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Research (draft) relevant to my UN Procedure 1503

United States Laws, aka State laws by United Nations, that were violated &/or related to actions by perpetrators who acted against my life & to deliberately commit crimes of humanity. For Consideration in any of my United Nations Complaints, communications, & Procedure 1503 particularly.

US Constitution 1st Amendment, 4th
Amendment, 5th Amendment, 14th Amendment

Aliens & Citizens 2086
2109 Admirality Maritime Jurisdiction
*****2112 Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act pgs 52-59*****
2180 Food Stamps pgs 109-110

USCA 50 1801 definitions pages 9-10

         Ch. 36 (k) "aggrieved person"

(p )(4) Weapons of mass destruction pg10- "capability to release radiation or radioactivity causing death, Illness..."

FISA 1978 revision 2015

FISA 1978 (original)

Patriot Act

Freedom Act

Foreign Agents Act

CIVIL Rights Under USCA 42
1981/1983 pgs. 626-629
****1849 Provisions & effect of Hate Crime Statistics Act pgs. 632-633***"

USCA 50 1801 Constitutionality pgs 5-17,19, 24-156.2

USCA 50 Chapter 36 1806 K
1810 Civil Liability pg 82
1827 Penalties (a) Prohibited Activities

American Jurisprudence 2D
VII. Rights & Privledges and Duties of Aliens Living in the United States.
Pgs 26-27, 28, 36(torture victim), 44 (subject of foreign state 2104), 46 (dual citizenship 2105)

Aliens & Citizens 1923
356 Derivative definition pg. 386
448 Blood Tests pgs. 451-452
1834 Rights of Juvenile pg. 616²
1837 14th Amendment pg. 619
1839 Alien Employed by State pg. 620
1841 5th Amendment Provision (Discrimination) pg. 625
1861 Discrimination in admission to practice of law (Bar exam) pg645
1867 non-immigrant (general meaning of) pgs 654-655
1872 Dependents of Foreign Government Officials pgs. 664-665
***"1875 Dependents of NATO Aliens***pg 666"
1916 Equal Protection Clause

Aliens & Citizens 2086
2109 Admirality Maritime Jurisdiction
*****2112 Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act pgs 52-59*****
2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress
2161 Foreign Agent Registration pg 91
2167 "Qualified Alien" pgs. 95-96
2168 Qualified Alien victim of a severe form of trafficking
2182- 2189 Legal Services
      2183 Social Security Number
2190 State's right to limit eligibility of qualified aliens pgs 124-125.
(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note on 2190 for counterargument:- forcing an unnaturalized immigrant into foreign agent status by denying &/or limiting support distribution of funds to other Japanese Nationals on Visa...see discrimination of a Class of individuals aka Japanese persecution 1970-1990+ )

2201 Diplomatic Immunity from Criminal prosecution.
2319 Requirement of understanding (English literacy & nationality) Pgs 236-238
2338 Permissibility
2353 pg.262

Usca 50 1801 - 1805, foreign intelligence 105(b)


USCA Title 50 section 1881e (before revisions)

Protect America Act of 2007

Federal agents committing USA legal theft of necessary resources  for my survival.


Protect America Act of 2007, Public Law 10-55-121 Stat. 556

(4) protection from liability

[Victimization written into 50 U.S.C.A code]

[50 U.S.C.A. 1805 b(s)]

[50 U.S.C.A. Foreign Intelligence 105B]

*****[50 U.S.C.A. 1886]

*****[50 U.S.C.A. 1881a(f)(2) Evidence Detained Surveillance 



     -serious bodily injury (gregarious harm)]
(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note on 1881for counterargument:- ) i do not believe that this law was created so that the United States of America was enabled to legally abduct, attempt murder, murder and cause serious bodily injury against my person & my late siblings. Due to the Patriot Act & FISA, USA has instigated these crimes of humanity purposefully and repeatedly under guise of Legal rights and national Security )

[50 U.S.C.A 1805 pg. 49 Foreign Agent

Personal note;- minor child & as adult Guilty before trial goes against 1st Amendment includes torture.

FISA Court case databases & EPIC.ORG - statutes cited


Call number: Law RR KF 154.A51 1962

American Jurisprudence,

Aliens & Citizens 2086 to end

2105 dual citizenship

2142 Removal of Aliens fallen into distress

West's key number digest  🗝️112,117,120

 Aliens Immigration & Citizenship

Needs public aid

2478(2) participation or collaboration in activities of Nazis

Aliens 1017 persecution

2099 Actions TVPA Torture Victim Protection Act

2240(e) Non-citizen Nationality

2317 Violation Parking or traffic

(f) literacy


2338-3a(1) Alien living in marital union

Japanese Ancestry;-

1848 permanent residents 

2537 loss of citizenship

2156 Foreign Assets

1365 Prostitution

423/424 sham marriage

454-466 abused spouses self petitions

459 battery

460 character & reputation

461 extreme hardship

467-478 Abused children (self petition) 

473 character 

468 parent-child

472/474 cruelty

24 Aliens (D) persecution, k520- k549, 24v II persecution 24 (520)

(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note for counterargument to Foreign Surveillance:-Language freedom U.S. laws appear only for labor only, not minors or children in school. so do not appear to be any laws that exist for deprivation of a minor child, I was a dual National with cultural heritage in a foreign Nations such as Japan. be tortured from speaking Japanese due to classified materials being in the environment. to the contrary United States was to provide materials printed in Japanese language in more cases and did not provide such materials. For sure includes removal of child story books in Japanese. 29 CFR section 1606.3 the National Security exception does not appear to include my  father above top secret classified/ Declass & 2001 my mother Japanese Foreign Asset.)

