Sunday, December 08, 2019

my activism going back to Sproutfuel

I feel it will be forever before I have a working group of one or two people on the issue(s) that are most important to me.

I'm not against targeted individuals, however a large number are former Intelligence community employees. Which I am not, nor have ever been. Instead I've been pummelled by them and forced into compromised ans threatning positions due to being the grandaughter of a Japanese official. Not only do I not have a paycheck, but the men feds and others take my money because they need money to cover their buts in lie detector tests. They use and take whatever they can. And, my life has been decimated and controlled financially this way. 

USA has been a life threatening  situation for me for decades;; before the targeted individuals activism. I returned and I don't see that things are workable between the attitudes that put me in this situation being apparent with many ti.
I can't afford more turmoil. I'm Japanese many still are inconsiderate or want to hurt me intentionally for political or patriotic reasons.
I don't feel that this is working on a satellite issue or targeting issue.
I feel like it's a Roundup or a trade of info. And ti's haven't been winning.
Uncertain how my life will move forward;- I'm still dedicated to my activism because I still have no other options and will never be able to let down my guard.