemon, 1tsp scorpion habanero to start. I cooked this for 20min. Then I added 1tbsp my mix of powdered: mushroom, beets and MCT
And filled it up with a generous handful amount of  salt. And, 2tbsp manna with avo oil mix.
That's where I'm at and it's lions den hot right now for spice factor. 8:52PM 
I can't say it's great yet. It may serve as the base for "the rest" of the split peas since it is quite strong.