Sunday, December 22, 2019

Einstillen over Evil

I'm still trying to heal from the toxic Quakertown, Doylestown, Bucks County community. But, they are taking actions to harm me due to my attendance at APEC 2011 International Summit. They seem to think that killing me is the answer to economic anger. 
However, they have involved and manipulated my parents so that I have no support. They turned my brother into a recovered drug user from their torture and abuse and ruined his life.

Due to the overriding Ill nature of both of my parents, who have an attorney to protect their criminal actions against me. As well as the full cooperation of the Quakertown Police and Richlandtown Police in PA. I am making this post. 
They know full well, I was to return to our family home since they aged. I had to give away, for zero profit, most of my belongings for this move. This included a classic aged vehicle I had invested a large sum of money in repairing. Including a $500ish brake job for rear breaks and calipers just a few days before I gave away the vehicle. When I returned, i did dozens of hours of work at the house and in the house in complete dissaray. Cleaning out dead mice and spiderwebs from many areas. Aside from outdoors work and daily kitchen cleaning up after my parents.
 I regularly cleaned the floors since they walk in and out with heavily soiled shoes. I tried cleaning the carpet, but it was too soiled to appear clean. 
One day I spent over 3hrs cleaning out spiders and spider webs from a small area in the laundry area. There are several spiders from Wolf spiders, Huntsman, and one spider I removed that appeared to be a very large brown recluse/fiddlehead spider. Additionally, the cat's fountain water bowl needs frequent cleaning as slime builds up I the water bowl.

I also cleaned up what was left of my office from the vacation in 2009 that I was prevented from returning from by a Federal agent also USSS who warned me that "they" would attempt to murder me if I returned. This intervention disrupted my normal life and my piano teaching in entirety. However it was not unfounded since against my will, I was abducted assaulted and locked in a room from a setup temporary job I had in Doylestown to Buckingham Township in 2006. The police did not take a full report. They also seem to be participating in rule of law violations.
I was also abducted in 2002 in Lower Merrion and locked in a basement against my will. This didn't include the state worker who smashed in the rear of my vehicle in front of the Doylestown courthouse. And when I tried to establish a studio in Ithaca in 2007, there was a fire that required the building floor to be ozonated. I was unable to move a piano in due to the fire.

Today I called them to wish a happy holiday which I did. This conversation after my mom tried to find out my exact location turned into their anger directed at me and venemous accusations. My mother claiming that I attacked her and she needs to call elder abuse if I talk to her  My father claims that I belong to a German Cult that is Bruno-Groening Circle of Friends and berated it with his tone of disgust and shaming.
So, my side of this story is that on the evening Feb.18, 2019 I was doing Einstillen and praying by my brother's ashes. Explosively, My mother interrupted me and screamed at me, "you deserve to die too." She grabbed my right arm from resting position and barred my elbow and jumped down on my arm. I was in severe pain for weeks. My friend, a PHd chiropractor  took a look at my shoulder and said that the ligiments were torn and it would take weeks to heal.
I was able to secure a part time position in a political sanctuary, Ithaca, NY. I had to sleep in my vehicle for months with only a few work clothes I secured from a reuse center and a blanket in freezing temperatures since I could not run the vehicle when I slept. I took work through a temp agency with various caterers until the season ended and businesses were closed permanently due to the economy.
The last work I had was at a DOD Pentagon site as valet that turned into hotel concierge with valet responsibilities and having to handle a dozen emergency situations that occured the last weekend I worked. I quit the position due to the enormous issues of hotel fires, injuries from the events booked by sales managers, and a tall elevator that was known to freefall up to 28floors.
It is a nightmare at $13/hr with tip share between 3-6 people. My average take home tips were $6-15 a shift with too many liabilities and blame from the hotel client for their own inability to serve guests and their event attendees safety.

It has been awful to return here.
I contacted Richlandtown Police and they alluded to complying with my father's request to arrest and take his erroneous complaints against me. He and his NRA shooting buddies plan to murder me or my mother and get rid of both of us. Both of my parents are filing reports to intentionally destroy my ability to have any income because they seek to collect life insurance monies due to their old age. 
It was never my intention to have to communicate this abuse by the United States of America. But this is their attorneys advice that they alluded to through my life because they chose to exploit me throughout my gradeschool years. It doesn't even matter if my mother is sincere anymore, they use her to bait my sympathies. Once I arrive they ensue with verbal, emotional, physical, and even violence that had involved a gun and taking my cell phone. And in my childhood far past using knives, walls, stairs, belts to inflict more harm. I still have a scar on my chin from the day my mother slammed my face into a set of light switches as I was going to the High School school bus. I had to promise to lie for her in order to get stitches at the hospital. 
The abuse from both of my parents has never ceases, and never has had an apology. They create story lines to entertain their friends who are linked to NRA, Rosacrucians Cult on nearby Clymer Rd, and also White supremacists and Patriots who dislike me for being Japanese-American, an indigent ethnic due to my parents actions and the actions they support in the Bucks County Community. Even the minority police officers participate in threatning me and my life. This has been ongoing over decades. 
Today, I informed my father I made a UN communication. He is indifferent to the matter.
In my entire life, I have never met more consistently violent people than my parents. They have no hesitation in their sick games and have lost my respect due to their lack of restraint. 
They also invite people with guns to shoot on the property. Some of these people have followed me in their vehicle this past year. One, after asking my father if he could use a scope he purchased for a drive-by shooting. Within 2 weeks, I read that there were drive-by shootings in Bucks County, and it made me wonder if that person stalking me (who seems to be a farmhand) at a neighbors home (Lee & Cathy Clymer) does actually plan to murder me as retaliation for writing about their gun manufacturing and running operation that lead to my brother's death.

However, I have to return to collect what is left of my personal effects. And the police do not want to provide safety or correct information to me for my own personal safety. They have obstructed my life and livelihood for decades, even with minimal time at the residence.