Sunday, December 08, 2019

my activist thoughts tonight.

The United States has been the monolithic hippocrasy dominating the international world's dreamers. However the harsh reality is a conundrum of psyops and props for both State and DeepState actors along with seemingly brazen whistleblowers.
I can only draw a comparison to the 'Who Cares' phenomena to the vegan activists who documented horses being hauled off to glue factories. The French, have no problem eating horsemeat. The USA finds it a shame but not wasteful. Vegans, in the Democratic sense find it an appauling level of abuse and rally others to stop the heinous practice and allow the horse to live longer on a farm. This eases any childhood or personal dreams of having a horse living happily on a big field and running freely. The action is essentially a collective rescue of our dreams.
However, delving back into the rotten world of industrial military force where they are trying to dominate dreams with subscriptions and turn us into transhuman robots ... They need to destroy our ability to actualize our dreams. 
Thus the hardcore attacks, Cointelpro, and informants along with occasional influencers in movements where some people still have a conciousness.
Somewhere it must stop.
The targeted individual movement is one of the most heinous interactions of nightmares I've experienced. It's first to discern who is a "perpetrator" and who isn't. It's become a term tossed around like cooties in an elementary recess. And, it doesn't help that it's worse than a strip club full of personal problems waiting to be compounded. I mean, personal problems of the nature of those who are or were targeted by Federal informants or Cartel. So it doesn't offer the same sanctity of focus with any clarity. Even new organizations that focus on lobbying are highly questionable since they should be a private lobby firm and not a Non-Profit. And, it's coupled with those reporters and their own info agents as influencers who tend to fall forward for the same crap I started fighting long ago. I mean seriously;- some of these people are looking to join and gain Entry to the heinous shit I've already had to live through while reporting that they are different than MSM. It's just another tier of the large media outlet scrambling for more attention and new assignments.
I honestly don't like it. 
I think I decided that many people I met in the TI movement do have heart. However the ones who are groping for Bildeberger balls don't actually care and are passing their judgement on others. This is really dangerous to me. It's not focused on activities, there is little clear and actual help, and the 'focus' tends to be on what seems helpful to patch together a campaign. Seriously, this seems self defeating if the larger picture is to defeat long-term goals for Foreign Policy that are peaceable.
I'm retreating back to my college mindset of education and action. And as usual forgoing the petitions ans letter writing.
I'm just not that person who enjoys writing to politicians and spending money the way I have over 2-3yrs to get ZERO results.
That includes 6mos on a UN communication and research since I can't afford $100000's to hire someone since NO organization I met in the USA has the capacity to understand and handle my matter.
Ugh... Back to where I was before they (Intel) broke up my vegan group in 1996 and sent an agent at me to derail my life plan. This was what Lead up to the agent taking me to Venice Florida pre 9-11.and then back to Bildeberger land in Bucks County by mid 2000.
This will never be over for me.
They have threatened my life for many decades while using my profile. I need that to end, immediately.