Monday, December 30, 2019

martial arts

Today, i have my martial arts belt in my hand. Still a white belt. A very dirty white belt. I took it out of the space bag full of random old training clothes. As soon as it was in my hands, i started crying.
Still crying.
The last training school i was in i did receive a yellow and an orange belt for kajukembo.  One level one Israeli Krav Maga diploma. The Hawaii based 家元 Sifu is a Grandmaster in half a dozen arts with blackbelts in another 30 martial arts styles. He is known worldwide. I still hope  his legacy is known for his dedication to the martial arts and saving lives. Despite the immense political effects of others with ill will.
Martial arts terms for accomplished Grandmaster as a founder of a new style of Martial arts (From my mom);- Iemoto いえもと  informal 家本  formal 家元