National Labor;

 703 (g) title VII 

42 USC 2000e 80s et seq Title VII

Parry & Grant encyclopediae

Dictionary of Law 3rd edition

Call number : K21161. P37 2009

2009 Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-538977-7

Section 1481 loss of nationality, 

Violation universal declaration of Human Rights right to nationality loss due to 2001 Patriot Act as first generation American Born to foreign National. Perception of United States domestically is that I am a functional ethnic minority citizen, under heavy surveillance abuse and torture. Especially after my attendance at Asia Pacific Economic Coorporation to represent the United States of America at ABAC symposium. 2 US military Classified attempted to murder me. That does not include

Walking through situation at APEC Hawaii between soldiers armed with m-16s and Chinese protesters from China.

Passive personality principle:

International Court of Justice

United Nations art 7 art 92, internally displaced person.

Persecution 208.16 title 8 aliens and nationality future threat to Life For freedom space space persecution reasonable to relocate cut or harm against petitioner returned DNA research act as 621 senator bumpers, Dale d dash Arizona February 4th 1977 95th Congress 1977 to 1978 introduced HR 3191 side HR 3055 Rich area error jovenes treatment of individual as an organism due to DNA and illegal and non-consensual testing end illegal CIA program connected to US Air Force actor.


Epicontinental sea Argentina

Equal protection: 14th Amendment

Art(2) International Covenant Civil & Political Rights 

999 UNTS 171

4th Geneva Convention, 12th August 1949

Convention relative to the Protection of Persons in Time of War (75 UNTS 287) Art232 Treaty of Versailles 


Tokyo War Crimes in Asia

Government Surveillance

[x]to establish incredible events by credible evidence: Use of Affidavit testimony in Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal.

[]extraterritoriality- 19(c) Freedom of diplomats & royalty - foreign ministers from the jurisdiction of the country in which they temporarily reside.

[]Social housing -- zoning. (Internment, VAWA, Consulates)

[x]VAWA - Violence Against Women's Act laws ignored by Judge at local court.

[x]quantum merit injuries to an alien in breach of international law is based on the loss caused by the alien claimant.

[]incident method/or approach

Parry & Grant encyclopediae

Dictionary of Law 3rd edition

Call number : K21161. P37 2009

2009 Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-538977-7

Page 133 definition of TORTURE "...cruel inhumane, degrading... -... any act of torture..."

Condemned -- denial of purposes of the Charter of the United Nations & as violation of the human rights ...n

Violation of culture, naming torture of a minor, deliberate action destroy family includes murder torture committed in front of foreign National , for use of phone as a minor.


Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Declaration on Right to Development  (DRD)

Article 2

Vienna Convention 

Article 29, Article 36p1

La Grand case: Germany vs. USA

International plea in court to establish rights pg 385.

Acts of maltreatment/diplomatic protection vs not excersising diplomatic protection vindicates own rights/ customary law vs irreparable predjudice; internment of Japanese in USA.

World Court Digest Vol. 4 2005

Nationality 387

"The right of a state to provide consular assistance to nationals denied in another country, and the right of a state to espouse the laws of its nationals through diplomatic protection, are legally different concepts" (I.C.J. Reports 2001 p.439 para76).

"Challenges of international autonomy of an individual - whereas legally a class-action does not make one autonomous. As the varying degrees evolve do not matter to a nation or development of an individual."

"distinction of common domestic behavior and engaging International family is not " Independence "when isolated and tortured in order to refute validity define reciprocal..." (Visa, family)

'*****Gray area between legal naturalization'

'1978 FISA Foreign intelligence surveillance Act USA common practice and torture of first-generation legal immigrants, Visa holders, and first-generation dual citizens spans several Nations.'

2017 ICJ Sovereign rights and Maritime Spaces page 298 "... is a logical consequence of the first one."

769 International judicial settlement

16.1 Vienna convention article 36 do to facilitating the exercise of consular functions.

2002 - 00761 to selected International courts and tribunals

Comparison model space tja. Org torture victim protection act see Bush verses for nation.

Crimes of violence, "ICC elements of crime" Oh, drop requirements of purpose or linked to an official, requirement the victim is in control or a custody of a perpetrator. Custody or control. Exclude 'pain or suffering arising only from inherent or incidental to lawful sanctions."

Vienna convention article 74 wording of a treaty vs. Article 48 errors in the treaty.

Rules of ICJ pg 321, 338, 351

Article 31: pg 91,93,97-98, 228, 279, 361

Tokyo Charter - Control Council law number 10 rape crimes torture section 14.3 so, ICTY 16 November 1998, chapter 11 para 454

ICC Statute, ICTY and ICTR "inflict grievous bodily harm likely to cause death and is reckless as to whether death ensues and quote page 245 /intro book icty chapter 1114 January 2005, 560 - 1

enslavement 1926 slavery and 1956 ICC statute article 7 parentheses to see tribunal jurisprudence reducing a person to survival status 1956 slavery labor ICC elements of crime and forced prostitution Geneva Convention for protocol one article tribunal persecution....severe deprivation decision targeting property link to belonging to community. Enforced disappearance do not know if person concerned alive or dead.

Articles (7) to ICC statute: APARTHEID

UN Convention Against Torture, Article 4(2)

European human rights law review 115 a footnote seventeen (article 1.1)

Introduction to International criminal law

"Conspiracy & Slavery pg8.

Individual acts of terrorism...individual acts of torture."