Sunday, December 08, 2019

Consideration of my culture

Most of my life in the USA has been berated for being Japanese descent.
I've been psychologically pummelled with horrific and demeaning Images and comments from US citizens all of my life.

One reminder is that the "appearances" we made in Hapi or Japanese Kimono were not the happy scene pictures shown for publicity. Rather the aftermath and targeting and being physically beaten and verbally ridiculed by numerous those in the community who hate Japan and Instilled those values in my classmates was extremely overlooked (including fro. The children in the photo- many were poseurs who literally acted like shitty double agents to harm me.)
I was forced to endure a horrible upbringing in Bucks County, PA. Despite the one day here or there for public appearances to represent Japan.
I'm making this nice for the reader. It by no means reflects my entire perception or sentiment of people who feel that they own me, my soul, my vagina, my words, and my creativity.