Sunday, August 04, 2019

Re Japanese 731

I came across Japanese unit 731 while researching the illegal CIA MKUltra program. To the best of my knowledge since childhood, the only biological warfare I was made aware of was the United States biological warfare against the Japanese public after dropping the a-bomb. This included United States military contaminating the Japanese paper money system with biological warfare viruses. I understand that there are truthers such as James casbolt who bring light to Japanese unit 731 and testing of biological warfare, however my perspective is that the United States MK ultra program recruited Yakuza who are typically multi-national and seldom all Japanese yet live in Japan. And today in the until World Yakuza have risen to the top as contractors willing to commit crimes of humanity against any Asian American European or other human population. In all of my years in the United States I have only experienced and heard of biological warfare from the United States aimed at Asia and Japan. I do not believe that the American public understands the links between the CIA and Yakuza.

I have had too explain to American people that Yakuza typically targets my specific family in Japan. And they attack as part of the CIA attempts to gain control over Japan's government. And that it is for this reason that I am persecuted and my only siblings are dead and my mother was tortured in the United States of America.