Sunday, August 11, 2019

Talked about my solutions

So tonight I was searching for some solutions. Discussed finding someone to talk to such as a therapist;- here is the issue with USA counselors & doctors;-
They have a wide range of variety and don't need to match the level of personal attention actually needed to be legally functional and have a valid opinion.
Obviously the CIA MK Ultra psychologists and psychiatrists fit this profile as well as racist local level USA psychologists & psychiatrists.

I hired a suitable life coach, graduate of Columbia University, in the past whose fee was $300+ travel/hr. I did this to depart from the onslaught of racist & nationalistic attacks I withstood from Doylestown, PA after 9-11. Is it fair that I have to pay such a high price to navigate their a terse international hatred while they broke labor laws and shut me out of legal reporting to police in Bucks County for their hate crimes? Only about 10% of people were actually didn't cause harm while 80% were easily swayed by racism and verbal attacks on my character for being non-white or black. The remaining 10% were either neutral or took an extremely vehement side to persecute me.